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C. K. Colley, Nashville, for the Middle Tennessee Normal School; B. C. Alsup, of Memphis, and Adams & Alsup, Chattanooga, for the West Tennessee Normal School.

After the plans were accepted and specifications prepared, matter advertising for bids was sent to all the leading construction companies in this State and all companies with whom the Secretary of the Board could come in touch outside of the State.

The Board at a specified date received bids, and contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder in each case. James Alexander was awarded the contract for the West Tennessee Normal School plant; Beaumont Company was awarded the contract for the East Tennessee Normal; George Moore & Sons, Nashville, were awarded the contract for the Middle Tennessee Normal.

Owing to the fact that the validity of the bond issue Act was attacked in the courts, and the constitutionality of the Act had to be tested, the bond issue was long delayed. However, to date all the bonds have been sold for the Middle and East Tennessee Normals, and Shelby County has sold a part of its bonds for the West Tennessee Normal, and it is hoped that early in the year 1911 all the funds for the construction of the West Tennessee Normal will be available.


The State University, standing as it does at the head of the Public School system, merits the support of the entire people of the State in its efforts to expand and grow. Through its well -organized departments and its extension work it is touching every activity of the State. A complete report of this institution is found elsewhere in this report.


The last Legislature passed an Act providing:

"That one per cent of the General Education Fund provided by this Act shall be used to encourage and assist in the establishment and maintenance of libraries in the public schools as herein provided.

"Whenever the patrons and friends of any public school in any county of the State shall raise by private subscription or otherwise and tender to the County Trustee, through the County Super

intendent of Public Instruction, the sum of twenty dollars ($20) or more for the establishment and maintenance of a library for that school, said County Superintendent shall notify the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and, upon the certificate of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Comptroller of the Treasury shall pay to the Trustee of said county, out of the fund herein provided, a sum equal to half that raised by private subscription or otherwise, to be added to the library fund of said school; and whenever ten dollars ($10) or more shall be raised by private subscription or otherwise to supplement a library already established under the provisions of this section of this Act, said library may in like manner receive from the fund herein provided a sum equal to half the sum so raised.

"Provided, that no school shall receive in any one year from this fund more than twenty dollars ($20) for the establishment of a new library, or more than ten dollars ($10) to assist in supplementing a library already established.

"Provided, further, that in distributing the funds under the provisions of this section of this Act preference shall be given to applications coming from counties which have not previously received their proportionate part of this fund according to scholastic population.

"And, provided, further, that preference shall be given to applications for assistance to establish new libraries rather than applications to assist in supplementing libraries already established.

"It shall be the duty of the State Board of Education to make and cause to be published through the office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction rules and regulations for libraries established under the provisions of this section of this Act, issue approved lists of books from which purchases for said libraries may be made with money received from the State as herein provided, and arrange for the purchase of such books at the lowest possible prices. All libraries receiving assistance from this fund shall comply with all the regulations made by the State Board of Education, as herein provided. All money received from the State to assist in establishing or supplementing a library under the provisions of this section shall be used to purchase books on the approved lists aforesaid, and no books shall be purchased at a higher price than the price in said approved lists.

All purchases of books shall be reported to the County Superintendent, and a list of the same shall be attached to the warrant issued in payment of the same; and no commission shall be allowed the County Trustee on library funds.

"One-fifth of the amount accruing annually for school libraries under the provisions of this Act may be used for the purchase and maintenance of circulating libraries for the public schools of the State under the joint direction of the State Library and the Department of Public Instruction."

Under the provisions of this law about five hundred public school libraries have been established. More definite information as to the library work will be found elsewhere in this Report. To sum up briefly the progress that has been made, it might be stated:

1st. That the school system of the State has been unified and systematized, inaking one harmonious system.

2d. The elementary schools have been graded.

3d. State aid has been given to the establishment of High Schools, and the High Schools have been standardized and classified by the State Board of Education under the direction of the High School Inspector.

4th. Normal schools have been provided for, and nearly a million dollars donated to the State for the purpose of locating and equipping buildings.

5th. State aid has been provided for the establishment of rural school libraries.

6th. Provision has been made for inore adequate salaries for County Superintendents, thereby insuring better supervision.

7th. The State University has been recognized by law as a part of the public school system.

Sth. A change in method of school administration from the district to the county system whereby the old district director system was abolished and the County Board system substituted.

For all these improved conditions the school people of the State have worked as a unit, and to each and all I tender my deepest thanks.

In conclusion, I desire to state that your Excellency has ever stood loyal by this department in all of its efforts for the improvement of the schools of the State, and to you no small share of credit is due for the rapid advancement made in educational growth during your administration.

With the highest appreciation for the loyal support you have so generously given, and with the deepest gratitude to the friends of education who have so loyally supported me, I remain,

Very truly yours,


State Superintendent.

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