'Yogini' in South Asia: Interdisciplinary Approaches

István Keul
Routledge, 18.07.2013 - 256 Seiten
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In different stages in the history of South Asian religions, the term yoginī has been used in various contexts to designate various things: a female adept of yoga, a female tantric practitioner, a sorceress, a woman dedicated to a deity, or a certain category of female deities. This book brings together recent interdisciplinary perspectives on the medieval South Asian cults of the Yoginis, such as textual-philological, historical, art historical, indological, anthropological, ritual and terminological.

The book discusses the medieval yoginī cult, as illustrated in early Śaiva tantric texts, and their representations in South Asian temple iconography. It looks at the roles and hypostases of yoginīs in contemporary religious traditions, as well as the transformations of yoginī-related ritual practices. In addition, this book systematizes the multiple meanings, and proposes definitions of the concept and models for integrating the semantic fields of ‘yoginī.’

Highlighting the importance of research from complementary disciplines for the exploration of complex themes in South Asian studies, this book is of interest to scholars of South Asian Studies and Religious Studies.


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List of figures
What is a yoginī? Towards a polythetic definition
The category of the yoginī as a gendered practitioner
a yoginī temple in early
an epigraphic study
the circles of the yoginīs
the yoginī as deity and human
auspicious and inauspicious power
The goddess Hiṅghalāja of the yoginī temple at Khajuraho
tribal tantric
singing the blues
the outcaste priestess and
Can encounters with yoginīs in the Jayadrathayāmala
The yoginī and the tantric sex rite or how to keep a secret
dancing the Śakti Rūpa Yoginī

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Über den Autor (2013)

István Keul is Professor in the Study of Religions at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway. His main field of interest is South Asian religion, and he has previously published on the Hindu deity Hanuman.

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