Kierkegaard and His Contemporaries: The Culture of Golden Age Denmark

Jon Stewart, Jon Bartley Stewart
Walter de Gruyter, 2003 - 437 Seiten

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I Philosophy
Epistemology as Ontology
Scattered ThoughtsAnalysis of Affectation Struggle with Nihilism
Immanuel Kant and the Thought Experiment
Kierkegaards Contribution to the Danish Discussion of Irony
Kierkegaard and Hegelianism in Golden Age Denmark
II Theology
Ørsteds Acoustics and Andersens The Bell
Thomasine Gyllembourgs Two Ages and her Portrayal of Everyday Life
IV Literary and Dramatic Criticism
A Literary Approach
A Theater Critic of the Heiberg School
Søren Kierkegaard on Danish Actresses
Johan Ludvig Heiberg and his Audiencein NineteenthCentury Denmark
PL Møller and Romanticism in Danish Literature

The Life and Times of Bishop JP Mynster
HL Martensens Theological Anthropology
Martensens Dogmatics and its Reception
Grundtvig and Romanticism
III Literature
Adam Oehlenschlägers Erik and Rollerand Danish Romanticism
The Tragic Moment in Oehlenschlägers Hakon Earl the Mighty
V Art
An Introduction to his Work
Johan Thomas Lundbye and Søren Kierkegaard
Index of Persons

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