The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Band 1

R. and J. Dodsley, 1761

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Seite 50 - Grant me patience, just Heaven! Of all the cants which are canted in this canting world — though the cant of hypocrites may be the worst — the cant of criticism is the most tormenting!
Seite 150 - I tell you beforehand, you had better throw down the book at once ; for without much reading, by which your reverence knows I mean much knowledge, you will no more' be able to penetrate the moral of the next marbled page...
Seite 48 - And what of this new book the whole world makes such a rout about ? Oh ! 'tis out of all plumb, my Lord ; quite an irregular thing ! not one of the angles at the four corners was a right angle, I had my rule and compasses, &c., my Lord, in my pocket.
Seite 173 - Locke well observes, by a yard, finds two men's ninepin-alleys to be of the same length, which could not be brought together, to measure their equality, by juxtaposition.
Seite 37 - May the heavens and earth, and all the holy things remaining therein, damn him," (Obadiah) "or her," (or whoever else had a hand in tying these knots). "May he" (Obadiah) "be damned wherever he be, — whether in the house or the stables, the garden or the field, or the highway, or in the path, or in the wood, or in the water, or in the church. — May he be cursed in living, in dying.
Seite 41 - in his thighs, in his genitals," [My father shook his head] " and in his hips, and in his knees, his legs, and feet, and toe-nails ! " May he be cursed in all the joints and articulations of his members, from the top of his head to the sole of his foot! May there be no soundness in him ! " May the Son of the living God, with all the glory of his majesty...
Seite 49 - And, for the epic poem your lordship bid me look at, — upon taking the length, breadth, height, and depth of it, and trying them at home upon an exact scale of Bossu's — 'tis out, my lord, in every one of its dimensions.
Seite 33 - May the holy and eternal Virgin Mary, mother of God, curse him. May St. Michael, the advocate of holy souls, curse him. May all the angels and archangels, principalities and powers, and all the heavenly armies, curse him.
Seite 124 - ... out beyond the valance, — his right leg (his left being drawn up towards his body) hung half over the side of the bed, the edge of it pressing upon his shinbone. He felt it not. A fix'd, inflexible sorrow took possession of every line of his face. — He sigh'd once, — heaved his breast often, — but uttered not a word.
Seite 3 - A man's body and his mind, with the utmost reverence to both I speak it, are exactly like a jerkin, and a jerkin's lining; — rumple the one, — you rumple the other...

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