The Chemistry of Vegetable & Animal Physiology

W. Blackwood and sons, 1849 - 855 Seiten

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Seite 287 - Mulder, described certain organic material which is "unquestionably the most important of all known substances in the organic kingdom. Without it no life appears possible on our planet. Through its means the chief phenomena of life are produced...
Seite 287 - In both plants and animals a substance is contained, which is produced within .the former, and is imparted through their food to the latter. To both, its uses are numberless. It is one of the most complicated substances, is very changeable in composition...
Seite 38 - It is a property of the chemical forces, which are active in any substances, to excite analogous forces in others. We notice this especially in organic nature, and it is nowhere more strikingly illustrated, than in the nutrition of animals. Blood, a homogeneous fluid, circulates through very different parts of the body. In the muscles it sustains muscles, in the liver it supplies the component parts of the liver, and from it the gall is there secreted ; in the kidneys it maintains their various parts,...
Seite 64 - Ac., are effected by one force, which is CAlled Vital Force. This vital force causes respiration here, digestion there, the secretion of the saliva and of the pancreatic juice in other parts of the body. It maintains at once the substance of the bones — of the muscles — of the brain. It is supposed that this same force is modified, with reference to the different organs which it influences.
Seite 120 - One of the main factors in the combustion of coal is the proper supply of air. Air is composed of two gases, oxygen and nitrogen, in the proportion, by volume, of 21 per cent of oxygen and 79 per cent of nitrogen, or by weight, 23 per cent of oxygen and 77 per cent of nitrogen. The composition of pure dry air is as follows: By volume, 20.91 parts O.
Seite 303 - Animal and Vegetable Chemistry," (Part II. p. 307:) "The combinations of sulpho.phospho protein (fibrin and albumen) and of sulpho-protein casein with acids, alkalies, and salts are especially remarkable. Protein is soluble in weak alkalies. Since, therefore, the serum of the blood is always slightly alkaline, being a proteate of soda, with sulphur and phosphorus, it keeps the sulphophospho protein in solution. This property is the cause of the blood remaining in a liquid state — a chief requisite...
Seite 64 - ... of the female. In this relation I cannot do better than to quote the words of the profound Miiller. He says : " The simple embryo, which consists of a granular, shapeless substance, is to be regarded as the potential whole of the future animal, supplied with the essential and specific force of the future animal itself." It may be urged that this idea is quite indistinct, and that we are deviating from the true method of physical investigation, by affirming that the forces of a bird, for instance,...
Seite 2 - ... the phenomena and laws which distinguish and regulate living and dead matter, but also to arrange those phenomena and laws, and exhibit them in their several relations. The more our knowledge of these two departments is extended, and the nearer the several parts of the...
Seite 31 - That which is effected by certain substances and transferred to others ; the primary substances being at the same time decomposed, though they do not communicate any of their elements to the new products (fermentation).
Seite 146 - For instance, he says: At present seven different organic substances are known to exist in the soil. They are crenic acid, apoerenic acid, geic acid, humic acid, and humin, ulmic acid and ulmin.

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