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therto stated, meer Chicanery; a begging the Question, and Contradiction in Terms; but then we look on the Miracles as full Evidence of the Divine Commission of the inspired Writers, and thereby of the Truth of their Doctrines ; as well as sensible Proofs of the Superiority of their ‘and our God above all the Powers of Nature, which were all severally controlled in the Contest betwixt Mofes and Pbaraoh, concerning who was Jehovah; and, if we can rely on what God says, are sufficient Evidence to all the World that he is Jehovah. We make a Jest indeed of what is called Natural Religion, eternal Relations of (créated finite) Things, eternal Morality, and fuch like unmeaning, but mischiefmaking Words; but then we acknowledge Christian Morality, Obedience to God, Gratitude to Him, and Love to Man, as Duties necessarily arising VOL. I.



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from Christianity ; from considering ourselves as created, redeemed, and fanctified by Jehovah Aleim, the high Contractors of the Covenant of Grace. We dare not think we can save ourselves, rescue our Souls or Bodies out of the Hand of Corruption; but think ourselves under an infinite Obligation to Him who does it for us; and are taught to look on others, as well as ourselves, as his Purchase; and so that we are at :: his Command, and must obey him; and must love, and do what Good we can to others for his Sake, it being our highest Interest fo to do. The believing the more firmly the above Articles of Christianity, and the exposing the Deviations from them, is all the Mischief Mr Hutchinson's Writings have done. We have Scripture to support these Doctrines ; the Word of God for our Authority; and such


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Evidence to prove the Authentickness of the Writing, as is not to be parallelled, nor is pretended to, in any other Cafe. He that can believe that Two Million of People could be imposed upon, as the Israelites must have been by Moses, had he not really performed those stupendous, numberless, and continued Miracles recorded; or that they would have received his Law, had not they believed them, or that can doubt the Authority of his Divine Commission after such Evidence; such a one must be extremely ignorant, inattentive, or extremely hardened. The Christian then goes upon the furest and most certain Grounds, no Man having any Right to dispute the Authority of Mofes, till he can shew the Books we call his were forged ; nor to say they were forged, till he can shew by whom, and when ; and if they were really wrote by him, it is


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impossible the Contents could be forged; and if what Moses says is true, all the rest of the Bible (speaking in general) is true likewise, it being for Sum and Substance the very fame. Unfortunately for the Christian World the Construction of these important Writings has been left to a Set of Men, of all others upon the Face of the whole Earth, the most. unfit, the least qualified for such a Task, because the most prejudiced, blinded, besotted, stupidest Creatures, and the most inveterate Enemies of God and our Religion (for whom and which Mofes and the Prophets are the two Witnesses) of any upon the Earth; Men cursed beyond any others, because wickeder ; whom Moses and the Prophets, Christ and the Apostles, perpetually warn us against, and we have the Experience of near eighteen hundred Years to convince us, that we may


fooner expect Truth from the Devil himself, than from these Apoftates, who carry the Offence further than he has done; he believes and trembles. What a strange Account have they given us of the Transactions recorded in Scripture? The Garden of Eden, which was an Exemplar of the Heavens, the Powers that rule in this System, and so of the Heavens, of Jehovah, and of the Things of God, they have made a place for two Children to take their Diversion in; and the Trial of Man, which was, whether Faith or Sense should govern him, they have made robbing an Apple-Tree. The Cherubim, which is the Record of the Covenant of Grace, an Exhibition to Sight of the Parties in that Covenant, of the Manner of it’s Execution, and the Benefits accruing from thence to us, they have made a Scare-crow of: The


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