Hudibras: The second part, Band 2

R. Chiswel, G. Sawbridge, R. Wellington, and G. Wells, 1704 - 165 Seiten

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Seite 97 - But as a dog that turns the spit Bestirs himself, and plies his feet To climb the wheel, but all in vain, His own weight brings him down again: And still he's in the self-same place Where at his setting out he was...
Seite 53 - Before our plate, to have them burst, And cast in fitter models, for The present use of church and war ? Did not our worthies of the House, Before they broke the peace, break vows ? For, having freed us, first from both Th...
Seite 64 - Was beat with fist instead of a stick ; and that the wonderful lines upon honour and a bubble, have hitherto passed without notice : Honour is like the glassy bubble, Which cost philosophers such trouble ; Where, one part crack'd, the whole does fly, And wits are crack'd to find out why.
Seite 66 - Complaining sorely of the breach Of league, held forth by brother Patch, Against the articles in force Between both churches, his and ours ; For which he crav'd the saints to render Into his hands, or hang th' offender : But they maturely having weigh'd, They had no more but him o...
Seite 94 - Who after prov'd himself a witch, And made a rod for his own breech. Did not the Devil appear to Martin Luther in Germany, for certain ? And would have gull'd him with a trick, But Mart was too, too politic. Did...
Seite 108 - Mahomet : For if it be above the shade That by the earth's round bulk is made, 'Tis probable it may from far Appear no bullet but a star. This...
Seite 57 - Tis the temptation of the devil That makes all human actions evil : For Saints may do the same things by The Spirit, in sincerity, Which other men are tempted to, And at the devil's instance do ; And yet the actions be contrary, Just as the Saints and Wicked vary.
Seite 94 - And some for sitting above ground Whole days and nights, upon their breeches, And feeling...
Seite 75 - In windy weather when they whine. Next one upon a pair of panniers, Full fraught with that which, for good manners, Shall here be nameless, mix'd with grains, Which he dispens'd among the swains, And busily upon the crowd At random round about bestow'd.
Seite 6 - Of hailstones big as pullets' eggs, And puppies whelp'd with twice two legs ; A blazing-star seen in the west, By six or seven men at least. Two trumpets she does sound at once, But both of clean contrary tones ; But whether both with the same wind, Or one before, and one behind, We know not, only this can tell, The one sounds vilely, th' other well, And therefore vulgar authors name Th' one Good, th

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