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L. M.

J. Scott.


1 HAPPY the meek, whose gentle breast,

Clear as the summer's evening ray, Calm as the regions of the blest,

Enjoys on earth celestial day. 2 His heart no broken friendships sting;

No storms his peaceful tent invade ; . He rests beneath the Almighty's wing,

Hostile to none, of none afraid. 3 Spirit of grace, all meek and mild,

Inspire our breasts, our souls possess;
Repel each passion rude and wild,

And bless us, as we aim to bless.


S. M.


The Pure in Heart.

1 BLEST are the pure in heart,

For they shall see our God;
The secret of the Lord is theirs ;

Their soul is Christ's abode.

2 Still to the lowly soul

He doth himself impart ;
And for his cradle and his throne,

Chooseth the pure in heart.


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1 PATIENCE, O, what a grace divine,

Sent from the God of power and love, Submissive to its Father's hand,

As through the wilds of life we rove! 2 By patience we serenely bear

The troubles of our mortal state,
And wait contented our discharge,

Nor think our glory comes too late. 3 O for this grace, to aid us on,

And arm with fortitude the breast,
Till, life's tumultuous voyage o'er,

We reach the shore of endless rest!

C. M.

WATTS. Holy Fortitude. 1 AM I a soldier of the cross,

A follower of the Lamb ?
And shall I fear to own his cause,

Or blush to speak his name? 2 Must I be carried to the skies

On flowery beds of ease,
While others fought to win the prize,

And sailed through bloody seas? 3 Sure I must fight if I would reign;

Increase my courage, Lord ;
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,

Supported by thy word.

4 Thy saints, in all this glorious war,

Shall conquer, though they die ;
They see the triumph from afar,

And seize it with their eye.

C. M.

Seeking first the Kingdom of God.
1 NOW let a true ambition rise,

And ardor fire our breast,
To reign in worlds above the skies,

In heavenly glories dressed. 2 Behold Jehovah's royal hand

A radiant crown display,
Whose gems with vivid lustre shine,

While stars and suns decay.
3 Ye hearts with youthful vigor warm,

The glorious prize pursue ;
Nor shall ye want the goods of earth,

While heaven is kept in view.

C. M.

WATTS. Obedience better than Sacrifice. Ps. 50. 1 THUS saith the Lord, “The spacious fields,

And flocks and herds, are mine ; O'er all the cattle of the hills

I claim a right divine.
2 “I ask no sheep for sacrifice,

Nor bullocks burnt with fire;
To hope and love, to pray and praise,

Is all that I require.

3 “Call upon me when trouble's near;

My hand shall set thee free; Then shall thy thankful lips declare

The honor due to me.

4.“ The man that offers humble praise,

He glorifies me best,
And those that tread my holy ways

Shall my salvation taste.”


L. M.


Holiness and Grace.

1 so let our lips and lives express

The holy gospel we profess;
So let our works and virtues shine,

To prove the doctrine all divine.
2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad

The honors of our Savior, God,
When the salvation reigns within,

And grace subdues the power of sin. 3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,

Passion and envy, lust and pride,
While justice, temperance, truth, and love,

Our inward piety approve.
4 Religion bears our spirits up,

While we expect that blessed hope,
The bright appearance of the Lord,
And faith stands leaning on his word.


C. M.

1 HAPPY the man, whose cautious steps

Still keep the golden mean,
Whose life, by wisdom's rules well formed,

Declares a conscience clean.
2 What blessings bounteous Heaven bestows,

He takes with thankful heart ;
With temperance he both eats and drinks,

And gives the poor a part.
3 To sect or party his large soul

Disdains to be confined ;
The good he loves of every name,

And prays for all mankind.
4 His business is to keep his heart;

Each passion to control;
Nobly ambitious well to rule

The empire of his soul.
5 Pure is his zeal, the offspring fair

ruth and peaceful love;
The bigot's rage can never dwell

Where rests the heavenly Dove.

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C. M.

J. Newton.
True and false Zeal.
1 ZEAL is that pure and heavenly flame

The fire of love supplies;
While that which often bears the name
Is self in a disguise.

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