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H. M.


Emblems of the salutary Effects of the Gospel. Is. lv. 10, 11, 12.


1 MARK the soft-falling snow,

And the diffusive rain :
To heaven, from whence it fell,
It turns not back again;
But waters earth

Through every pore,
And calls forth all

Its secret store.

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2 Arrayed in beauteous green,

The hills and valleys shine;
And man and beast are fed
By Providence divine :
The harvest bows

Its golden ears,
The copious seed

Of future years.

3 “So,” saith the God of grace,

My gospel shall descend,
Almighty to effect
The purpose I intend;
Millions of souls

Shall feel its power,
And bear it down

To millions more.'


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1 HEAR what God, the Lord, hath spoken:

“O my people, faint and few, Comfortless, afflicted, broken,

Fair abodes I build for you. Thorns of heart-felt tribulation

Shall no more perplex your ways; You shall name your walls Salvation,

And your gates shall all be Praise. 2 “There, like streams that feed the garden,

Pleasures without end shall flow;
For the Lord, your faith rewarding,

All his bounty shall bestow;
Still, in undisturbed possession,

Peace and righteousness shall reign;
Never shall you feel oppression,

Hear the voice of war again.

3 “Ye no more your suns descending,

Waning moons no more shall see ;
But, your griefs forever ending,

Find eternal noon in me:
God shall rise, and, shining o'er ye,

Change to day the gloom of night;
He, the Lord, shall be your glory,

God your everlasting light."


H. M.

The Wilderness transformed. Is. xli. 18, 19.
AMAZING, beauteous change!

A world created new!
My thoughts with transport range,
The lovely scene to view :
In all I trace,

Savior divine,

The work is thine ;

Be thine the praise.
2 See crystal fountains play

Amidst the burning sands;
The river's winding way
Shines through the thirsty lands;


seen, And o'er the meads

Its carpet spreads

Of living green.
3 Where pointed brambles grew,

Entwined with horrid thorn,
Gay flowers, forever new,
The painted fields adorn;
The blushing rose,

And lily there,

In union fair,

Their sweets disclose.
4 Where the bleak mountain stood,

All bare and disarrayed,
See the wide-branching wood

Diffuse its grateful shade;

Tall cedars nod,

And oaks and pines,

And elms and vines,

Confess the God.
5 The tyrants of the plain

Their savage chase give o'er ;
No more they rend the slain,
And thirst for blood no more ;
But infant hands

Fierce tigers stroke,

And lions yoke

In flowery bands.
6 0, when, Almighty Lord,

Shall these glad scenes arise,
To verify thy word,
And bless our wondering eyes?
That earth may raise,

With all its tongues,

United songs
Of ardent praise.


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