On the laws and liberties of Englishmen [signed P.].


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Seite 9 - That officers and keepers neglecting to make due returns, or not delivering to the prisoner or his agent within six hours after demand a copy of the warrant of commitment, or shifting the custody of...
Seite 9 - ... the Lord Chancellor or any of the judges in vacation, upon viewing a copy of the warrant, or affidavit that a copy is denied, shall (unless the party has neglected for two terms to apply to any court for his enlargement) award a habeas corpus for such prisoner, returnable immediately before himself or any other of the judges...
Seite 9 - ... convicted or charged in execution by legal process), the lord chancellor or any of the twelve judges, in vacation, upon viewing a copy of the warrant, or affidavit...
Seite 10 - Here again the language of the great charter is, that no freeman shall be taken or imprisoned but by the lawful judgment of his equals, or by the law of the land.
Seite 9 - That on complaint and request in writing by or on behalf of any person committed and charged with any crime, (unless committed for treason or felony expressed in the warrant; or as accessory, or on suspicion of being accessory, before the fact, to any...
Seite 9 - That any such prisoner may move for and obtain his habeas corpus as well out of the chancery or exchequer as out of the king's bench or common pleas; and the lord chancellor or judges denying the same, on...
Seite 9 - ... the judges; and upon the return made shall discharge the party, if bailable, upon giving security to appear and answer to the accusation in the proper court of judicature.
Seite 8 - THE third absolute right, inherent in every Englishman, is that of property : which consists in the free use, enjoyment, and disposal of all his acquisitions, without any control or diminution, save only by the laws of the land.
Seite 10 - ... for better securing our religion, laws, and liberties ; which the statute declares to be " the birthright of the people of England," according to the ancient doctrine of the common law.
Seite 10 - ... and they do claim, demand, and insist upon all and singular the premises, as their undoubted rights and liberties.

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