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Seite 53 - ... it ; then turning up the cradle found under it the child alive and the wolf dead. This so grieved the prince that he erected a tomb over his faithful dog's grave, where afterwards the parish church was built, and goes by the name Bedd Gelhart (the grave of Killhart), in Caernarvonshire.
Seite 14 - Helen and Paris could have been invented by a modern; although they would naturally occur to an ancient author, familiar with all the traditions relating to the tale of Troy divine. Had the incidents been such as might have been picked up from classical source, no argument could be drawn in favour of the antiquity of the story; but...
Seite 56 - Vita Merlini. — Vie de Merlin, attribuée à Geoffroy de Monmouth, suivie des prophéties de ce barde, tirées du IV* livre de l'Histoire des Bretons; publiées d'après les manuscrits de Londres, par Francisque Michel et Thomas Wright.
Seite 44 - Nuits. chéde compassion, il ordonne qu'on le ramasse, et le fait élever. Lorsque l'enfant est devenu un jeune homme et que son éducation est terminée, le sultan lui confie la garde de son trésor. Un jour il le charge d'aller dans la chambre de sa favorite, lui chercher un objet qu'il lui indique. Ahmed, c'était le nom de l'orphelin, en entrant dans la chambre, surprend la favorite avec un esclave , mais il fait semblant de ne pas s'en apercevoir, et rapporte au sultan ce que celui-ci avait...
Seite 53 - Jorwerth married Joan a daughter of king John by Agatha daughter of Robert Ferrers earl of Derby, and this dog was a present to the prince from his father in law, about the year 1205.
Seite 13 - ... slight reference to a very rare book, intituled " Ludus Septem Sapieutum ;" and I now recur to the same subject, in the hope that, as I have paid considerable attention to works of that kind, I may be able to unravel some of the most intricate points in the history of ancient and modern Literature. Of the work in question, there are only two Latin editions of any note ; one printed in Gothic characters, without date or place ; * and the other, " Impressum Francofurti ad Maenum, apud Paulum Reffeler,...
Seite 30 - ... e pene en ce quil ne preigne pas regart a ceulx qui ne sont pas convenables en mes comptes, mais a cellui Kanor qui par sa proesce a laide de dieu et de ses amis revint a ce qui pourvu li celui t des le commencement du monde ... si comme vous avez oi par devant.
Seite 55 - IX, 1. Dunlop II, 379. Bandello I, 25. Dunlop aao 460. Heidelberger Jahrbücher 1837, 668. Dunlop (II, 382) erwähnt noch als hierher gehörig l'histoire du chevalier Berinus. In this last work, sagt er, it is the treasury of Philip, a roman emperor, that is broken into. In order to discover the robber, that monarch exposes his daughter to public prostitution, in expectation that she may extract the secret in the hour of dalliance. Berinus reveals the theft, and the lady, that she may diitinguish...
Seite 13 - Impressum Francofurti ad M. apud P. Reffeler, impensis Sigismundi Feyerabent" [of this edition a copy is to be found in the British Museum, see catal. v. Roma]. The latter [of this edition no mention is made by Mr.
Seite 52 - Cologne , 1677. Grim, the collier of Croydon, ein 1602 gedrucktes englisches drama. Belphegor or the marriage of the devil. Drama. 1691. Niederländisch in der mundart von Antwerpen nach dem Italiänischen s. Mone's anzeiger für kunde der teutschen vorzeit 1836, 362. Ein schwank von Hans...

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