Useful Information for Engineers: Containing Experimental Researches on the Collapse of Boiler Flues and the Strength of Materials, and Lectures on Popular Education and Various Subjects Connected with Mechanical Engineering, Iron Shipbuilding, the Properties of Steam, Etc. Second series

Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1860 - 329 Seiten

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Seite 216 - Thus had Symington the undoubted merit of having combined together for the first time, those improvements which constitute the present system of Steam Navigation.
Seite 52 - ... ..This difference is no doubt mainly due to the fact that thin plates of this material generally possess a higher tenacity than stout bars, which, under the most favourable circumstances, may be but imperfectly annealed (pp.
Seite 300 - ... should be riveted, at intervals, along the flue, — thus practically reducing its length, or in other words, increasing its strength to uniformity with that of the exterior shell of the boiler. This...
Seite 215 - Engine to the purposes of Navigation. He has now accomplished, and evidently shown to the world the practicability of this, by executing it upon a small scale. A Vessel 25 feet long, and 7 broad, was, on the above date, driven with two wheels by a small Engine.
Seite iii - SECOND SERIES: Containing Experimental Researches on the Collapse of Boiler Flues and the Strength of Materials, and Lectures on subjects connected with Mechanical Engineering, &c. With Plates and Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. By the same Author. A TREATISE ON MILLS AND MILLWORK.
Seite 137 - ... brick continued to support the weight, although cracked in all directions ; they fell to pieces when the load was removed. All the brickwork began to show irregular cracks a considerable time before it gave way. The average weight supported by these bricks was 33 "5 tons per square foot, equal to a column 583-69 feet high, of such brickwork.
Seite 244 - Now, in these positions the ship undergoes alternately a strain of compression and a strain of tension along the whole section of the deck, corresponding with equal strains of tension and compression along the whole section of the keel, the strains being reversed according as the vessel is supported at the ends or the centre. These are, in fact, the alternate strains to which every long vessel is exposed, particularly in seas where the distance between the crests of the waves does not exceed the...
Seite 176 - ... stopped for a single instant." Mr. M. further observes, " that it can easily be converted, in a few seconds, from a reaper into a mower, and the only thing required is to withdraw the platform and change the scythe of the reaper for the cutting scythe of the mower. The cutting apparatus, for corn or...
Seite 286 - The advantages peculiar to this construction of crane, are its great security, and the facility with which bulky and heavy bodies can be raised to the very top of the jib without the least risk of failure.
Seite 172 - REAPING MACHINES. Machines of this kind are of great antiquity. They were known to the Romans, but we hear nothing of them during- the middle ages ; and from those remote times we have few traces of improvement, or any successful attempts to substitute machinereaping for the sickle. It was reserved for Mr. Bell of the Carse of Gowrie, in Scotland, in 1826, to construct a machine that answered...

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