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Htmnology is attracting much notice at the present time, but only a student of the subject can realize how much we owe to lady hymn writers. It takes poetic feeling, fervent devotion, and religious experience to make a good hymn, and all these must be conceded to most of our women hymn writers, as we think the specimens here given will prove.

Many friends have helped me by indicating sources from whence information could be gleaned, or by furnishing such information. Among them I must name especially Mrs. C. R Alexander, wife of the Bishop of Deny; Rev. Andrew Carter, editor of the British Messenger; Rev. C. G. Reskelly of Littledean; Mr. Arthur E. Grant of Burnley; Mr. George Penn of London, who passed away while the book was in the printer's hands; Miss K. Oxborrow of Ipswich; Miss Birkbeck; Mr. E. J. Ensor, and others. I am also greatly indebted to the Rev. W. Garrett Horder's "Hymn Lover," and SchafFs "Library of Religious Poetry," for various particulars concerning hymn writers.


Miller's "Our Hymns: Their Authors and Origin," 1866; Eobertson's "English Poetesses," 1883; Christopher's "Hymn Writers and their Hymns," 1883; Horder's " The Hymn Lover," 1889; "Christian Hymns and Hymn Writers," 1886; Macdonald's "England's Antiphon;" "Voice of Christian Life in Song," 1872; "The New Methodist HymnBook and its Writers;" "The Poets of Methodism," 1875; "Evenings with the Sacred Poets;" "Selection from Poems of Charlotte Elliott;'' King's "Anglican Hymnology," 1885; Miss Procter's "Legends and Lyrics;" "Life of Jane Taylor;" Schaff's "Library of Religious Poetry;" "Cyclopedia of Female Biography;" Balfour's "Sketches of English Literature;" Miss Mitford's " Recollections of a Literary Life;" "Sweet Singers of Wales," 1890; "Hymns from the Land of Luther," 1854; "Christian Singers of Germany," 1869; "Countess of Huntingdon's Hymn-Book;" Horder's "Congregational Hymns," 1889; "Women Poets of the Victorian Era," 1891; Lord Shelborne's "Book of Praise," 1880; Morley's " English Literature," 1881.

VII. Minor Hymn Writers. English (continued). Women

distinguished in Literature: Caroline Bowles—Amelia

Betham-Ed wards—Jean Ingelow—Mrs. Craik—Frances

Browne—Agnes Strickland — Mary Howitt—Sarah

Doudney—Sarah Williams—Mrs. Sergeant—Adeline

Sergeant—Elizabeth Rowe 185-206

VIII. Minor Hymn Writers. American: Mrs. Sigourney—

Margaret Miller Davidson—Phebe Hinsdale Brown—

Elizabeth A. C. Allen—Emma Lazarus—Mrs. Van-

alstyne—Phebe and Alice Cary 207-224

IX. Minor Hymn Writers. American (continued): Mary

Kent Stone—Mary G. Brainerd—Caroline Howard

Gilman—Mrs. J. C. R. Dorr—Mary Riley Smith-

Mary Whitwell Hale—Lucy Larcom—Sarah Elizabeth

Miles—Mary A. R. Wakefield—Helen L. Parmelee—

Eliza Scudder—Margaret Mercer—Helen Hunt Jack-

son—Harriett M'Ewen Kimball 225-245

X. Hymn Writers For The Quiet Hour: Barbara Miller

Macandrew — Elizabeth A. Godwin — Caroline M.

Noel—Hetty Bowman—Anna Shipton 246-260

XI. Hymn Writers Who Were Also Poetesses: Mrs. He-

mans—Elizabeth Barrett Browning—Dora Greenwell

— Christina G. Rossetti—Marianne Farningham—

Emma Jane Worboise 261-280

XII. Writers Of Children's Hymns: Ann and Jane Taylor

—Jemima Luke—Dorothy Ann Thrupp—Ellen Isa-

bella Tupper—Anne Shepherd—Mary Lundie Duncan

—Mrs. Shelly—Emily E. S. Elliott—Cecil Prances

Alexander—Helen Taylor—Jane E. Leeson—Mary

Masters 281-298

XIII. Queenly And Noble Hymn Writers: "Carmen

Sylva," Queen of Roumania—Mary, Queen of Scots—

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia—Louisa, Electress of

Brandenburg—Jeanne, Queen of Navarre—Selina,

Countess of Huntingdon—Lady Lucy Whitmore—

Anna, Countess of Winchelsea 299-333

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