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lous than would be a Pagan tutor. They have the semblance of christian morals and sanctity about them, and by these they win inconceivably and dreadfully upon young and tender minds. If your fond offspring are seduced and die idolaters, you will have none to criminate but yourselves. You offer them in sacrifice to Moloch!

WESTERN ASIA. Extract from a letter of Mr. Duight, dated at Constantinople,

April 25th, 1830. The arrival of Messrs. Smith and Dwight at Constantinople and their departure thence for Armenia were noticed in the last number, p. 299. A letter recently received communicates some further particulars, which came under their observation during their stay at Smyrna and their journey from that place to Constantinople.


my letter to you from Smyrna, (p. 249,) I alluded to some ce“ remonies we witnessed in the Catholic church, a more full description of which may not be unacceptable to you. Indeed, I feel that it is vastly important that the people of America should know precisely what Roman Catholicism is, in those countries where it has the most inftuence, and where there are not the same reasons for concealment, that exist in the United States. The day on which we visited the Catholic church in Smyrna was Good Friday.

When we entered, the priests were chanting their prayer-book, sometimes in chorus, and sometimes with a single voice. On each side of the alter and behind it, black canopies were hung, which gave a sombre hue to the whole scene, and on them were painted different objects connected with the crucifixion of our Saviour. Six huge candles were burning upon the altar, and in front of it a large number more, arranged in the form of a pyramid. During the chanting, these lights were gradually put out, and when the last was extinguished, it was the signal for the boys to play their part in the farce. A number of them were stationed within the railing that encloses the altar, some with sticks, and others with a small instrument of wood, which, on being turned round, produced a crackling noise. These were simultaneously set in motion, so that we were really almost deafened. This kind of sport the boys seemed to like very much, and as if determined to keep up the concert they could not be stopped, until two or three monks began to beat them soundly with rods. In this part of the ceremony the boys were supposed to be breaking Judas's bones, and thus to be taking vengeance on the traitor ! They have kept their ratling machines going in the streets during the whole of Lent, but more especially during the last week. After this a Capuchin monk ascended the pulpit and preached a sermon, (if it may be dignified by that name, partly in Latin and partly in Italian. It occupied more than an hour, and consisted chiefly in exclamation, exhortation, addresses to the virgin Mary, &c. During this exercise a large cross with an image of our Saviour upon it, was brought out by a priest dressed in white, on each side of whom was a boy dressed also in white, each carrying a large lighted candle. After the preacher had addressed this image awhile, it was carried into the pulpit, when he held it up to the people, and afterwards kissed its feet, and set it down again. After the sermon a long procession was formed in the yard, whic marched around and entered the front of the church. Each individual carried a candle burning in his hand, and every now and then came one completely covered with a kind of sack, made of dark cloth, with two holes in front for the eyes, and bearing a cross with an image upon it, or a picture of some scene connected with the crucifixion. In the rear were the priests, dressed in long flowing robes of white, ornamented with gold. Six of them bore a crimson canopy of damask silk, with a rich fringe and tassels, upon as many gilded poles, and under this, another priest, more richly dressed than the rest. carried the host, in a golden ark covered with fine green gauze. Before the host another priest carried a silver censer of burning incense. As they passed trough the crowd, every body uncovered his bead and kneel. ed, an act of homage to the host, which they worship as God. Thus they marched into the church. After a few more ceremonies the people dispersed.

As I witnessed these exhibitions I could not avoid asking myself, Is this the religion of the Bible the simplicity of the Gospel? Does the Lord Jesus Christ prescribe these unmeaning ceremonies--these puppet shows-to be exhibited in his church ? Surely it is all mockery in the sight of God! And those who thus delude the people, substitutiog, for the simple and intelligible terms of reconciliation which the Bible proposes, this senseless parade and mummery ; how awsul must be their account ! Truly they are blind guides" which "neither enter the kingdom of heaven themselves, nor suffer those that are entering to go in.” The day following these ceremonies, the priests visited the different Catholic houses and sprinkled them with holy water, for which they received pay from the deceived people. It is quite a harvest day with them. One of them came into à merchant's counting room, where we happened to be at the time, and sprinkled his water about, bearing an instrument for this purpose in one hand, and a bowl for money in the other.---Missionary Her.

Persecution at Jamaica. The opposition to Missions in this island still continues with unabated energy The newspapers teem with the most malignant aspersions against the Missionaries and their followers, many of whom are slaves. One of the slaves, a member of the Baptist church, was recently flogged in public with a cart-whip and afterwards worked in chains, simply, and for nothing else, but for praying to his God in public worship ! and that too after his owner had given his consent !



OF MARYLAND. On Monday evening October 18th, this society held its second annual meeting, at Taneytown, Frederick County, Maryland. We feel assured, that not only Lutherans, but all disciples of Jesus, will read the proceedings with deep interest. After singing a hymn, and prayer, the Rev. Dr. Kurtz, Vice President, in the chair the following report was read. Second Annual Report of the Missionary and Education Society of the

Synod of Maryland. In presenting the report of the operations of the Society during the past year, your managers would express their gratitude to the Great Head of the church, for his manifest blessing upon their highly responsible labours: He has put it into the hearts of Christian brethren to come up to their help, and excited a degree of interest in the objects of the Society, which never before existed. We would ascribe the success of the past year to his gracious blessing, and pray that he may continue to favour us with the smiles of his countenance.

We are engaged in an important and interesting work : that of supplying destitute portions of our venerated Zion with faithful and well instructed Ministers; and we desire to feel all its responsibility, that we may be roused to more active exertion and more ardent pray

At the last annual meeting we reported that four young men had been received as beneficiaries, and regularly received the authorized allowance. Since that, two others, one from Maryland, the other from Pennsylvania, have been accepted, upon the recommendation of individuals, who were well acquainted with their characters for pi. ety and talents. All these beloved young brethren, three of whom are in the Seminary, and three pursuing preparatory studies in the Gymnasium, are advancing rapidly in their studies, and maintaining a Christian walk and conversation.

They promise well for the church, and hereafter the Society may congratulate itself that God so highly distinguished it as, to place the theological rearing of such youth into its hands. *

We cannot report the formation of any new Auxiliaries during the past year, but we have the pleasure to mention the renewed zeal and efficiency of some which before existed, besides the laudable activity of some congregations which collected money, without being organ

* Since this was written, two of our beneficiaries have been taken under the patronage of that most noble institution, The American Education Society, so that we have, at present, only four in our especial care.


ized into a society. We sincerely hope that every year they will increase their benevolent efforts, and enlarge their donations to so good a cause. This is, perhaps, the best plan in some districts, that could be adopted. Let the Clergyman, if he pleases, in connexion with his council, take the whole management into their own hands. All we desire is, union, and then the work will be done.

Whilst we rejoice that some congregations during the year, have generously stepped forward to our relief, for the first time, we have still to lament that many, as yet, have done nothing, to whom the Lord has liberally dealt out bis favours, and from whom he expects something in return. In these days of activity in behalf of the church, no congregation can be guiltless, which does not come up to the help of the Lord; but we trust, that after the subject has been fairly presented to them, they will come to the relief of our imploring Zion.

We cannot but congratulate ourselves upon the harmony of sentiment and feeling that exists among the members of this Synod on this subject. The Society has met with no opposition. Every brother feels its importance and we all lament that we can do no more in its behalf. Brethren let us bless God that peace reigns among us, and that united as we are in promoting the glory of God, in the furtherance of the church, let brotherly love continue.-Union is strength, and God will bless the undivided efforts of Ministers to advance his reign.-Let us proceed in our responsible labour,—and with exultation we may exclaim : “The time to favour Zion has come, for thy servants take pleasure in her stones and favour the dust thereof."

The Treasurer's report will exhibit the state of the funds, and you will rejoice in perceiving that much more was received and expended during the last, than the preceding year. But you will also learn that the funds are now nearly exhausted. We had enough to meet the demands of the last year, but we have very little with which to commence the operations of the coming year. Some of our benefia ciaries will soon want their quarterly allowance, which has never heretofore heen denied for want of funds, but how will we meet them now? Shall we dismiss them from their studies, send them home, and thus deprive the church of several very promising Ministers ?-We dare not do this--the frown of God will be upon us if we do. We hope that the interesting exercises, the impressive addresses, and the spirited resolutions of the last annual meeting have not yet been forgotten, but that every member of the Society will exert himself more actively than ever in this noble cause.

We would most earnestly recommend the appointment of a Missionary to travel through the bounds of our Synod, to awaken the peo ple upon the subject of our Education and Missionary Society.

This is the most effectual plan that we could devise, and we hope that it will be carried into effect.

We prosess deep attachment to our church.-We venerate her ancient institutions, we admire the simplicity of her worship, we revere the orthodoxy of her doctrines, we honor the galaxy of illustrious

names, which have been her defence and her glory, O then let us e. vince the sincerity of our devotedness to her interests, by labouring hard in her extension and perpetuity, through the instrumentality of the Missionary and Education Society.

DR. Lewis Medtart in Account with the Missionary and Education

Society of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 1829, Oct. 23. Balance in the Treasury

145.06 Subscription at Williamsport Md.

19.00 27. Auxiliary Society of Martinsburg Va. 13.00 Nov. 31. . Rev. John Kehler, Madison County, Va. 7.50 Mrs. Thomas, annual subscription

1.00 Dec. 12. Auxiliary Society of Winchester, Va. by Miss Mary Hoff Treasurer

50.00 14. Auxiliary Society of Fredericktown, Md. Miss R. Boyer Treasurer

9.52 17 Juv. Auxiliary Society of Fredericktown, Md. M. Jones Treasurer

1.42 26. Mrs. Eliza H. Morris Treasurer of the La

dies Saving Society of the 1st English Lu-
theran Church of Baltimore

340.00 1830, Jan. 22. From an unknown individual at Boonsborough, Md.

*5.00 Several friends at do by the hands of Mr. Morris

5.00 March 9. Auxiliary Society of Fredericktown Miss Rebecca Boyer Treasurer

41.00 28. Juv. Auxiliary Society of Fredericktown M. Jones Treasurer

2.03 June 15. Auxiliary Society of Fredericktown, Miss R. Boyer Treasurer

26.37 July 13. Juv. Auxiliary Society of Fredericktown, M. Jones Treasurer

26 22. Ladies of the Lutheran Church of Taney

town, Md. to constitute their Pastor the
Rev. J. N. Hoffman a life member

26. From the Rev. Michael Wachter, collec-
tions taken up in his churches

21.95 October 1. From the Rev.J.N. Hoffman, by the hands of Rev. D. F. Schæffer


$728.12 639.00

Balance in the 'Treasury


CR. 1829, Nov. 4, To Ab. B. Shuman, Student at Gettysburg, Pa. 15.00 Dec. ?, Samuel Rothrock do. do.

10.00 Peter Riser do. do.


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