Idylls from the Sanskrit

Smith, Elder, and Company, 1866 - 151 Seiten

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Seite 102 - Look, Sita, look! away to Malaya's side My causeway parts the ocean's foamy tide. Thus hast thou seen, on some fair autumn night, When heaven is loveliest with its starry light, From north to south a cloudy pathway spread, Parting the deep, dark firmament o'erhead. Deep is that sea, but deeper still, they say, Our glorious fathers dug their eager way; Following fast where Kapil dared to lead Away to hell their charge, the hallowed steed. From the deep sea the sun-god draws the rain, To pour it down...
Seite 111 - Dost thou remember how thy prayer was prayed For me, sweet love, beneath its friendly shade ? Now see the waves of Jumna's stream divide The fair-limbed Ganga's heaven-descended tide ; Distinct, though joined, — bright gleaming in the sun, — Like pearls with sapphires mixed, the rivers run. Thus, intertwined, the azure lotus through Crowns of white lilies pours its shade of blue...
Seite 135 - Heralded by sound of fear ? Red his flag, the lightning's glare Flashing through the murky air: Pealing thunder for his drums, Royally the monarch comes. See, he rides, amid the crowd, On his elephant of cloud. Marshalling his kingly train: Welcome, O thou Lord of Rain! Gathered clouds as black as night Hide the face of heaven from sight, Sailing on their airy road, Sinking with their watery load; Pouring down a flood of tears; Pleasant music to our ears.
Seite 114 - Sarju's silver waves, that bore The light barks flying with the sail and oar ; He saw the gardens near the town that lay, Filled with glad citizens and boys at play. Then swelled the monarch's bosom with delight, And his heart triumphed at the happy sight. He turned to Bhadra, standing by his side, — Upon whose secret news the king relied, — And bade him say what people said and thought Of all the exploits that his arm had wrought. The spy was silent, but, when questioned still, Thus spake, obedient...
Seite 130 - O'er a friend's head a watery stream have thrown; And the drenched girl, her long black hair untied, Wrings out the water with the sandal dyed. Still is their dress most lovely, though their play Has loosed their locks, and washed the dye away, And though the pearls, that wont their neck to grace Have slipped, disordered, from their resting place.
Seite 139 - Autumn comes with a sound as of silver anklets, which is the song of the swans which accompany her. " Mark the glory of her face : Tis the lotus lends it grace. See the garb around her thrown : Look, and wonder at her zone. Robes of maize her limbs enfold, Girt with rice, like shining gold. Streams are white with silver wings Of the swans that autumn brings. Lakes are sweet with opening flowers, Gardens gay with jasmine bowers ; While the woods, to charm the sight, Show their bloom of purest white.
Seite 137 - And the lines of glory there Match the gems she loves' to wear. Earth, what dame has gems like thine, When thy golden fire-flies shine ? When thy buds of emerald green Deck the bosom of their Queen ? Look upon the woods, and see Bursting with new life each tree. Look upon the river side, Where the fawns in lilies hide. See the peacocks hail the rain, Spreading wide their jewelled train: They will revel, dance, and play In their wildest joy to-day.
Seite 107 - Look far before us ; see the distant gleam, Through the thick reeds of Pampa's silver stream. There on the bank I saw two love-birds play, And feed each other with a lotus spray ! ' Ah, happy birds !' I sighed, ' whom cruel fate Dooms not to sorrow for an absent mate !' Well I remember, in my wild despair, I thought a bright asoka glowing there Was Sita.
Seite 48 - For thou, my Rama, ever art a god unto thy wife. The wife's eternal duty is, as holy priests declare, To follow where her husband goes, his weal and woe to share ; And for the true and loving wife remains the endless bliss Of sharing all this life with him and the life that follows this.
Seite 66 - This monarch was the delight of his subjects, who followed him as their guide, and thereby obeyed the laws of Manu. " And well they knew the tax they gladly paid, For their advantage on the realm was laid. The bounteous sun delights to drink the lakes, But gives ten thousand-fold the wealth he takes.

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