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In presenting this second edition of the collected Works of the late truly excellent and pious DR. HORNE, to which are now added his very interesting “ Considerations on the Life and Death of Abel, &c." it may be necessary to premise, that the reader is not to expect that it shall contain the whole of his writings. Some of his juvenile essays and controversial tracts are omitted, because, however amusing or useful at the time they were written, they would contribute but little to the stock of public information in the present day. Nor, although they might not materially diminish, could they add much to a reputation derived from those mature labours which have been so long sanctioned by public approbation, and are eminently calculated to promote that vital and practical Christianity, which was ever nearest the author's heart, and ever animated his tongue and pen.

May, 1818.




Preface to the Second Edition of the Life of Dr. Horne ix

Prefatory Epistle to William Stevens, Esq.

. xxxi

Life of Dr. Horne-His Birth, 1.-Character of his Father,

ibid. et 3.-Letter on the Death of his younger Brother, 2.-

Tuition under his father, 4.--Is placed at Maidstone school, -

ibid.- Uncommon Proficiency in School-Learning, ibid.-

Anecdote of a near Relation, 5.– Is elected scholar of Univer-

sity College, ibid. --Takes his Bachelor's Degree, and is chosen

Fellow of Magdalen College, 7.- Is ordained, 71.- Testimony

to his Character as a Preacher, 72.- His opinion concerning

the Duties of a Preacher, 139.— His Observations on the Com-

position of Sermons, ibid.-His Plan of Preaching, 136.-Stu-

dies, 6, 7, 8, 18, 51, 67, 164.His Friends, 5, 9, 29, 172.-

Character at College, and in the University, xxxiv. 6,73, 171.

His charitable Visits to a condemned Criminal, 73.-Contro-

versy with Dr. Kennicott, 94.-His Opinion of Dr. Kennicott's

Work, 96.— Imposition of Dumay, 100.-Dumay's extraordi-

nary Character, 101.-Dr. Horne is elected Proctor, 171.-

Testimony to his Character on laying down his Office, ibid.- Is

chosen Vice-Chancellor, 174.- Is elected President of Magda-

len College, 172.-Dean of Canterbury, ibid.-Bishop of Nor.

wich, 155.John Wesley's Circuit in the Diocese of Norwich,

160.- Some account of him, 167.—Dr. Horne's Wish for the

Success of the Application to Parliament from the Bishops of

the Church of Scotland, 150 - His Sentiments concerning the

Bishops of that Church, 155.Concerning the Church itself,

152, 155.- Some Account of that Church, 152.-Dr. Horne's

Marriage, 173... Family, ibid.-Letters, 2, 202, et seq.— Ac-

count of his Writings, viz. Considerations on the Life of St.John






In publishing the Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Horne, my intention was only to give a true idea of that good man, as it presented itself to my memory and affections, and to produce an edifying book, rather than a formal history. I flatter myself it has done some good; and I hope it may do more. If any offence has been given, I can only say it was no part

of my plan : but it is a common fault with plain Christians, who know little of the world, to tell more truth than is wanted ; and they have nothing left but a good conscience, to support them under the mistake.

Some few exceptions have been made to the performance by little cavillers, which are not worth mentioning: but I brought myself into the most serious difficulty of all, by representing bishop Horne as a Hutchinsonian ; which thing, it seems, ought not to have been done ; as it was strongly suggested to me,

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