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miles long, and weighs about a ton per mile. I sent him.” Many arms have been found The first public message transmitted, was, i concealed in a mosque, in Cario. It is “ Europe and America are united by tele- supposed that the government of Egypt is graph. Glory to God in the highest, on too friendly to Christian powers. earth peace; good will towards men.” The town of Jeddah has been bombarded Nothing more appropriate conld have been by the Cyclops. This vessel was near at given as as the first salutation between the the time of the massacre. The bombard two countries. In England the news ment, which lasted several days, and has quietly received: but in America and laid the place in ruins, and the subsequent Canada the people were almost frantic with hanging of eleven of the murderers, and joy.

the sending away of four others for the The docks, forts, &c., at Cherbourg and same end to Constantinople, by the Sultan's the railway from Paris have been "inaug- agent, will, it is hoped, strike such terror urated,” as the French term it. The into the hearts of fanatic Musslemans, as Queen of England was there, and the will prevent these outrages in future. speeches of the Emperor Napoleon and In India, though the rebels have often Prince Albert were full of peace and good been depressed, they are in force, and are will. France has now a mighty stronghold recruiting. The fall of the Mogul Dynasty opposite our shores. But the impression is felt throughout all Mahommedan made on her people by the sight of about countries. The wet season has ended our 500 pleasure yachts, was, that if the English first campaign in India. More troops are people make sailing a pleasure, their do- being sent from England. The East minion at sea cannot be destroyed. It is India Company have elected seven of said that the Emperor has been in better their old directors to be on the New spirits ever since the Queen's visit, as both Council of India. he and the Empress regarded that visit as The death in battle of that bold and dictated by kindness and confidence. licentious virago, the Rhanee of Jhansi,

Qur Queen is now visiting her daughter, it is supposed, is an event almost equal to in Germany. The Princess of Prussia is the taking of Nena Sahib. Jung Bahawell. The King of Prussia is so feeble door has proved himself superior to many that he has arranged to surrender the inducements held out to him by the government, in due form, to his brother, in insurgents to desert the British. He is October next. This will bring the daughter greatly commended by Lord Canning. of Victoria and Albert nearer to the throne In Canada there is some disagreement of Frederick the Great.

between the House and the Governor. He The harvest in this country is generally has threatened to dissolve it. The question got in, and is mostly abundant. The same is the proper capital of the provinces, and may be said of Ireland, where the intro- lies between the French and English there. duction of reaping machines has led to In New Zealand the tories have demanded riots, at Kilkenny, &c. These, however, the ballot, and will obtain it. They, being are put down. There is great hope for weak, demand its protection. Ireland.

It is reported that the Prince of Wales The vines in France promise well. But intends shortly to commence a voyage large imports of corn are already reported. round the world, and to stay for a time in

It is expected that Spain, under the new Australia. He will thus outdo the Emperor government. will rapidly develope her agri- | Hadrian, whose travels were very extensive. cultural resources. If so, a new and large | Also, that Lord Palmerston intends to regranary for Europe will be opened. Roads, tire into private life. His lordship's public agricultural implements, schools for train life has been very long. He will reside in ing, &c. are talked of. She also purposes, Ireland, near Sligo. as a countervail to French Algeria, to take The news from China is cheering. The possession of a large portion of the Moorish allies are near to Pekin, and are negoterritory. Spain might rise if she could tiating successfully. The following pleasbe emancipated from popish and priestly ing intelligence has just been published:influence.

“Our readers will rejoice to hear that The Paris Conferences have closed their the differences with the Chinese have sittings, Their work has not yet transpired. been arranged, a treaty having been conWill they quiet all about Turkey?' The cluded between China and the allied agitation among the more zealous Mahom- powers, the principal provisions of which medans continues. At Gaza, in July, they are that the ports are to be opened, liberty attacked the Christians at church : other granted to the Christian religion, conplots for a rising against Christians have sular establishments admitted, aud diplobeen discovered. An attempt has been matic agents to be established in Pekin. made to assassinate the Viceroy of Egypt; France and England are also to have a the would-be assassin said that “God had considerable idemnity.”

Missionary Observer .

A VOICE FROM INDIA. The following appeal made by the F. W. B. Orissa Missionaries to their brethren in the United States, will be perused with interest. It displays a zealous and hopeful spirit, and shews that the efforts we make in this country are not without their uses among our trans-atlantic brethren.--Ed.

DEAR BRETHREN, OF THE F. W. B. , delusion in this country have not only DENOMINATION,—Allow me to call your been tolerated by the British Government attention to the pressing wants and claims in this country, but been countenanced, of India. We, as a denomination, have and in too many instances encouraged. chosen Orissa (India) as our only field of But a mighty revolution is now going on, Foreign Missionary operations. And it which must thoroughly_shake the very is now twenty years since our first mis- foundations of this vast Empire, and presionaries entered this field. And is it not pare the way for the coming of Christ's most lamentable that we have now only kingdom. Already some of the results three male and four female missionaries are beginning to be seen. As illustrative in the field ? We have much cause for of this, I will give an extract from the devout gratitude to our Heavenly Father report of one of the Missions in the for permitting us to remain in our chosen midst of the disturbances.

6 We beg field of labour during these perilous times leave, however, to add one short remark in this country. The fearful disturbances as to the probable bearings of the muin this country have greatly interrupted tinies on the Mission. Dark as the prosmissionary efforts in a large portion of pects look for a considerable time to the country, and we fear that it will be come, yet we are not in the least despairsome time before the country becomes ing of the ultimate and perhaps speedy quiet again, and safe for missionary opera- victory of the gospel over Hindooism.” tions as before. But our hope must be Viewing the movement from the religiin God, that He will overrule this great ous element in it, we look upon it revolution, which is now going on, and as the first encounter of the Hindoos cause it to promote His own glory. This en masse" with Christ. They believed He evidently is doing. And I doubt not the Government wanted to make them that God will make use of this fearful Christians, and therefore by rising up rebellion for preparing the way for the against the Government, and every Chrismighty triumph of Christ's kingdom in tian individual, they declared: “We will this country. The Mahometans and Hin- give up our pay, our pension, our life, doos have set themselves not only to but we will not give up our caste and oppose the spread of Christianity in this become Christians. We will not have country, but to drive it from the country. this man (Christ) to reign over us." This clearly shows that the efforts made There may be other causes of the mutiny, here to spread the gospel have been tell- but we are sure this is one of them; and ing upon the great system of error here. it is such an one as easily accounts There has, of course, always been oppo- for the fanaticism attending it. Now, sition, but the opposition has recently what will be the result ?-No doubt, been most determined and desperate, Christ shall reign, notwithstanding! For which indicates that it may be satan's “Him hath God exalted with His right last great effort to save India to himself; hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for but when once the fearful struggle which to give repentance and forgiveness of is now going on ceases, and the opposing sins to Israel, and to all that are afar powers are compelled to submit to å off.” With this exalted Prince at the Christian rule, we may then expect to right hand of God, the Hindoos have see those gigantic systems of error melting now had their first encounter; and as rapidly away before the genial rays of they did not choose willingly to submit the gospel. Already Moslem and Hindoo to His claims, they have received a shock prestige is gone, never to return. The from which they are not likely to rise struggle may yet continue for some time, in unimpaired vigour. And, as in this but we think the issue not doubtful. I struggle the “elite” of the nation, the am led

think that this was the only Brahmins and Rajputs, have been chiefly thing which would ever have aroused engaged, the shock they receive will proEngland to look after and at the pagate itself over the lower orders even real condition of affairs in this country. with greater force. And we hear already These abominable systems of error and I voices from the midst of the nations to

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this effect :-" It is no use to resist, l economise the means sent to us, so as to Christians we will and must become, after leave, as much as possible, for increasing all.” Yea, we know of some who actually the number of labourers. I have just sigh for deliverance from the fetters of caste, returned from a visit to Cuttack, where I and would welcome any scheme which attended the annual Conference of our would enable them to shake off those fet- English brethren there, and I know that ers en masse,which they, as individuals, their missionary operations are on despair of accomplishing. Now, in view more expensive scale than ours in proof what will be the probable results of portion to the number of missionaries. this unlooked for revolution, in preparing and during the past year when they the way for the spread of the gospel, found their treasury empty, and they need any be faint-hearted or discouraged, without funds to return

Mr. Bailey and so cease his efforts for India ? On and his family to his former field, and to the other hand, are not the signs of the send out their new missionary, Mr.Goadby, times hopeful, and do they not call loudly what did they do? Why put forth an for increased effort for India? Let India extra effort, and raised an extra amount once be brought under the influence of of nearly £2,000. the gospel, and its effect on the whole of Now, dear brethren, if you cannot do Asia will be most wonderful. God knows as nobly as that, you can do something how to accomplish His own infinite plans towards it, and instead of being obliged and purposes best, and, for aught we to wait two years before we have a reinknow, He designs to use India for the forcement, as our esteemed Secretary, conversion of other portions of the East. Bro. Hutchins, has just informed us, may Now what are we as a people doing, or we not have a reinforcement this year? prepared to do for India, if the way is How many of you will be in eternity thus opened? Are you ready to reinforce before two years, and not have the opporour feeble Mission ? Or shall we be tunity of assisting in this important work! compelled to go on as we have been And how many of the millions of India's doing? It is for you to say! The Board Idolaters will also be in eternity! I do cannot send out men unless you supply hope that none of you whom God has the means, however much they may sigh entrusted with the means of helping on over the wants of the Mission and desire this work, will be disposed to make the to make it more efficient. It rejoices our plea of “hard times” an excuse for not hearts to know that there are promising doing according to your means. I fear young men, and young women too, at that our people are not consecrated as home, whose hearts burn with love for they should be to the great work of the heathen, and who are ready to preaching the gospel to every creature.” come-yes, to India ! But, alas, our I have felt constrained to write this, and treasury is empty—the times are hard, hope that you will feel the importance of and what is to be done? Can it be that doing more for the cause of Christ, at there are not means in our denomina- home and abroad. Yours in Christ, tion for increasing our missionary opera

R. COOLEY. tions? No, we do not believe that. There Balasore, Jan. 4, 1858. must be some other cause. We try to

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Recovered from the wreck of the Ava. “ AFTER the departure of our friends and one man carries it, bedclothes, curto their respective stations we commenced tains, toilet bag, and a change of clothes, our preparations for this tour. Oh the another man carries two boxes containing trouble! the trouble!! you cannot sympa- the crockery and provisions likely to be thize. Everything in the shape of furni- needed, before the garries with the reture, clothes, eatables, &c., likely to be mainder of the things reach their destineeded had to be taken, and all things nation. On Friday morning, soon after not wanted had to be put away. We do five o'clock, our party started. Mrs. Stubnot exactly take up our beds and walk in bins and I had a pony and a palkey and this country, but something like it. Our so changed about. Part of our journey beds are always carried with us, they are was very delightful, the remainder was made of very light material to fold up, over an immense tract of sand. On reaching our resting place we found a following, and then into another. At last small Bungalow with one room, and as we we got a tolerably good one, and the were leaving early next morning did not people listened with the greatest attention pitch the tent, but contrived a sort of and seriousness. We could not forbear wall to make two rooms for sleeping. We smiling at a drunken man who would managed exceedingly well, and the next push himself to the front and preach, he day moved off again to our second resting gave it the Brahmins and Juggernath in place, Kendal, about ten miles further, style, told them to put a bit of fire to and there had our tent pitched. As there the latter and see how the old block were several festivals and a number of would burn, and to worship the Sabibs, important markets in the neighbourhood they had something in them, not a piece we remained a week. Every day in of wood like that. He wanted Mr. Stubthe blazing sun the Missionaries went bins' walking stick sadly to thrash the forth, frequently riding many miles to folks well, but of course his request was proclaim a Saviour's love to these poor not complied with. After preaching was perishing heathen. One morning I went over and the books distributed, oh! I to a market about three miles distant, forgot to mention that scene, it more and as I had never seen one before was than equalled all the others. I never saw interested with the novelty, the people such scrambling and scratching in my were making a great noise everywhere, life, when one man had a tract put into all their wares were spread upon the his hand all those nearest to him tried to ground, and the owners sat in the midst. get hold of it, then in the scuffle down We had a large congregation and they they would go on the ground and have listened with attention. The next day another scramble there. Mr. Stubbins the Missionaries, with Kombhoo, and had the skin scratched off his finger, and Damuda, attended a festival at a much both his and Mr. Brookes' hands were greater distance, the people heard almost quite sore. How thankful we should feel with tears, and those most conspicuous could we but be assured that this intense for attention were the Brahmins; the outward anxiety to obtain the word of Native Preachers remained the whole life was a true index of the inward. We day, and in the evening one of the Brah- walked a little way through the multimins took them to his house, cooked for tude to look around. In one place there them, and his father served and waited were twelve men sitting in a half circle, upon them. They were engaged till mid- playing cymbals and singing with all night in most delightful conversation, their might, and down the middle six closing with prayer, and were lodged for men with drums upon their knees playing the night in a room adjoining the temple. in the same style. We had no desire to Bless God for such men as our Native remain long here, a little quite satisfied Preachers, for He has indeed raised up and convinced us that either our breasts for Himself living witnesses and living were too savage to be charmed by music, epistles in this dark land.

or that it would require some of a very On Friday there was a large festival at different kind to produce that pleasant efthe place where we were staying, so we fect upon us. We turned and wended our all went, but the scene defies description. way through the woods home, two kinds Thousands of people were assembled, of of feelings filling our hearts, thankfulness all ages and both sexes, hundreds were and sadness; gratitude that in the midst seated in the midst of their wares; the of that vast multitude, in whose entire place was a kind of forest, the ground power we were, we had no fear, or occavery uneven. We stood at a short dis- sion for it. The friendly spirit which tance an elevation, and it looked had in past years characterized the people like a sea of heads. What with the noise was the same, and the message of salvaof congregated thousands, and the din of tion was received with even more feeling numberless instruments of music, I can than before in every place, while the assure you it was almost deafening. We disasters which have befallen so many of pushed our way to a tolerably clear place our countrymen and the anarchy which where we thought the people would be prevails in so many districts seemed to able to hear to advantage. They pressed them unknown. You will not wonder at so close upon us that it was almost melt- our sadness as we looked round upon ing, and while hundreds appeared anxious that vast multitude lending themselves to hear others tried to get as near as with eagerness to everything debasing possible, and thus a continual noise was and vile-to feel that we were the only made in their efforts to get silence. After ones out of tens of thousands into whom several ineffectual attempts to preach we the true light had shined, and who had a moved into another place, the crowd still | future blooming with immortality, and to


know how poor and insignificant we bother of reloading when you want to were, how little even the most competent start, and unless you can get some of could do to stem the dense black waters of them on before, you stand a chance of superstition which sweep over their souls. going without anything but what you “Our bowels did yearn over dying men,' | bring with you until a late hour. They and from our hearts rose many a silent generally travel at the immense speed of prayer for a new heart and a right spirit three-quarters-of-a-mile in an hour. Yesto be given them.

terday after we left Dabe Daule we had Our next place was Mardhara, here we a river to cross. The horses had to swim found the tent beneath the shade of a beside the boat, men holding them by the large Banyan tree, it was a pleasant visit head, mane and tail to keep them above there, the situation was pretty and the water. After we were safely across the weather very fine. We were however garries, which not more than a-quartersadly annoyed in the night though we of-an-hour before had been nicely packed could not forbear laughing at the tremen- and everything tied on, had to be all dous noise made by the Jackals—first undone, the things put upon the boat one would scream here, and another separately, and the garries taken all to would answer from there, and another pieces, then on the other side to be refrom another place, until the air seemed made and packed, so you see we have no to ring with Jackals' screaming, the effect little amount of trouble in getting from heightened by the chorus of the dogs; we place to place in this country. It makes had also very heavy fogs and being under us envy you your nice turnpike roads, a tree the water dropped from the leaves, steam carriages, &c. We remained at sounding like a heavy fall of rain. The Mahdab five days, and pleasant days Missionaries itinerated in this district just they were. The tents were pitched on a the same as they had done in the others, clear open plain, but on all sides we had and when the markets had all been numbers of trees and low brushwood, attended we moved on to Dabe Daule. in some places the trees seem really Mr. Stubbins not being well came on blended together, the climbing clinging instead of attending a market on the way to the strong and upright. where the others stayed. I was with The Missionaries attended all the marhim, and hoping to reach by a nearer kets. There was one large festival held way got a villager to come with us, in- not far from our tent. We had a walk stead of bringing us by a nearer path he through the principal thoroughfare before took us a long way round, and we seemed preaching which commenced at dusk. to do nothing but ride over one rice field We saw the idols, poor little copper things after another, one ploughed field after ornamented with brass, carried to be another, up and down for seven or eight bathed. A band went first, many of the miles. We reached our destination about musicians dancing to their own music, twenty minutes to twelve o'clock, so you a number of others followed, but Mr. S. may be sure it was tolerably warm. Here and Mr. B. said they never saw so few we stayed all night, and the next day people with them before. We remained moved on to Mahdabe. You must try to out some time and listened to a most bear in mind that at every stopping place thrilling address which was delivered to our garries had to be unloaded, if only a very attentive congregation. for a night, and nearly always the tent pitched, then there is the business and

To be continued.


Condition of the people, and results of emancipation. Last month we gave the testimony of a Baptist Missionary, we now give that of a Wesleyan on this question.-ED.

No doubt but you feel interested in the just conclusion upon the matter; and it controversy, recently inspired with new cannot be uninteresting to them to know life, concerning the emancipated labourers what are the convictions of unprejudiced of the West Indies, and those colonies persons who reside upon the spot. At themselves. It might be difficult for those least, some conversation having transpired at a distance to arrive at anything like a upon the subject in our District-Meeting,

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