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which Yarmouth peculiarly abounds. Con- | would he fail to make his way? In Yarnected with the chapel is a small house, mouth he would have the advantage of a in which resides the minister, Mr. Goss, chapel to begin in, and a small nucleus now in the 86th year of his age. He has of friends, around which others would for some time been superannuated, and probably soon gather, as it is thought services in the chapel are conducted usually there is in the town a general preference twice on the Lord's day, by local preach- for the religious views of our Connexion.

Under these circumstances no one These are the chief advantages that precan wonder that very few persons attend.

sent themselves to our view in favour Still there are a few persons who feel of Yarmouth over other towns of equal that it is their home, and they yet hope population, in which to begin a new the Lord will visit them in mercy, and cause. In our inquiries and consultations favour them with prosperity. The num- we were glad to have the company and ber of members is about fifteen, all in the assistance of our brother Bott, of Barton. lower ranks of life. The premises are My_friend and partner in this visit, free from debt, but we could not ascertain Mr. Barrass, continued in Yarmouth that there is any other property or en- several days, and preached in the chapel dowment connected with them.

on two successive Lord's day evenings. In the town there is another Baptist On the first occasion there were present Chapel, situated, like ours, in one of the about forty persons, and on the second public passages, and not in so good a evening about sixty. From subsequent situation. With the minister, Mr. Green, information he has reason to believe that we were favoured with a very friendly the population of the town is now conand kind interview. He rejoiced that the siderably above 30,000, in addition to old place had engaged the attention of which there is in the summer months a somebody that seemed to care for it. His large influx of visitors. The Chapel is opinion, like that of other persons, was, in Row, No. 85. that if a pious young man, of prudent *We think the prospect is encouraging conduct, and an acceptable preacher, either to revive the old cause, or raise a were placed there the chapel would soon new one, if funds could be obtained to be too small to contain his hearers. Of sustain the effort for a few years. such a young man it may be asked, in

J. Jones. what town of respectable population



CONFERENCES. THE CHESHIRE CONFERENCE met at That the £2 8s. 6d, in the Treasurer's Macclesfield, on Easter Tuesday (April hands be devoted to the Church at Mace 6th). Bro. Pedley, of Wheelock heath, clesfield. in the absence of Bro. Smith, of Tarporley, That the next Conference be held at from illness, preached in the morning. Congleton, on the first Tuesday in October, Bro. Pedley also presided at the after- and that Bro. Maden be invited to preach noon meeting. Reports, written and on that occasion. verbal, were received from Macclesfield, That the thanks of the Conference be Tarporley, Stoke, Wheelock Heath, and presented to Bro. Pedley for supplying Congleton, from which it appears, that the place of Bro. Smith, who was absent four persons have been baptized since from illness. the last conference, and that there are Bro. Gent closed the business with several candidates for baptism as well as prayer. several very hopeful enquirers.

THE NORTH DERBYSHIRE CONFERENCE It was resolved that a Deputation from assembled at Wirksworth, on Monday, this Conference, consisting of one friend August 2nd, 1858. Brother Yates, Minfrom Macclesfield and one from Stoke, ister of the place, conducted the usual visit the friends at Congleton, to enquire opening service and presided over the into their state, and to endeavour to meeting. The reports from the churches provoke them to renewed zeal.

were on the whole encouraging, though That each Church in the Conference there were some considerable exceptions. be requested to make a special Collection It appeared that seventeen had been bapfor the Home Mission Fund, with a view tized since the last conference and twentyto assist the cause at Macclesfield. one remained as candidates. As reported


these were Belper, one candidate ; Crich, same time expression was given to an three candidates; Hucknall, six baptized undiminished strength of determination and thirteen candidates; Langley Mill, and a deepened conviction of the importwo baptized; Ripley, six baptized and tance and necessity of the object had in four candidates; Wirksworth, three bap- view. It was also stated, that an address tized. From Kirkby, Woodhouse, Sutton to the churches was decided upon, and Ashfield, and Milford no reports were that the report would be presented at received, which is much to be regretted. the next Conference. As the Conference comprises a number 3.—There being no lay or other memof churches so comparatively small a ber of the churches, in this Conference, deficiency in the number of reports ne- qualified to recommend a Minister's cessarily diminishes its interest and im- widow to the “Widows' Fund,” estabportance. It is hoped, therefore, that in lished for their assistance; such qualificafuture, if there be any churches that tion consisting in the possession of a lifecannot conveniently send delegates they membership, which is obtained by the will feel it a duty to forward a written payment of the sum of £5 into the Fund, report.

if the person to be qualified be a minister, As the state of the harvest was so far (which would be about ten shillings to advanced a large attendance of friends each church,) or £10 if he be a laywas not anticipated. The number of member, it was resolved, That we think friends who assembled, however, very it desirable that the churches comprising cheeringly exceeded general expectation. this Conference should constitute one of

The business which occupied the atten- its ministers or other members a lifetion of the Conference was not of an member of the above Fund, by contribuextensive or varied character.

ting the required sum. 1.—The state of the Church at Belper, 4.—There being an omission in the which church has for a long time received last report, in the list of Churches that a large share of the solicitude and sym- rendered assistance to the friends at pathy of the Conference, and, at its last Belper, that omission would here be recgathering, some little pecuniary assistance, tified. Langley Mill was the Church was very seriously considered and some- left out. what lengthily discussed in connection 5.-The next Conference will be held with the position of the Church at Crich. at Ripley, on Good Friday next, to The friends at the former place having commence at Two o'clock. It was agreed expressed their deep regret at the inade- that brother Shakspeare preach in the quacy of their pecuniary resources for evening, and that the subject be “The another year, and those at the latter way of salvation.” place having expressed their difficulties 6.-After tea a revival meeting of an in relation to the obtaining of suitable interesting and animated character was supplies, and requested, in this matter, held, when the attendance was good, and the aid of the Conference, it was resolved, appropriate addresses were delivered by That we deeply regret to hear the dis- the Revs. T. Yates, and W. Shakspeare, couraging reports from these churches, and brethren G. Malin and W. Carrington. and, as a Conference, think it advisable,

W. SAAKSPEARE, Secretary. because calculated to promote their own

THE NEXT MIDLAND CONFERENCE will well-being and the Divine glory, that be held at Hugglescote, on the Third they should unite and form one church. Tuesday in September (21st). The Rev.

2.-Several brethren having engaged J. F. Stevenson, B.A., of Mansfield-road, at the last Conference, which assembled Nottingham, to preach in the morning. at Crich, to collect a fund, if possible, N.B.—The nearest Railway Stations are for the support, at least for a time, of a Bardon Hill and Coalville. Home Missionary in that district, brother THE LINCOLNSHIRE CONFERENCE will Higden, of Holloway, who is one of them, be held at Fleet, on Wednesday, Sep. 22nd, sent a report stating, that owing to per- and not on Thursday, the 23rd, as presonal indisposition and other causes the viously announced. necessary step had not been taken, at the

T. BARRASS, Secretary.

BAPTISMS. ROTHLEY AND SILEBY.-On Lord's day, they all be such as shall endure to the end Jan. 3rd, four persons were baptized on a

and be saved.

J. R. M. profession of their faith in Christ, and re- GRANTHAM.–On Wednesday, May 5th, ceived into our fellowship. On June 6th, four candidates were baptized by Mr. H. two young friends also thus acknowledged Watts, at Bottesford, after a sermon from Christ as their Lord and Saviour. May | Coll. iii., 1, 3. On Lord's day, June 6th,

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they were publicly received into the church. The services of the day were of an highly ter, on June 13th, five young friends put on gregations very good. This being our first Christ by baptism. Four females and one baptism since being formed into a separate male. The same day they were added to and independent church, we cannot help the church. Hallelujah!

N. R. but

pray that such scenes may be ost re. ISLEHAM.-July 26th, our esteemed Pas- peated, and that the Great Head of the tor, the Rev. T. Mee, baptized nine persons, church would continue to smile upon us two males and seven females, on a profes and bless us.

W. B. sion of their faith in Christ, in the River BARTON.-We are glad to report that Lark, and on the following Lord's day re- another addition has been made to our ceived eight of them into the church by the number by baptism. On Lord's day mornright hand of Christian fellowship. The ing, Aug. 15, 1858, after a very useful and other, a Primitive Methodist, remains interesting sermon on the “ Freeness of the among her own people.

Gospel,” by our junior Pastor, Mr. Holroyd, PETERBOROUGH.-

:-On Lord's day, Aug. from the words “ the Spirit and the Bride 1st, six candidates were baptized in the say come,” &c. ten dear young friends gave General Baptist Chapel, and were received evidence of their attachment to Christ by into the church.

being buried beneath the wave. In the OLD BASFORD.-On Lord's day, Aug. afternoon, Mr. Bott delivered a most faith8th, 1858, after an impressive sermon, by ful discourse founded on the words of the the Rev, T. Gill, of Melbourne, from Apostle, “For as often as ye eat this Ruth i., 16 and 17, nine persons were bread," &c. After which, the newly baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity. baptized were recognized and received into Six of these are scholars from our Sabbath church fellowship, and the Lord's supper school, and two are teachers. In the after- administered. May the Great Head of the noon the ordinance of the Lord's supper church preserve our young friends from the was administered by Mr. Gill, and the snares which are so peculiar to youth, and newly baptized received into the church. may they constantly keeping watch to their Mr. Gill preached again in the evening. I steps adorn their profession. H. J.

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LENTON.-On June 6th, 1858, two ser- | The school-rooms and chapel were tastemons were preached by our Minister, the fully decorated by the ladies with flowers Rev. J. J. Goadby, and an address was and evergreens, and a considerable number delivered by the writer, in behalf of the of flags and banners bearing appropriate Sabbath school, when the collections and inscriptions, calculated both to charm the donations amounted to the hands, me sum eye and cheer the heart, gave to the whole of £28.

N. R.

a very pleasing effect. It was announced SILEBY.-On Lord's day, July 18th, two later in the evening that the proceeds of sermons were preached on behalf of our the tea, collections, and subscriptions were Sabbath school, by the Rev. T. Stevenson. not only sufficient to pay off the debt, but The collections were good, being consider- left a respectable balance in hand towards ably in advance of last year. J. R. M. carrying on the school for another year.

ROTHLEY.—There has been a Sabbath Congratulatory addresses were then deschool connected with the General Baptist livered by the Rev. J. Goadby and Mr. T. Chapel, Ro hley, for nearly 50 years." In W. Marshall, of Loughborough, and the 1845 new school rooms were built at a cost | Rev. J. Riley, the minister of the place, of upwards of £112. A considerable amount who presided. The countenance of each was raised at the opening services, and the person on separating bore witness to the remaining debt has been gradually reduced truthfulness of a remark made by one of to £37. This the teachers determined to the preachers on the Lord's day, “To-day pay off during the present year, and a sub- is the day for duty, to-morrow for pleascription was opened, headed by the super

sure.” intendent and treasurer of the school for BARTON.-On Lord's day, July 18th, £5 each. August being the month in which 1858, two sermons were preached in our the anniversary services have generally been chapel, by the Rev. J. Burns, D.D., of held, two excellent sermons were preached London, in support of the Sabbath school. on the 8th by Rev. J. Malcolm, of Leices- Amount of collections realized, £23 Os. 8d. ter, and Mr. T. W. Marshall, of Loughbro.,

H. J. and on the following day a public tea meet- ISLEHAM.-On Lord's day, July 25th, ing was held (the trays being supplied we had our school anniversary when two gratuitously), when about 140 sat down.

sermons were preached, one in the afternoon by our esteemed Pastor, the Rev. T. Mee, I of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, in aid of the above and the other in the evening by the Rev. school. Collections, £11 138. 5d. H. J. W. Cantlow, P.B., of Isleham. Collections BELPER.-On Lord's day, August 8th, in advance of last year.

1858, two sermons were preached in bebalf BAGWORTH AND THORNTON.-Two ser- of the General Baptist Sabbath School, by mons were preached in the Baptist Chapel, the Rev. T. Yates, of Wirksworth, when between Bagworth and Thornton, on Lord's the congregations were overflowing, and the day, August 8th, 1858, by the Rev. W. Gray, collectious amounted to £8 16s. 9d. W.S.

MISCELLANEOUS. MEETING OF THE SUNDAY SCHOOL Mr. Judd, Mr. S. S. Starbuck, Messrs. Union, held at Boston, July 29th, 1858. Taylor, Fish, and Kemp, of Fleet. The proceedings of the day commenced áll felt it good to be there. Altogether with a social prayer meeting at seven this was one of the very best and largest o'clock, which was attended by a goodly meetings ever held. By the kind arrangenumber. After breakfast, by the permis- ment of the G. N. R. as many as 150 sion of Bro. Mathews, many again came friends came from Spalding and its into the house of the Lord to unite their neighbourhood.. voices in praise and prayer to Him from

JOHN STARBUCK, Secretary. whom alone strength and wisdom could Wood GATE SUNDAY School, Loughbe obtained. Mr. Mathews gave out a BOROUGH.-On Lord's day, July 25th, a hymn, and Mr. T. Sharman, of Spalding, very interesting Meeting was held at the engaged in prayer: At ten o'clock the above Institution, on the occasion of reports of the various schools were read, Mr. B. Gray, Sen., retiring from the through which we were delighted to hear Office of Treasurer, a position he had that several conversions had been wrought held for more than thirty years, during a by the operation and influence of our considerable part of which period he had schools, which were thereby made mighty sustained the Office of Superintendent. and powerful, “not by might nor by The Teachers and Scholars were assempower,, but by the Spirit of the Most bled in the large School-room, and Mr. High.” At eleven Bro Chamberlain, of Gray was invited to meet them, that he Fleet, preached from Isaiah xliv., 3, 4, might receive a small testimonial from and 5. At two o'clock the meeting com- the Teachers expressive of their high menced by] Bro. Mathews giving out a esteem and grateful recollections of the most appropriate hymn, after the singing long and important services he had renof which Bro. Starbuck, Jun., engaged dered to the school. The gift consisted in prayer. A large number of teachers of two handsome volumes, bound in and friends being present.

Turkey morocco, gilt, entitled “Laws 1.-Mr. Noble was elected as chairman from Heaven, for Life on Earth,” being for the day.

Illustrative of the Book of Proverbs, by 2.-Mr. Anthony Fish was elected as the Rev. Wm. Arnot. After the singing secretary for the three years.

of an apropriate hymn, Mr. Baldwin, 3.-Vote of thanks to Bro. Starbuck the Superintendent, in a lengthened adfor his service as secretary, during the dress presented the books to Mr. Gray. last six years.

The following note was written in the 4.- That the retiring secretary send a first volume : report of this meeting to the General “Dear Sir,—The teachers of the GenBaptist Repository.

eral Baptist Sunday School, Wood Gate, À variety of resolutions were adopted— Loughborough, beg most affectionately the last of which was

to present to you these volumes upon 12.–That the thanks of this meeting your retirement from official connection be given to the Boston friends, for the with the institution. By this simple gift very cordial reception and excellent ar- they desire to express their gratefnl aprangements witnessed this day.

preciation of the long and valuable serAt 6.30. p.m. the public meeting was vices you have rendered to the school held, at which there was a very large at- during a period of more than 30 years, tendance. The good feeling and sym- as its superintendent and treasurer. They pathy manifested was, we believe, the feel sensible that much of the prosperity means of inciting fresh hope in the heart of the school, both now as well as in of many a discouraged teacher, leading years past, may be attributed, under God, them to make the noble resolution of the to the punctuality and untiring faithfulPsalmist of old, “We will go forth in the ness with which you ever discharged your strength of the Lord God.” Earnest and important duties. They hope in your encouraging addresses were delivered by | latter days you may still enjoy the favour Mr. Noble, chairman, Mr. T. Sharman,' of the Lord and the guidance and con

Bolations of His Holy Spirit, and that he had enjoyed with Christian brethren when the end of all things shall come, there as the happiest of his life. He you and they may enter into the fulness could not but feel affected to observe only of joy which is in the presence of God, three or four remaining as teachers upon and meet at His right hand, where there whom he could look as old friends, are pleasures for evermore.

for several, whose names he mentioned, “Signed on behalf of the Teachers, had gone to their reward. Wishing the « Ben. RALDWIN. Supe

endent. school continued prosperity, he accepted “ HENRY GODKIN, Secretary. the volumes in the same spirit of af

“ Loughborough, fectionate regard with which they were

“ July 25th, 1858." presented, and hoped to leave them to his Upon accepting the volumes Mr. Gray children as an incentive and stimulus to gave an interesting sketch of the Sunday them. School in Friar-lane. Leicester, of which Brief and affectionate addresses were Mr. F. Deacon was Superintendent. He delivered by Messrs. Dexter and Godkin. remained in connection with this school A short hymn and prayer closed this inthirteen or fourteen years, when he re- teresting occasion, which will long be removed to Loughborough, and soon at- membered by all who were privileged to tached himself to the Wood Gate Sunday be present.

B. B. L. School, and he regarded the associations

Jates of the Month.


Heresy prevails in the Brazils. The sepAugust 24. There can be little doubt aration of Church and State is awakening that a large portion of the Church of En- attention among protestants in Switzerland, gland Ministers are veering towards Rome. France, and Germany. This is an omen The attempts to revive “the Confessional” | for good. “ The sphere of theological are not confined to one district or diocese. belief and the sphere of government are abThe Bishop of Oxford has been appealed solutely and entirely different," the worthy to as to the proceedings of a Curate, in his sentiment Lord Stanley uttered as to India, diocese, who visited a poor woman in labour will find abettors in every enlightened and proposed to her offensive and improper country. When it does, church and state questions, which he required her to answer will be separated. The sooner the better. on pain of damnation. The wily prelate An unhappy controversy has arisen in fences; and it has been suggested that the the Baptist Church, St. Mary's, Norwich, Archbishop of Canterbury may “ visit the in reference to the communion question Diocese of Oxford, and inhibit the Bishop.” which will have, it is presumed, to be settled The people of England will not easily be in the Court of Chancery. The question led to popery, whatever may be the tastes seems to be “ whether in accordance with the and bearings of the Clergy. A large Trust Deeds which convey the chapel, &c. number of the Metropolitan Clergy have, to a baptist congregation, that congregation to their credit, memorialized the Share- can lawfully admit the practice of open holders of tbe Crystal Palace against any communion." It appears that a strict baptist opening of that place on Sundays. minister, who is a trustee, is the originator

The singular mixture of doctrine in the of the controversy: This seems to be Episcopal Establishment shews very for- a rigorous mode of proceeding. Should cibly how little avail subscription to ar

Mr. ---, the Trustee, succeed in his purticles. In one place we have all but purpose, every church that has adopted the “flat popery,” in another high evangelism. practice of free communion will have to In Leamington is a vicar who dismisses look into its Trust Deeds. his curate for preaching “Conversion Sermons," while in Exeter Hall such ser

GENERAL. mons are being preached to thousands.

The great event of the month is the sucThe Wesleyan Conference closed its cessful laying of the Atlantic Telegraphic labours on Friday, the 13th. The increase Cable. The failure, referred to last month, for the past year is about 7,000. Nearly lowered our present hopes; but the energy £100,000 have been spent in new chapels and skill of the gentlemen who had charge and £40,000 in the liquidation of chapel of the expedition, led them once again, debts.

when the vessels were refitted, to attempt Popery is scarcely able to keep up with this great work. Hundreds of miles had the times. The Tablet Newspaper is al been lost, but enough remained to reach most dead. It is to be transferred to London. from Ireland to Newfoundland. And now A New College is being built near Durham. I the great work is done. The cable is 2,200

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