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NOTTINGHAM, Stoney Street.-On the morning of Easter Sunday, nineteen dear friends were baptized by brother Lewitt, in the presence of a large number of witnesses, and in the afternoon were publicly admitted into the fellowship of the church. At this service we had also a very large attendance, the body of the chapel being full.

B. W. Y. KIRKBY WOODHOUSE AND KIRKBY.-On Lord's-day morning, April 4th, 1858, two dear friends made a public profession of their faith by being baptized in the name of the Triune God. The weather being unfavourable in the morning, prevented the usual service on such occasions, in the open air; yet, nevertheless, a large number of spectators were gathered on the banks of our Baptistry to witness the solemn scene. We pray that the pious example then Offered to the gazing multitude may constrain many to follow in their footsteps, as far as they have followed Christ. May they who thus put on Christ ever remember the vow they have made, and remain Christ's loyal, faithful, and loving subjects. Mr. Handford, of Nottingham, gave a brief address at the water side, and Mr. Ferneyhough preached in the afternoon and evening, administered the ordinance of the Lord's supper, and received the newly-baptized into fellowship. A. B. K.

WAITTLESEA.-On Lord's-day, February 14, two candidates were baptized in the General Baptist chapel, at this place; and on May 16th four others were likewise immersed, on a profession of their faith in Christ, after sermons had been preached by Mr. Barrass. Four of the above candidates are teachers in the Sabbath school. These instances of success are particularly pleasing, as the friends here are without a pastor, and are dependent for the supplying of the pulpit on the kindly sympathy and aid of ministers and brethren in the neighbourhood.

PETERBOROUCH.-On Lord's-day, May 2nd, two young men were baptized in the General Baptist chapel, at this place, and were afterwards received into the church.

OVERSEAL.-On Lord's-day April 25th, the ordinance of believers' baptism was administered to six persons on a profession of their faith in Christ. Before the service commenced the chapel was crowded, and many were unable to gain admission. Our esteemed pastor, Rev. R. Kenny, preached from “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it."

LOUTH.-Four persons have recently been added to the church at this place. Three who were baptized on the 28th of March, and one who had received the sacred rite some weeks earlier, were admitted into fellowship on the first Sunday in April.

REMOVALS. Rev. G. Dunn has accepted an invitation to Leake, &c., for three months probationally.

Rev. G. Batey, late of Burnley, has accepted an invitation to the G. B. church at Heywood, Yorkshire, and commenced his labours May 16.

MISCELLANEOUS. A BAZAAR in aid of the Orissa mission will be held at Wisbeach, on Wednes] day and Thursday, the 16th and 17th of June.

We shall be glad to receive articles from friends in other parts of the Connection, and shall also be pleased to see any who can visit us on that occasion.

Any friends who are intending to assist us with goods, must send them at once, directed either to Mrs. Wherry, Mrs. Robert Clarke, or Mrs. Griffin.

T. W. SPALDING TESTIMONIAL.-A purse of money was presented to the Rev. J. C. Jones, in a private manner, accompanied with the following letter :To the Rev. J. C. Jones,

DEAR SIR,,We whose names are here appended, being members of your church and congregation, beg your acceptance of this purse containing 25 sovereigns, as a small token of our christian affection, and our warm approval of your ministerial career, during the ten years you have been pastor over the General Baptist church at Spalding. We assure you we look back with gratitude to God, and remember with pleasure the time when you first identified yourself with us; and we not only rejoice in the prosperity which has attended your ministrations, but we mark with increased satisfaction the developements of those qualities so essential in the pastorate, viz., an unblemished character, a vigorous piety, a faithful and evangelical ministry, and your courtesy and fitness to preside over us in our various meetings connected with the church. Be assured, dear sir, that in your recent domestic affliction, you and yours were the objects of our earnest prayers, and we hope Mrs. Jones may be shortly restored to her usual good health. May you long be spared to go in and out amongst us, and may that mutual sympathy and good feeling which are so manifest, not only continue, but increase, and that seals to your ministry may be increased a thousand fold, is the prayer


yours, the undersigned. Spalding, May 4th, 1858.

Wm. White, Secretary.


British and Foreign Bible Society.-On Wednesday morning, May 5th, the annual meeting of this society was held in the great hall, Exeter-hall, which was crowded to excess. The Earl of Shaftesbury occupied the chair.

Mr. Bergne read the report, which gave an account of the progress of the society in every country in the world. The receipts of the year ending March 31st, 1858, have exceeded those of any preceding year (excluding the special funds). The amount applicable to the general purposes of the society is £79,040 16s. 2d., and the amount received for Bibles and Testaments £70,267 10s. 11d., making the total receipts from the ordinary sources of income £149,308 7s. 1d., being £11,551 12s. 2d. more than in any former year. To the above must be added the sum of £1,379 13s. 7d., for the Chinese New Testament fund, and £1,886 2s. 10d., for the special fund for India, making a grand total of £152,574 3s. 6d. The issues of the society were as follows:- From the depot at home, 976,563, and from depots abroad, 625,624, making 1,602,187 copies, being an increase of 84,329 copies over those of any preceding year. The total issues of the society now amounted to 33,983,946 copies. The ordinary payments had amounted to £146,563 5s. 1d., and the payments on account of the Jubilee and Chinese New Testament Fund, to £6,613 19s. 7d., making the total expenditure of the year to amount to £153,177 4s. 8d., being £4,136 10s. 11d. more than any former year. The society is under engagements to the extent of £83,818 178. 4d.

The Bishop of Ripon, in an able speech, moved the adoption of the report, and that it be printed and circulated.

The Bishop of London seconded the resolution, which was supported by the Rev. Mr. Brock, and carried unanimously.

Other resolutions were passed, and a vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings.

The Religious Tract Society.-On Friday evening, May 7th, the fifty-ninth anniversary of this society was held in Exeter-hall, John Marshman, Esq., in the chair.

Mr. G. H. Davies read the report, which gave a comprehensive outline of the society's operations. During the past year, 261 new publications had been issued ; and the total circulation was 10,909,820. The grants in the United Kingdom, in tracts, libraries, &c., amounted to £5,576 4s. 3d. In relation to foreign lands, the 36th Report of the Paris branch gave a total of 1,119,057. The circulation of the Almanac—which was the most popular in Paris-was 258,936, and it yielded a profit of 2,500 francs ; and the monthly periodical now circulated 5,000 copies. The work in Belgium and South America was progressing. The total of the grants to all the Continental societies in Europe which had required aid was £2,543 16s. ld. The total issues were 34,038,407 ; and including the foreign issues, they were 38,000,000, or an aggregate total in 59 years, of 782,000,000. The total income £88,730 9s. 6d., being a clear increase over the previous year of £6,865 14s.

The Rev. Canon Champneys, M.A., moved, and the Rev. J. H. Wilson seconded the adoption of the report, which was agreed to.

The subsequent resolutions were moved, seconded, and supported by Dr. Lockhart, of China; the Rev. James Smith, of Agra; Mr. Baxter, &c., &c.

Baptist Missionary Society.On Thursday morning, May 6, the annual meeting of the friends and supporters of this society was held in the large room of Exeter-hall, which was well filled.

Sir S. M. Peto presided, and having opened the proceedings in a lengthened speech,

The Secretary read the report, which stated that the total receipts for the past year had amounted to £22,946 10s. 10d., being an increase of £1,479 11s. 4d. over the amount collected in the previous year. The total expenditure, for the same period, had been £23,593 13s. 8d., leaving a balance against the society of £932 18s. 9d. which the com ee hoped would soon be met, and they were pleased to be able to state that the contributions for widows and orphans had considerably increased. The report then entered at great length into the evil of the mutiny in India, and the detrimental effect it had on missionary enterprise in that empire. Some of the missionaries had fallen victims to the thirst for English blood, and many others had more or less suffered in various respects. The Word of God had been translated in all languages for the benefit of the people, and upwards of 2,000,000 copies of the Holy Scriptures had issued from the missionary press, and other religious books in countless numbers had been circulated. Upwards of 1,200 men, European and natives, were daily employed in preaching the gospel, while the schools contained at least 80,000 children.

The Rev. Francis Tucker, B.A., moved the first resolution. After taking a review of the whole position of India, before and since the rebellion, the rev. gentleman said the English rule in India had been characterised by a love of gold, and not a desire for the welfare of the people of that country. The Hindoos were told by the English that they went there to improve the condition of the masses of the people, and instead of endeavouring to add to his scanty quantity of rice, put a tax of 1,000 per cent. on the salt that seasoned it. In the future legislation for India there must be no union of Church and State in India. They must abolish the production of opium, except for medicinal purposes, and for ever the practice of smuggling it into China. That trade was diametrically opposed to all christian principles, and was a barrier to the progress of christianity in that country, and if it were discontinued their labours would be lightened, and their cause would be advanced.

The Rev. Dr. Cumming seconded the resolution. He believed that there was a volcano under the whole of Europe, and that they were on the eve of a new era, which many of them would live to see. When it burst the spirit would be poured out upon them, and the gospel would be preached in every country in the world. He urged them all to go forward and preach the scriptures—they required no authority to do so—they were in themselves sufficient authority, and required no arguments to support it.

The resolution was then put to the meeting, and carried unanimously.

The Rev. J. Smith, of Chitoura, and the Rev. Dr. Evans, of Scarborough, having addressed the meeting,

The Rev. J. Stock offered up prayer, and a vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the meeting.

The Bible Translation Society held its annual meeting on Thursday, April 29, at Bloomsbury Chapel. Mr. Deputy Pewtress in the chair. After the report had been read, the meeting was addressed by Mr. Barker, of London, Mr. Chown, of Bradford, Mr. Mursell, of Kettering, and Mr. Culross, of Stirling.

Baptist Evangelical Society and Continental Mission.--The thirteenth annual meeting of the above-named society was held on Friday, April 23, at Salem Chapel, Mead's-court, Soho. E. J. Oliver, Esq., presided, and, after singing and prayer, opened the business of the meeting. He stated that the society desired, if possible, to stem the tide of error in doctrine and discipline, and, by a preparatory course of education, to assist young men who desired to engage in the work of the ministry, and in the fields of missionary labour. An interesting report was read by the Secretary. The Revs. J. Howe, J. Webb (of Ipswich), S. s. Lillycrop (of Windsor), - Russell (London), W. Stokes (Manchester), J. Stock (Devonport), and several other ministers, addressed the meeting.

The Wesleyan Missionary Society.On Monday morning, May 3, the annual meeting of the friends and supporters of this society was held in the large room of Exeter-hall

, which was crowded to excess. Lord Panmure presided. The report was a most voluminous document. It detailed the operations of the society, in all parts of the world, during the past year. A large portion was devoted to the condition of the church in India, and stated that the committee intended to send out an additional number of missionaries during the present year. The report also contained the following particulars :—The receipts for the past year have amounted to £123,062 18s. 11d., being considerably in advance of the income of 1856. The particulars are—home receipts, £91,050 17s. 2d. ; foreign receipts, £32,012 1s. 9d. ; total, £123,062 18s. 11d. The entire charge on expenditure is also £123,092 18s. 11d. In this amount is included £2,500, reserved as special contributions on behalf of India, to be expended, during the current year, in sending additional missionaries to the Madras and Mysore districts.

Twenty-two missionaries, and twelve wives of the missionaries, together with one schoolmistress, have been sent out by the society since last anniversary.

The Rev. Dr. Hannah congratulated the meeting upon the satisfactory condition of the society, and the progress made by its agents during the past year in the spread of christianity in foreign countries; but, nevertheless, he considered very little had yet been done.

The Rev. Dr. Dixon seconded the resolution, which was carried unanimously. Other resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Church Missionary Society.—The anniversary of this society was held on Tuesday morning, May 4, at Exeter-hall, the Earl of Chichester in the chair. The large hall was densely crowded in every part.

The Chairman having opened the proceedings in a brief but pointed speech,

The Rev. J. Venn read the report, which detailed at great length the operations of the society. The income of the society during the year was £155,484, and its expenditure £127,345, which, leaving out of account the special India Fund, leaves a balance of £1,444. There are 225 clergymen employed in the missions; and upwards of 2,100 lay agents.

The Bishop of London, Viscount Middleton, the Rev. Dr. Marsh, the Rev. Hugh Stowell, the Bishop of Calcutta, the Rev. George Knox, the Rev. Dr. M'Neile, and the Rev. George Scott were the speakers. In the evening another meeting was held at which similar addresses were delivered.

There was a full attendance at the second meeting of the Church Missionary Society, in Exeter-hall in the evening, and a large portion of the audience were young men.

Naval and Military Bible Society.—The eighteenth annual general meeting of the members and friends of this society was held on Monday morning, May 3, at Willis's-rooms, King-street, St. James's, the Marquis. of Cholmondeley in the chair. The report, which was read by the Secretary, stated that during the past year the society had circulated 19,973 copies of the scriptures (Testaments included) amongst sailors, soldiers, and canal boatmen. The above number was composed of 12,676 Bibles and 7,297 Testaments. The number of Bibles and Testaments exclusively supplied to troops going to India since January 26th last year had been 12,489 ; of which 9,522 were Bibles and 2,967 Testaments. The special fund for sending these Bibles to the East was £248, and the society expended £290 more than it actually received for that object.

British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Jews. This society held its fifteenth anniversary meeting on Friday evening, April 30, at the Freemasons' Hall. Mr. Bamford occupied the chair, in the absence of Sir Culling E. Eardley. The chairman requested the secretary (Mr. John Yonge) to make a statement of the position of the society, from which it appeared that the committee had requested its friends in all places to unite in prayer with them at this time. The receipts of the past year had amounted to £4,662 17s., being an excess upon the former year of £376 6s. 4d. During the past year the expenses had amounted to £4,430 9s. 4d. ; the committee desired that the reserve fund should reach the sum of £1,000; the general balance in hand was £1,400. The number of missionaries employed by the society during the past year was 18; and in Syria alone 964 copies of the scriptures had been distributed. Many pleasing instances were given of conversions in various parts where the society's missionaries are settled. Addresses in favour of the society having been delivered, the meeting, which partook entirely of a devotional character, after a vote of thanks to the chairman, separated.

Sunday School Union.--The annual meeting was held on Thursday, May 6th, in Exeter-hall, the Hon. A. Kinnaird, M.P., in the chair. Prayer was offered by the Rev. W. Brock. The report was then read by Mr. Watson; it recorded the steady progress of the Sunday School Union in England and in the colonies, and the assistance which it had given to Sabbath schools at home and in Australia, the New Hebrides, and the West Indies. Since the establishment of the union it had made grants for the formation of 3,948 lending libraries, at the cost of £12,556. Notwithstanding the number of schools which had been added to the union, there were 300,000 children between the ages of five and fifteen in London, who were not to be found in any Sunday school, and it was calculated that for every one child within the walls of the schools of the union there were two children outside.

The meeting was addressed by the chairman, and by Mr. Angus, who took the chair on the retirement of the Hon. Mr. Kinnaird. The adoption of the report was moved by Mr. C. H. Davis, secretary to the Tract Society, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. Keed, of Cambridge.

The Rev. Mr. Cook, of Paris, in supporting the motion, entered at great length into the working of the Sunday schools in Paris, and expressed his pleasure at being allɔwed to take part in the proceedings of this society.

The Rev.Newman Hall, in moving the second resolution, expressed the difference between the attendance of an ordinary May Meeting and one like this, composed of his brothers in arms—the glorious army of Sunday school teachers. He looked upon them as great combatants of truth against error, of the holiness of God against the sin of the devil. They might well be considered an army; each school a regiment, conducted each by its colonel ; each class a company, with each teacher for a captain.

Mr. Charles Swallow (of Manchester), in seconding the motion, expressed his pleasure at finding himself in company with the Rev. gentleman who just sat down, for he never came to London without spending an hour in Mr. Hall's Sunday school; and he was happy to say that each child in those schools had a bible of his own.

British and Foreign School Society.On Monday Morning, May 10th, the fifty, third annual meeting of the friends and supporters of the above society was held at the British and Foreign Schools, Borough-road, South vark.

At the general meeting we noticed the Earl of Granvilı, the Earl of Ducie,

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