A New Treatise on the Game of Chess: On a Plan of Progressive Improvement, Hitherto Unattempted; Containing a Very Considerable Number of General Rules ...

Moore, 1828
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Seite 41 - Black loses the game by this move ; he ought to have played either К KtP one square, or KB to KKt second square.
Seite 265 - P. 3. WKP one square; BQ Kt. P. two squares. 4. WQRP two squares; BQBP one square. 5. WQRP takes Q. Kt. P. BQBP takes the P. v 6. W, Q. to KB third square. This move decides the game.
Seite 9 - Many players would think this a bad move, and instead of it would interpose KB or Q ; the remaining moves show how decidedly better it is to move K, as Black cannot now avoid the loss of a piece.
Seite 176 - MOVE OF THE BLACK. 1. WKP two squares ; B. The same. 2. WKBP two squares ; BKP takes P.
Seite 118 - BKP takes P. If White should take KBP with KP, SALVIO'S assertion appears to be incorrect ; as in that case, after Black has moved his Q. to his KB third square, White may check with...
Seite 269 - P, two squares ; B. The same. 2. WQBP two squares ; BQP takes the P.
Seite 206 - I. WKP two squares. B. The same. 2. WKBP two squares. BKP takes it. 3.
Seite 98 - QB third square. 3. WKB to QB fourth square ; B. The same. 4.
Seite 361 - The mate must be given in the corner square which, is of the colour on which the bishop moves...

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