Coal Industry Annual 1994

DIANE Publishing, 2001
This report presents data on coal consumption, distribution, coal stocks, quality, prices, coal production information, and emissions for a wide audience.

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Seite 261 - A corporation, person, agency, authority, or other legal entity or instrumentality that owns or operates facilities for electric generation and is not an electric utility. Nonutility power producers include qualifying cogenerators, qualifying small power producers, and other nonutility generators (including independent power producers).
Seite 256 - The quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit at or near 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
Seite 258 - Energy: The capacity for doing work as measured by the capability of doing work (potential energy) or the conversion of this capability to motion (kinetic energy). Energy has several forms, some of which are easily convertible and can be changed to another form useful for work. Most of the world's convertible energy comes from fossil fuels that are burned to produce heat that is then used as a transfer medium to mechanical or other means in order to accomplish tasks. Electrical energy is usually...
Seite 95 - NEW ENGLAND Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont MIDDLE ATLANTIC New Jersey New York Pennsylvania EAST NORTH CENTRAL Illinois Indiana Michigan Ohio Wisconsin WEST NORTH CENTRAL Iowa Kansas Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota...
Seite 95 - South Atlantic Delaware District of Columbia . Florida Georgia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Virginia West Virginia East South Central Alabama Kentucky Mississippi Tennessee West South Central Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma Texas Mountain Arizona Colorado Idaho Montana Nevada New Mexico . Utah Wyoming Pacific Alaska California Hawaii Oregon Washington..
Seite 256 - It is recognized that there may be nonagglomerating varieties in these groups of the bituminous class, and there are notable exceptions in high-volatile C bituminous group.
Seite 257 - ... facilities. Included are lease condensate and liquid hydrocarbons produced from tar sands, gilsonite, and oil shale. Drip gases are also included, but topped crude oil (residual oil) and other unfinished oils are excluded. Liquids produced at natural gas processing plants and mixed with crude oil are likewise excluded where identifiable. Crude oil is considered as either domestic or foreign, according to the following: Domestic. Crude oil produced in the United States or from its "outer continental...
Seite 264 - Volatile matter. — Those products, exclusive of moisture, given off by a material as gas or vapor, determined by definite prescribed methods which may vary according to the nature of the material.
Seite 257 - A type of sale in which the buyer of the product agrees to pay a unit price that includes the FOB value of the product at the point of origin plus all costs of insurance and transportation. This type of transaction differs from a "delivered" purchase in that the buyer accepts the quantity as determined at the loading port (as certified by the Bill of Loading and Quality Report) rather than pay on the basis of the quantity and quality ascertained at the unloading port. It is similar to the terms of...
Seite 258 - Electric Utility: A corporation, person, agency, authority, or other legal entity or instrumentality that owns and/or operates facilities for the generation, transmission, distribution, or sale of electric energy, primarily for use by the public, and that files forms listed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 18, Part 141.

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