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In the Cierk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.


The SABBATH Hymn Book is printed in two sizes; first, the small quarto edition, bound in three styles, in cloth, in sheep, and in morocco; second, the 16mo. edition, in large type, and bound in five styles, in sleep, in morocco, in morocco gilt edge, in Turkey morocco, and in Turkey morocco antique. The SABBATH HYMN AND TUNE Book is printed in two sizes; first, the 16mo. edition, bound in four styles, in cloth, in morocco, in morocco gilt edge, and in Turkey morocco; second, the octavo edition, in large type, bound in four styles, in cloth, in morocco, in morocco gilt edge, and in Turkey morocco. The SABBATH TUNE BOOK, containing the tunes alone of the above work, in cloth binding. The New SABBATH HYMN AND TUNE Book is printed in two sizes: first, the 16mo. edition, bound in four styles, in cloth, in morocco, in morocco gilt edge, and in Turkey morocco; second, the octavo edition, bound in four styles, in cloth, in morocco, in morocco gilt edges, and in Turkey morocco. Editions of all of the above, prepared for the use of Baptist Churches by Dr. Wayland, are also published. About two hundred and forty thousand people have adopted this series of books.


THE Sabbath Hymn Book is intended for the Service of Song in the House of the Lord.” – 1 Chronicles VI: 31.

I. – It is designed to be a Manual of Devotion. It contains an unusually large number of hymns of worship, as distinguished from such hymns as are merely suited for the hours of worship. Meditative and didactic hymns are by no means excluded from the volume, but the direct addresses to the Most High have been sought after preëminently, and have been, as far as possible, collected together, and arranged in groups by themselves. — The volume contains, also, a large number of hymns of direct consecration to God; of surrender to Him; of vows to serve Him; hymns committing the Christian to a devout life: thus bringing him up to a high standard of duty,

II. — THE SABBATH HYMN BOok is designed to be a Manual of Devotion to the Redeemer.— An uncommonly large proportion of its hymus are distinctively and emphatically devoted to the life of Jesus, to His Cross, to His Throne, and especially to our union with Him, and to His presence with us in our affictions, and in the last scenes of our life. The rich fields of German Ilymnology have been explored for the sake of culling the tenderest and sweetest, as well as profoundest, expressions of love to the Redeemer, trust in His atonement, joy in His reign. The hymns have been so arranged as to give especial prominence to the Person and the Work of Christ, and to the relations between Him and us.

III. – THE SABBATH HYMN Book is designed to be a Biblical guide and aid to Devotion. — It contains forty-nine pages of Selections for Chanting: Of the fifty-eight Selections, fifty-five are from the inspired Volume. Those who desire to sing the Psalms of David, expressed as he expressed them, unaitered by the necessities of rhyme, and recommended by the exact language of our venerable version of the Scriptures, will here find forty-seven of the Psalms, in whole or in part, arranged for singing in that form which was doubtless the most ancient in the Christian Church, and which approaches most nearly to the style in which the Psalms were originally sung in the Jewish sanctuary. The Biblical Selections for Chanting constitute one of the most important characteristics of the SABBATH HYMN BOOK. — This Manual begins and ends with the Lord's Prayer, and such a commencement and conclusion were designed to be a kind of symbol of its general character;- a Book of Prayers sanctioned by Inspiration. The very idea of a Prayer dictated by Him who is to answer it, is itself poetical, and this Prayer is the great model for all worship. The Editors of the SABBATH HYMN BOOK have sought for the best poetical paraphrases of scriptural passages, and for those bymns which incorporate into themselves the most reverential words of Inspiration.

IV.- This volume contains a large number of the tried hymns of the Church. - Three of the Selections for Chanting are the most celebrated of the Primitive Hymns. Many of the Greek and Latin Hymns which have stood the test of ages; some of the best old “Hymns of the Reformation have been inserted in the volume. Several of these, as for example, Luther's celebrated Hymn on the Advent, “ All praise to Thee, Eternal Lord," have probably been sung more than any other uninspired songs. Many of the hymns introduced as anonymous, are in fact old hymns which have been used for centuries in other lands. Many of the new hymns, also, like the 1169th, " One_Sweelly Solemn Thought,” have been most cordially received by the most devout Christians in Europe. A large proportion of the Hymns in this Manual are from Watts, Doddridge, Toplady, Mrs. Steele, Montgomery:

V. – THE SABBATH HYMy Book contains some of the ripest fruits of modern hymnology. Besides the new translations from the Greek, Latin, German, Welsh, and French Hymnolo gists, there are some hymns never before published in a Manual of Public Worship, from Bonar, Conder, Duffield, Elliot, Herbert, Malan, McCheyne, Oberlin, Palmer, and from other wellknown poets. Some of the new hymns have been written expressly for this volume.

VI.-Special effort has been made to secure for this Manual some of the richest hymns on the most difficult subjects. — It is not easy to select good hymns for the doctrines of Decrees, and S: ints' Perseverance; and especial pains have been taken to find the most poetical and animating stanzas on these momentous themes. It is not easy to obtain good hortatory hymns;

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