Physical Review

American Physical Society, 1916
Vols. for 1903- include Proceedings of the American Physical Society.

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Seite 392 - In the first, the ratio of the minor to the major axis of the ellipse is on the average as 1 to 125.
Seite 159 - Maxwell1 in considering the surface conditions of a gas in contact with a moving solid, assumed that " of every unit of area a portion /, absorbs all the incident molecules, and afterwards allows them to evaporate with velocities corresponding to those in still gas at the temperature of the solid, while a portion (i — /) perfectly reflects all the molecules incident upon it.
Seite 137 - Law If a plane polarized beam of light is allowed to fall on a polarizer, the intensity of the transmitted beam is proportional to the square of the cosine of the angle between the plane of polarization of the incident light and the plane of polarization that would be required for total transmission of the beam. Malus...
Seite 237 - (a) the gold surface acquires a negative charge during the catalytic combustion of gases in contact with it...
Seite 673 - The second photograph was made in the same manner as the first, except that the aluminum spark under water was used.
Seite 595 - ... are all made upon the same drop, all uncertainties as to whether conditions can be exactly duplicated in the formation of successive clouds obviously disappear. There is no theoretical uncertainty whatever left in the method...
Seite 50 - In this device a blast of mercury vapor passes upward from the heated flask A through the tubes B and C into the condenser D. Surrounding B is an annular space E connecting through F and the trap G with the vessel to be exhausted. The tube C is enlarged into a bulb H just above the upper end of the tube B. This enlargement is surrounded by a water condenser / from which the water is removed at any desired height by means of the tube K which is connected to a water aspirator. The mercury condensing...
Seite 9 - The dimensions of a quantity may be best regarded, I believe, as a shorthand statement of the definition of that kind of quantity in terms of certain fundamental kinds of quantity, and hence also as an expression of the essential physical nature of the quantity in question.
Seite 276 - The velocity of the electrons is much greater than that of the positive ions so that practically all the current is carried by the electrons.
Seite 467 - In conclusion I wish to acknowledge my indebtedness to the staff of the department of physics for their interest in the problem, and especially to Dr. Sieg for suggesting it, and for his encouragement and assistance during the progress of the work.

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