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Eumelus' mares were foremost in the chace,
As eagles fleet, and of Pheretian race :
Bred where Pieria's fruitful fountains flow,
And train'd by him who bears the filver bow.
Fierce in the fight their nostrils breath'd a flame. 930
Their height, their colour, and their age

the same;
O'er fields of death they whirl the rapid car,
And break the ranks, and thunder through the war.
Ajax in arms the first renown acquir'd,
While stern Achilles in his wrath retir'd

935 (His was the strength that mortal might exceeds, And his, th' unrival'd race of heavenly steeds). But Thetis son now shines in arms no more ; His troops, neglected on the sandy shore, 'In empty air their sportive javelins throw,

940 Or whirl the disk, or bend an idle bow : Unstain'd with blood his cover'd chariots stand ; Th’immortal coursers graze along the strand; But the brave chiefs th' inglorious life deplor'd, And wandering o'er the camp, requir'd their lord. 945

Now, like a deluge, covering all around, The shining armies swept along the ground; Swift as a flood of fire, when storms arise, Floats the wide field, and blazes to the skies. Earth groan'd beneath them; as when angry Jove 950 Hurls down the forky lightning from above, On Arimè when he the thunder throws, And fires Typhæus with redoubled blows, Where Typhon, prest beneath the burning load, Still feels the fury of th' avenging God.



But various Iris, Jove's commands to bear, Speeds on the wings of winds through liquid air; In Priam's porch the Trojan chiefs the found, The old consulting, and'the youths around. Polites' Mape, the monarch's son, the chose, 960 Who from Æfetes' tomb observ'd the foes, High on the mound; from whence in prospect lay The fields, the tents, the navy, and the bay.. In this dissembled form, the haltes to bring Th'unwelcome message to the Phrygian king : 965

Cease to consult, the time for action calls,
War, horrid war, approaches to your walls !
Assembled armies oft have I beheld;
But ne'er till now such numbers charg'd a field.
Thick as autumnal leaves or driving fand, 97
The moving squadrons blacken all the strand.
Thou, godlike Hector! all thy force employ,
Asemble all th' united bands of Troy;
In just array


leader call The foreign troops ; this day demands them all. 975

The voice divine the mighty chief alarms; The council breaks, the warriours rush to arms. The gates unfolding pour forth all their train, Nations on nations fill the dulky plain. Men, steeds, and chariots, shake the trembling ground; The tumult thickens, and the skies resound, Amidst the plain in light of Ilion stands A rising mount, the work of human hands; (This for Myrinne's tomb th’ Immortals know, Though callid Batesa in the world below) 985




Beneath their chiefs in martial order here,
Th’auxiliar troops and Trojan hosts appear.

The godlike Hector, high above the rest,
Shakes his huge spear, and nods his plumy crest :
In throngs around his native bands repair, 996

groves of lances glitter in the air. Divine Æneas brings the Dardan race, Anchises' son by Venus' ftol'n embrace, Born in the shades of Ida's secret grove, (A mortal mixing with the Queen of Love) 995 Archilochus and Acamas divide The warriour's toils, and combat by his fide.

Who fair Zeleia's wealthy valleys till,
Fast by the foot of Ida's facred hill ;
Or drink, Æfepus, of thy fable flood :
Were led by Pandarus, of royal blood.
To whoin his art Apollo deign'd' to show,
Grac'd with the presents of his shafts and bow.

From rich Apæsus' and Adrestia's towers,
High Teree's summits, and Pityea's bowers ; 1005
From these the congregated troops obey

Young Amphius' and Adrastus' equal sway:
Old Merops' fons; whom, skill'd in fates to come,

The fire forewarn'd, and prophesy'd their doom :
Fate urg'd them on the fire forewarn’d in vain, 1010
They rush to war, and perih'd on the plain.

From Practius' stream, Percote’s pasture lands,
And Seltos and Abydos' neigbouring strands,
From great Arisba's walls and Selle's coast,
Alius Hyrtacides conducts his hoft:

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High on his car he thakes the flowing reins,
His fiery coursers thunder o'er the plains.

The fierce Pelargi next, in war renown'd,
March from Larisfa's ever-fertile ground:
In equal arms their brother leaders fhine
Hippothous bold, and Pyleus the divine.

Next Acamus and Pyrous lead their hosts,
In dread array, from Thracia's wintery coafts
Round the bleak realms where Hellespontus roars,
And Boreas beats the hoarse-rcfounding Thores. 1025

With great Euphemus the Ciconians move, Sprung from Trazenian Ceus, lov'd by Jove.

Pyræchmus the Poonian troops attend, Skill'd in the fight, their crooked bows to bend; From Axius' ample bed he leads them on, 1090 Axius, that laves the distant Amydon. Axius, that swells with all his neighbouring rills, And wide around the floating region fills.

The Paphlagonians Pylæmenes rules, Where rich Henetia breeds her favage mules,

1035 Where Erythinus’ rising clifts are seen, Thy groves of box, Cytorus ! ever green ; And where Ægyalus and Cromna lie. And lofty Sesamus invades the sky; And where Parthenius, roll'd through banks of flowers, Reflects her bordering palaces and bowers..

Here march'd in arms the Halizonian band, Whom Odius and Epistrophus command, From those far regions where the sun refines The ripening silver in Alybean mines.

1045 There

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There, mighty Chromis led the Mysian train,
And augur Ennomus, inspir'd in vain,
For stern Achilles lopt his sacred head,
Roll'd down Scamander with the vulgar dead.
Phorcis and brave Ascanius here unite

1050 Th' Ascanian Phrygians, eager for the fight.

Of those who round Mæonia's realms reside, Or whom the vales in shades of Tmolus hide, Mestles and Antiphus the charge partake ; Born on the banks of Gyges' filent lake, 1055 There, from the fields where wild Mæander flows, High Mycalè, and Latmos' shady brows, And proud Miletes, came the Carian throngs, With mingled clamours, and with barbarous tongues. Amphimachus and Naustes guide the train,

1060 Nauftes the bold, Amphimachus the vain, Who, trick'd with gold, and glittering on his car, Rode like a woman to the field of war, Fool that he was ! by fierce Achilles Nain, The river swept hiin to the briny main : 1065 There whelm'd with waves the gaudy warriour lies; The valiant victor seiz’d the golden prize. The forces last in fair

array succeed, Which blameless Glaucus and Sarpedon lead; The warlike bands that distant Lycia yields, Іото Where gulphy Xantņus foams along the fields.



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