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Or are her heroes doom'd to die with shame,
And this the period of our wars and fame? 955

Eurypylus replies: No more, my friend,
Greece is no more! this day her glories end.
Ev'n to the ships victorious Troy pursues,
Her force encreasing as her toil renews.
Those chiefs, that us'd her utmost rage to meet, 960
Lie pierc'd with wounds, and bleeding in the fleet.
But thou, Patroclus ! act a friendly part,
Lead to my ships, and draw this deadly dart;
With lukewarm water wash the gore away,
With healing balins the raging smart allay, 965
Such as sage Chiron, fire of Pharmacy,
Once taught Achilles, and Achilles thee.
Of two fam'd surgeons, Podalirius stands
This hour surrounded by the Trojan bands;
And great Machaon, wounded in his tent, 970
Now wants that succour which so oft he lent.

To him the chief: What then remains to do? Th' event of things the Gods alone can view. Charg'd by Achilles' great command I fly, And bear with hafte the Pylian king's reply ; 975 But thy distress this instant claims relief. He said, and in his armıs upheld the chief. The Naves their master's flow approach turvey'd, And hides of oxen on the floor display'd : There stretch'd at length the wounded hero lay, 980 Patroclus cut the forky steel away. Then in his hands a bitter root he bruis’d; The wound he wash'd, the styptic juice infus’d. The closing tles that instant ceas’d to glow, The wound to torture, and the blocd to flow, VOL, I,





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A R G U M E N T.

The Battle at the Grecian Wall.

THE Greeks being retired into their entrenchments,

Hector attempts to force them ; but it proving inpoffible to pass the ditch, Polydamas advises to quit their chariots, and manage the attack on foot. The Trojans follow his counsel, and, having divided their army into five bodies of foot, begin the assault. But upon the signal of an eagle with a serpent in his talons, which appear'd on the left hand of the 'Trojans, Polydamas endeavours to withdraw them again. This Hector opposes, and continues the attack; in which, after many actions, Sarpedon makes the first breach in the wall: Hector also casting a stone of a vast size, forces open one of the gates, and enters at the head of his troops, who victoriously pursue the Grecians even to their ships.


I L I A D.

WHILE thus the hero's pious cares attend

The cure and safety of his wounded friend, Trojans and Greeks with clashing shields engage, And mutual deaths are dealt with mutual

rage. Nor long the trench or lofty walls oppose;

5 With Gods averfe th'3ll-fated works arose; Their powers neglected, and no victim lain, The walls were rais'd, the trenches sunk in vain.

Without the Gods, how fhort a period stands The proudeft monument of mortal hands! This stood, while Hector and Achilles rag'd, While sacred Troy the warring hosts engag'd; But when her sons were llain, her city burn'd, And what surviv'd of Greece to Greece return'd; Then Neptune and Apollo shook the shore, IS Then Ida's summits pour'd their watery store ; Rhesus and Rhodius then unite their rills, Caresus roaring down the stony hills, Asopus, Granicus, with mingled force, :: And Xanthus foaming from his fruitful source; And gulphy Simoïs, rolling to the main Helmets, and hields, and god-like heroes flain:


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