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The third Battle, and the Acts of Agamemnok. Agamemnon, having armed himself, leads the Grecians

to battle: Hector prepares the Trojans to receive them ; while Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, give the fignals of war. Agamemnon bears all before him; and Hector is commanded by Jupiter (who fends Iris for that purpose) to decline the engagement, till the king shall be woanded and retire from the field. He then makes a great laughter of the enemy; Ulyfses and Diomed put a stop to him for a time; but the better being wounded by Paris, is obliged to desert his companion, who is encompaffed by the Trojans, wounded, and in the utmost danger, till Menelaus and Ajax rescue him. Hector comes against Ajax ; but that hero alone opposes multitudes, and rallies the Greeks. In the mean time Machaon, in the other wing of the army, is pierc'd with an arrow by Paris, and carried from the fight in Nestor's chariot. Achilles (who overlooked the action from his ship) fent Patroclus to enquire which of the Greeks was wounded in that manner? Neftor entertains him in his tent with an account of the accidents of the day, and a long recital of some former wars which he re. membered, tending to put Patroclus upon persuading Achilles to fight for his countrymen, or at least permit Him to do it, clad in Achilles's armour. Patroclus in his return meets Eurypylus allo wounded, and assists him in that distress.

This book opens with the eight and twentieth day of the poem; and the same day, with its various ac. tions and adventures, is extended through the twelfth thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, fixteenth, serenteenth, and part of the eighteenth books. The scene lies in the field, near the monument of Ilus,

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H E saffron morn, with early blushes spread,

Now rose refulgent from Tithonius' bed;
With new-born day to gladden mortal fight,
And gild the courts of heaven with sacred light:
When baleful Eris, sent by Jove's command, S
The torch of discord blazing in her hand,
Through the red skies her bloody sign extends,
And, wrapt in tempests, o'er the fleet descends,
High on Ulysses' bark, her horrid stand
She took, and thunder'd through the soas and land. 10
Ev'n Ajax and Achilles heard the sound,
Whose ships, remote, the guarded navy bound.
Thence the black Fury through the Grecian throng
With horror sounds the loud Orthian song:
The navy shakes, and at the dire alarms

Each bosom boils, each warriour starts to arms.
No more they sigh, inglorious to return,
But breathe revenge, and for the combat burn.

The king of men his hardy host inspires
With loud command, with great example fires;
Himself first rose, himself before the rest
His mighty limbs in radiant armour drest.


And first he cas'd his manly legs around
In shining greaves, with Silver buckles bound :
The beaming cuirass next adorn'd his breast, 25
The same which once king Cinyras poffeft :
(The fåme of Greece and her aflembled hoft
Had reach'd that monarch on the Cyprian coast;
'Twas then, the friendship of the chief to gain,
This glorious gift he sent, nor sent in vain.) 30
Ten rows of azure steel the work infold,
Twice ten of tin, and twelve of ductile gold;
Three glittering dragons to the gorget rise,
Whose imitated scales, against the skies
Reflected various light, and arching bow'd, 35
Like colour'd rainbows o'er a showery cloud
(Jove's wondrous bow, of three celestial dyes,
Plac'd as a sign to man amid the skies.)
A radiant baldrick, o'er his shoulder ty'd,
Sustain'd the sword that glitter'd at his fide :
Gold was the hilt, a filver sheath encas'd
The shining blade, and golden hangers grac'd.
His buckler's mighty orb was next display'd,
That round the warriour cast a dreadful shade ;
Ten zones of brass its ample brim surround, 45
And twice ten bosses the bright convex crown'd:
Tremendous Gorgon frownd upon its field,
And circling terrors fill'd th' expressive shield:
Within its concave hung a filver thong,
On which a mimic ferpent creeps along;

50 His azure length in easy waves extends, Till in three heads th' embroider'd monster ends.


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