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Else, fing'di with lightning hadst thou hence been

Where chain'd on burning rocks the Titans groan.

Thus he who shakes Olympus with his nod;
Then gave to Pæon's care the bleeding God.
With gentle hand the balm he pourd 'around,
And heal'd th’immortal Aleth, and clos'd the wound.
As when the fig's prest juice, infus’d in crean,
To curds coagulates the liquid stream,
Sudden the fluids fix, the parts combin'd;
Such, and so soon, th’ ætherial texture join'd. II15
Cleans'd from the dust and gore, fair Hebè drest
His mighty limbs in an immortal vest.
Glorious he fate, in majesty restorld,
Fast by the throne of heaven's superior Lord.
Juno and Pallas mount the blest abodes,
Their talk perform’d, and mix among the Gods.


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S 1 X T H



I L I A D.


"The Episodes of Glaucus and Diomed, and of Hector

and Andromache.

THE Gods having left the field, the Grecians prevail.

Helenus, the chief augur of Troy, commands Hector to return to the city, in order to appoint a solemn procession of the queen and the Trojan matrons to the temple of Minerva, to entreat her to remove Diomed from the fight. The battle relaxing during the absence of Hector, Glaucus and Diomed have an interview between the two armies; where coming to the knowledge of the friendship and hospitality past between their ancestors, they make exchange of their arms. Hector, having performed the the orders of Helenus, prevails upon Paris to return to the battle ; and taking a tender leave of his wife Andromache, haftens again to the field.

The scene is first in the field of battle, between the river Simoïs and Scamander, and then changes to Troy.


ful plain,


L I A D.

BOOK VI. N LOW Heaven forsakes the fight: th' immortals

yield, To human force and human skill, the field : Dark showers of javelins fly from foes to foes; Now here, now there, the tide of combat flows; While Troy's fam’d * streams, that bound the death

5 On either side run purple to the main.

Great Ajax first to conquest led the way, Broke the thick ranks, and turn'd the doubtful day, The Thracian Acamas his falchion found, And hew'd th' enormous giant to the ground; His thundering arm a deadly stroke imprest Where the black horse-hair nodde i o'er his crest : Fix'd in his front the brazen weapon lies, And feals in endless shades his swimming eyes. Next Teuthras' fon distain'd the sands with blood, 15 Axylus, hospitable, rich, and good : In fair Arilbe's walls (his native place) He held his feat; a friend to human race, Fast by the road, his-ever open door Oblig'd the wealthy, and reliev'd the poor.

Το * Scamander and Simoïs.

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To stern Tydides now he falls a prey,
No friend to guard him in the dreadful day!
Breathless the good man fell, and by his side
His faithful servant, old Calesius, dy'd.
By great Euryalus was Dresus lain,

And next he lay'd Opheltius on the plain.
Two twins were near, bold, beautiful, and

From a fair Naiad and Bucolion sprung:
(Laomedon's white flocks Bucolion fed,
That monarch's first-born by a foreign bed; 30
In secret woods he won the Naiad's grace,
And two fạir infants crown'd his strong embrace.)
Here dead they lay in all their youthful charms;
The ruthless victor stripp'd their shining arms.
Astyalus by Polypætes fell;

Ulysses' spear Pydytes sent to hell;
By Teucer's shaft brave Aretaön bled,
And Neftor's son laid stern Ablerus dead;
Great Agamemnon, leader of the brave,
The mortal wound of rich Elatus

Who held in Pedasus his proud abode,
And till'd the banks where filver Satnio flow'd..
Melanthius by Eurypylus was Nain;
And Phylacus from Leitus flies in vain.
Unblest Adrastus next at mercy lies

Beneath the Spartan spear, a living prize.
Scar'd with the din and tumult of the fight,
His headlong steeds precipitate in flight,
Rush'd on a tamarisk's strong trunk, and broke
The shatter'd chariot from the crooked yoke; 50


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