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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1864, by

Ticenor And Fields,

in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

Printed Ry Sam"l Chism,
Jranhlin printing Joust, 112 Songrtia St., jjoston.

RIVER$IDE, CAMBRIDGE: $TKBBOTTPH) BT H. O. HOUGHTON AND COMPANT. Ambassadors in Bonds Caroline Chetebro. .'. 281

Annesley Hall and Newstead Abbey Mrs. R. C. Waterston 239

Beginning of the End, The C. C. Hazewell 112

Bryant G. B. Hillard 233

California as a Vineland 600

Convulsionists of St. MiJdard, The Robert Dale Owen 209, 339

Cruise on Lake Ladoga, A Bayard Taylor 521

Fast-Day at Foxden, A 676

Fighting Facts for Fogies C. C. Hazewell 893

First Visit to Washington, The <T: J. T. Trowbridge 448

Fouquet the Magnificent F. Sheldon 467

Genius J. Brownie t Brown 187

Glacial Period Prof. Louis Agassiz 224

Glaciers, External Appearance of Pmf. Louis Agassis 56

Glen Rov, in Scotland, The Parallel liouds of..Prof. Louis Agassis 723

Gold-Fields of Nova Scotia, The Arthur Gilman ,576

Guides, A Talk about Maria S. Cummins 649

Half-Life, A, and Half a Life Miss E. B. Appleion 157

House and Home Papers Harriet Beecker Stowe. .40, 201, 353, 458, 621, 754

Irving, Washington Donald G. Mitchell 694

Life on the Sea Islands Jfisi Forten 587, 666

Minister Plenipotentiary, The 0. W. Holmes 106

Mormons, Among the Fits-Hugh Ludlow 479

My Book Gail Hamilton .-.„.».....-.'/. ..-...-.-, W

Peninsular Campaign, The LL-Col. B. L. Alexander 379

Pictor Ignotus Gail Hamilton 433

Presidential Election, The C. C.Hazewel l 631

Queen of California, The E. E Hale 265

Hay Harriet E. PrescoU 19

Relation of Art to Nature, On the J. Eliot Cabot 183, 313

Rim, The Harriet E. PrescoU 605, 701

Robson George Augustus Sola 715

Schoolmaster's Story, The Mrs. A. M. Diaz 416

Stephen Yarrow Author of "Life in the Iron Mills" 66

'Thackeray, William Makepeace Bavard Taylor 371

Typea William Winter 615

Victory, How to Use E. E. Hale 763

Yo-Semite, Seven Weeks in the Great Fitz-Hugh Ludlow 739

Wet -Weather Work Donald G. Mitchell 304, 539

Whittier D. A. Watson 331

Winthrop, Governor John, in Old England ..11. E. Ellis 1


Black Preacher, The J. R. Lowell 465

Brother of Mercy, The John G. Whittier. 279

Dmutm'* "Paradiso," Three Canto■ of. H. W. Longfellow 47

Gold Hair Robert Browning 696

Kalif of Baldacca, The H. W. Longfellow 664

Last Charge, The 0. W. U.Ames 244

Memorite Positum R. G. S J. R. Lowell, 88

My Brother and I J. T. Trowbridge 156

Neva, The Bayard Taylor 713

On Picket Duty Mrs. W. T. Johnson 49S

Our Classmate 0. W. Holmes 329

Planting of the Apple-Tree, The W. C. Bryant IT

Presence Alice Cary 223

Prospice Robert Brouming 694

Reaper's Dream, The T. B. Read, 550

Reenlisted Lucy Larcom 629

Shakspeare 0. W. Holmes 762

Snow Elizabeth A. C. Akert 200

Snow-Man, The 0. J. Sprague 574

Song Alice vary 363

To a Young Girl Dying T. W. Parsons 604

Under the Cliff Robert Brouming. 787

Wreck of Rivermouth, The John G. Whittier 413

Reviews And Literary Notices.

Adams's Church Pastorals 778

Apassiz's Methods of Study in Natural History 131

Alger's Critical History of the Doctrine of a l< uture Life 253

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Our magazine was introduced to tho world bearing on the cover of its first number a vignette of the portraiture of the ever honored and revered John Winthrop, first Governor of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. The effigies expressed a countenance, features, and a tone of character iu beautiful harmony with all that we know of the man, all that ho was and did. Gravity and loftiness of soul, tempered by a mild and tender delicacy, depth of experience, resolution of purpose, native dignity, acquired wisdom, and an harmonious equipoise of the robust virtues and the winning graces have set their unmistakable tokens on those lineaments. That vignette, after renewing from month to month before our readers, for nearly four years, as gracious and fragrant a memory as can engage the love of a New-England heart, gave place, in the month of June, 1861, to the only emblem, no longer personal, which might claim to supplant it The national flag, during a struggle which has seen its dignity insulted only to rouse and nerve the spirit which shall vindicate its glory, has displaced that bearded and rufffed portraiture.

The visitor to the Massachusetts StateHouse may see, hanging in its SenateChamber, tolerably well preserved on its canvas, what is believed, on trustworthy evidence, to be Vandyck's own painting of Winthrop. Another portrait of him — not so agreeable to the eye, nor so faithful, we are sure, to the original, yet reputed to date from the lifetime of its subject—hangs in the Hall of the American Antiquarian Society at Worcester. Those of our readers who have not lovingly pored and paused over Mr. Savage's elaborately illustrated edition of Governor Winthrop's Journal do not know what a profitable pleasure invites them, whenever they shall have grace to avail themselves of it. But who that knows John Winthrop through such materials of memory and such fruits of high and noble service as up to this time have been accessible and extant here has not longed for, and will not most heartily welcome, a new contribution, coming by surprise, unlooked for, unhoped for even,, but yielding, from the very fountain-head, the means of a most intimate converse with him in that period 'of his life till

Intend according to Act of Congmu, In tho year 1SG3, by Ticuxoa ixs Finos, hfthe Clerk's Office of the DUrict, Court of the District of Mueachiuett*. VOL. XIII. 1

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