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J. Bacmeister, 1874 - 118 Seiten

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Seite ix - a Dictionary of the Gaelic Language, compiled and published under the direction of the Highland Society of Scotland. In two volumes. Edinburgh and London 1828. Dictionary of the Gaelic Language etc. In two parts. Glasgow 1831. Dictionnaire
Seite 61 - Have lost my bincum-bancum; - -- And for my tail's game, Have done this worldly shame; -. Therefore I pray you, Mr. Steward, Let me have my land again. Marriott. Wh.
Seite xi - Reprinted from the Edition of AD 1725, with an Introduction, Additional Notes and Glossary by
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Seite xxii - moo mew; caw coo; jangle jingle, snap snip, clap clip, trap trip, trample trimple, clack click, cackle giggle, twattle twittle, squall squeal, quack squeak; babble bubble, baff buff, bang bung, knack knick knock, clang cling clung usw Allerdings
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