Gardeners' Chronicle, Teil 2

Haymarket Publishing, 1907
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Seite 236 - in conversation in the open air, at the root of an old tree ' at Holwood, just above the steep descent into the valley of ' Keston,' that Mr Wilberforce resolved ' to give notice, on a ' fit occasion, in the House of Commons, of his intention to
Seite 150 - Chronicle, 33, John .Street, London, WCI 1.1.: HOI.horn 3560. Communications should be written on one side only of the paper, sent as early in the week as possible, and duly signed by the writer. If desired the signature will not be printed but kept as a guarantee of good faith.
Seite 18 - Cirencester, extending over the 1 6 years 18871902. The depth of water in the well depends on how much rain penetrates, and the penetration is determined by the amount of rain, the rapidity of its fall, and the existing condition of the soil. The winter rains...
Seite 130 - The Editor does not undertake to pay for any contributions or illustrations, or to return unused communications or illustrations, unless by special arrangement. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for any opinions expressed by his correspondents.
Seite 239 - ... numerous. This latter parasite is the true internal parasite of the Japanese yellow orange scale. The San Jose scale is not a native of Japan, so it is evident that this little parasite adapts itself to the introduced variety, which is a near relative of the yellow scale upon which it is generally found. So effective has this work of introducing beneficial insects and encouraging native parasites been, that we have practically reduced all the worst of our scale pests and very many other destructive...
Seite 16 - Ruisamba, the other at 6500 feet in the Mubuku Valley on the east side of the range. Expeditions were made to intermediate and higher altitudes, the highest camp being at about 12,500 feet, whence plants were collected up to the snow-level at about 14,500 feet on the east side. The time of year was January to July. Dr. Wollaston gives notes on the vegetation at different altitudes from 3000...
Seite 117 - Jiving body are obviously guided as to the particular directions they take by the apparatus or mechanism of the individual organism. When the conditions for the manifestation of life, and all that it implies, are satisfied, what will be produced depends partly on the structure of the apparatus itself (ie, on the hereditary organisation), partly on the nature of the substances fed into the apparatus, and finally on the physical conditions under which it is working. It is probably along the last two...
Seite 250 - Order, require him to adopt such measures for prevention of the spread of the insect or pest as are specified in the Notice. (2) A Notice under this Article may prescribe the time within which the adpptiqn of any measure thereby prescribed shah1 be completed.
Seite 96 - Do you find that the injury to the plaintiff's plants was caused by wood-paving or not ? 2. " Do you find it was reasonably necessary for the defendants to repave the road in the way they did and at the time they did or not ? 3.
Seite 250 - That no potatoes, or potato haulms, shall be removed, or be permitted to be removed, out of the area denned in the notice except with, and subject to the conditions (if any), of a licence signed by an Inspector of the Department or other authorised officer permitting such removal.

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