Geological Survey Bulletin, Ausgabe 1143

U.S. Department of the Interior, Geological Survey; Washington, D.C.

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Seite B-32 - The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government survey, with a general view of the Geology of the United States, Essays on the Coal Formation and its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain.
Seite A-19 - This classification does not include a few coals which have unusual physical and chemical properties and which come within the limits of fixed carbon or BTU of the high-volatile bituminous and sub-bituminous ranks. All of these coals either contain less than 48...
Seite C-31 - Moist Btu. refers to coal containing its natural bed moisture but not including visible water on. the surface of the coal.
Seite A-20 - The points of observation and measurement are so closely spaced, and the thickness and extent of the coal are so well defined that the computed tonnage is judged to be accurate within 20 per cent or less of the true tonnage.
Seite B-32 - Pennsylvania. 76., vol. 13, p. 264. 1875. Notes on the comparative geology of northeastern Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania, and western New York. Second Geol.
Seite C-43 - THE BEAVER RIVER DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. By IC White; pp. 337, illustrated with 3 Geological maps of parts of Beaver, Butler, and Allegheny Counties, and 21 plates of vertical sections — 1875. Price, $1 40 ; postage, $0 20.
Seite B-24 - Indicated coal is coal for which tonnage is computed partly from specific measurements and partly from projection of visible data for a reasonable distance on geologic evidence.
Seite B-25 - Inferred coal is coal for which quantitative estimates are based largely on broad knowledge of the geologic character of the bed, or region, and for which there are few, if any, measurements. The estimates are based on an assumed continuity for which there is geologic evidence.
Seite B-32 - Parti. The Northern Townships of Butler county. Part II. A special survey made in 1875, along the Beaver and Shenango rivers, in Beaver, Lawrence, and Mercer Counties.
Seite C-31 - Coals having 69% or more fixed carbon on the dry, mineral-matter-free basis shall be classified according to fixed carbon, regardless of calorific value.

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