Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender

Rhoda K. Unger
John Wiley & Sons, 21.04.2004 - 556 Seiten
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A lively, thought—provoking exploration of the latest theoryand practice in the psychology of women and gender

Edited by Rhoda Unger, a pioneer in feminist psychology, thishandbook provides an extraordinarily balanced, in—depthtreatment of major contemporary theories, trends, and advances inthe field of women and gender. Bringing together contributions fromleading U.S. and international scholars, it presents integratedcoverage of a variety of approaches—ranging from traditionalexperiments to postmodern analyses. Conceptual models discussedinclude those that look within the individual, between individualsand groups, and beyond the person—to thesocial—structural frameworks in which people are embedded, aswell as biological and evolutionary perspectives. Multicultural andcross—cultural issues are emphasized throughout, including keyvariables such as sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and socialclass.

Researchers and clinicians alike will appreciate the thoroughreview of the latest thinking about gender and its impact onphysical and mental health—which includes the emerging trendsin feminist therapy and sociocultural issues important in thetreatment of women of color. In addressing developmental issues,the book offers thought—provoking discussions of new researchinto possible biological influences on gender—specificbehaviors; the role of early conditioning by parents, school, andthe media; the role of mother and mothering; gender in old age; andmore. Power and gender, as well as the latest research findings onAmerican men’s ambivalence toward women, sexual harassment,and violence against women, are among the timely topics explored inviewing gender as a systemic phenomenon.

Handbook of the Psychology of Women and Gender is an importantresource for mental health researchers and practitioners, as wellas scholars in a variety of disciplines who want to stay currentwith the latest psychological/psychosocial thinking on women andgender.


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Theoretical Perspectives on Women and Gender
Methodological Issues in the Study of Gender
Women Psychology and Evolution
Gender Similarities and Differences as Feminist Contradictions
Framing Gendered Identities
Biological Influences on Psychosexual Differentiation
The Role of Cognitive
Resonating Resistance in Body and Soul
Motherhood and Mothering
Issues Resources and Challenges
Research Status and Future Directions
Who Do We Want Women
Gender and Language
Gender and Social Interaction
Gender and Relationships

Work Family and Life

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Über den Autor (2004)

Rhoda K. Unger received her PhD in experimental psychology from Harvard University. She has authored or edited eight books and more than sixty journal articles and book chapters in the field of the psychology of women and gender.

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