Who's who in America, Band 2

John William Leonard, Albert Nelson Marquis
A.N. Marquis, 1901
Vols. 28-30 accompanied by separately published parts with title: Indices and necrology.

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Seite 186 - Handwriting expert since 1876; in 1880 separated white light Into complementary parts In order to absorb the actinic rays on the sensitive plate...
Seite 373 - Tax Lists of the Town of Providence During the Administration of Sir Edmund Andros and his Council, 1686-1689.
Seite 279 - Case" of the United States before the tribunal of arbitration at Geneva, and of the intense feeling manifested by the British nation through the press and in Parliament and elsewhere on that subject, I have deemed this case worthy of specific and full report.
Seite 318 - Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast' (1875); 'Around the Hub' (1881); 'Heart of the White Mountains' (1882) ; (New England Legends and Folk Lore' (1884) ; <The Making of New England' (1886) ; 'The Making of the Great West' (1887) ; <Burgoyne's Invasion' (1889) ; 'The Taking of Louisburg' (1891); 'The Pine Tree Coast' (1891); 'The Battle of Gettysburg...
Seite 17 - Flute and Violin; The Blue Grass Region and Other Sketches of Kentucky; John Gray: a Novel; The Kentucky Cardinal; Aftermath; A Summer In Arcady; The Choir Invisible; The Reign of Law.
Seite 190 - ... Europe, both of which measures date from 1882, have been of incalculable assistance in the work of reconstruction; and it is proper to refer especially to the untiring and successful efforts of Commander FE Chadwick, the first attache sent out, whose extraordinary ability and judgment during six years of difficult service in England and on the Continent have had a lasting influence upon naval development in this country.
Seite 290 - Author: John Ward, Preacher; The Old Garden and Other Verses ; Philip and His Wife ; Florida Days ; Sydney; The Story of a Child; The Wisdom of Fools; Mr.
Seite 155 - Burbank potato; gold, Wickson, apple, October purple, chalco, America, and climax plums; giant, splendor, sugar, and stoneless prunes; a new fruit, the plumcot; peachblow, Burbank, and Santa Rosa roses; gigantic forms of...
Seite 342 - Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans;" "Stories of American Life and Adventure;" "The Beginners of a Nation," 1896; "The Transit of Civilization from England to America,
Seite 161 - Brown University In the Civil War, 1868: The Act of Baptism In the History of the Christian Church, 1879; History of the Anabaptists of Switzerland, 1882; Hosier's Relation of Waymouth's Voyage to the Coast of Maine, 1605.

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