The American Journal of Horticulture and Florist's Companion, Band 6

J.E. Tilton and Company, 1869

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Seite 177 - Declaration being first put thereon and signed as aforesaid, they shall be deemed guilty of an Offence against this Act, and shall for every such Offence be liable, on summary Conviction, to a Penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds ; and if any Director or Officer of any Railway Company knowingly...
Seite 229 - TABLE No. 2. — Showing the number of days on which rain fell, and the amount of water, in inches and hundredths, during the months named, for the years 1859 to 1868, both inclusive, a period of ten, years, at Kelley's Island : TABLE No.
Seite 177 - ... offence against this Act, it shall be lawful for the Court, besides inflicting upon the person guilty of such offence the punishment directed by this Act, to order the offender's name, occupation, place of abode, and place of business, and particulars of his punishment under this Act, to be published, at the expense of such offender, in such newspaper or newspapers, or in such other manner as the Court may think fit to prescribe.
Seite 75 - There is now and then one who is constantly saying " things arn't as they used to be," and croaking about " new fangled machines," and saying,. " there is nothing like the good old way." But the good old way of going to mill on horseback with the corn in one end of the bag and a stone in the other...
Seite 380 - ... if, at the same time, some simple and easy plan of testing the vitality of seeds were made generally known, testing would become general, and a most salutary change in the management of the seed business be effected. Your Committee have had under their consideration the various modes of testing seeds which are known to them ; and that •which they feel inclined to recommend as on the whole the easiest, cleanliest, least troublesome, and most likely to be acceptable to the general public is the...
Seite 128 - ... cabinet, for 2,890 francs. There seems to be little or no historical doubt as to the authenticity of this document ; and it is obvious to remark, that the reasons of the sentence correspond exactly with those recorded in the Gospels. True or false, the document is well worth placing on permanent record, in the hope that some of our readers may be able to test its genuineness.
Seite 253 - The latter is the principal berry, and is about 5 times as large as the cultivated ones, often measuring an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half long by an inch or more across.
Seite 380 - ... between folds of moist flannel and keeping them in the temperature of a sittingroom or kitchen for a few days. This, of course, is not equal to nature's own test, actual growth in the earth. It may not answer for all seeds ; but it answers perfectly for most kinds ; and any seed that gives a good return under it may be depended on as certain not to give a worse result when actually sown. An idea of its efficiency may...
Seite 128 - When they have done eating, they spin their cocoons on the leaves, or on the branches or trunks of the trees, or on fences in the vicinity. The chrysalis is not only beset with little hairs or down, but has three oval clusters of branny scales on the back. In about eleven days after the change to the chrysalis is effected, the last transformation follows, and the insects come forth in the adult...
Seite 284 - Firm, somewhat irregular, tapering toward the apex ; grains mostly large, but with some small ones mixed in. Flavor quite acid until ripe, when it is rich and sprightly.

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