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“ To the Law and to the TESTIMONY: if they speak not according to THIS WORD, it is

because there is no light in them.”—Isaiah viii. 20.

• If we value the love of Gov, the attainment of heaven, and our own immortal souls,

we should make it a frequent matter of thanksgiving that we are NOT Members
of the Church of Rome."-Rev. R. W. SIBTHORP.


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In times like the present, when the Papists are so assiduous in their endeavours to lead our fellow-countrymen into a kind of Paganized Christianity, by the stereotyping and circulating an immense quantity of tracts filled with superstition and idolatry, it surely becomes the duty of all who value their civil and religious privileges to endeavour to counteract their efforts. No plan seems better calculated to frustrate their attempts than the publication of extracts from accredited documents, showing what Popery really is, in opposition to what she pretends to be. A Magazine containing such extracts has long been needed; it is hoped that the present will in a measure supply the desideratum. In most of the anti-papist publications the poorer part of our community are almost lost sight of. The works are too learned and too expensive. Another failing is that they do not always give sufficient reference to authorities.

The Popish works, indeed, are principally composed of assertion ; proof is no part of the Popish system ; this must necessarily arise from the novelty of her creed. The old religion, on the other hand, earnestly covets examination, assured that the more she is tested the more she will be found in accordance with TRUTH.

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