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It is recognized that the blood of a na- a race of men is essentially like a herd of tion in a large degree determines its his- animals. If similar processes are followed tory. Knowing the nature of a race we its nature is changed in the same way and can forecast its achievements. The Saxon the same degree. will make Saxon history wherever he goes, The only way in which any race as a the Jew will make Jewish history, and the whole has improved has been through its negro wherever he goes will do deeds after preservation of its best and the loss of its his kind.

worst examples. The condition which faI wish to show that in similar fashion vors this is democracy, equality before the the history of a nation determines its aw, the condition which equalizes opporblood. The word "blood” in this sense tunity and gives each man the right to is a figure of speech, meaning heredity, stand or fall on the powers God has given for we know that the basis of heredity is him. in germ plasm, and not in literal blood. The only race degeneration ever known But the old word will serve our purposes. is that produced by one or all of democThe blood which is thicker than water is racy's arch enmies--slavery, aristocracy, the expression for race unity. The nature inilitarism, imperialism—the four tyrants of a race is determined by the qualities of human politics, not one of whom apof those of its members who leave off- pears without the others. The effect of spring. If any class of men is destroyed by these forces is to destroy the best, leaving the action of social or political forces, for the fathers of the future those which these leave no offspring, and their kind military power could not use for its purin time fails to appear.

poses. In a herd of cattle to destroy the Degeneracy of the individual is quite strongest bulls, the fairest cows, the most another thing, and has its own series of promising calves, is to leave the others to causes. But such degeneracy is not inbecome the parents of the coming herd. herited. Unless entangled in the meshes This we call degeneration, and it is the of disease, every child is free born, the only kind of race degeneration we know, son of what his father and mother ought yet the scrawny, lean, infertile herd which to have been. Neither education, indoresults is of the same type as its actual lence nor oppression can be inherited. parents. If, on the other hand, we sell They affect the individual life, but they or destroy the rough calves, the lean, poor, cannot tarnish the blood. or ineffective, we shall have a herd de- The degeneracy discussed by Nordau scended from the best. These facts are and the school of journalistic scientists the basis of selective breeding, "the ma- which he represents is thus individual. It gician's wand," which summon up any has no permanence.

A mob of crazy form of animal or plant useful to man or painters, drunken musicians, maudlin pleasing to his fancy.

poets, and sensation hunters on the bouleThe same facts are fundamental in hu- vards proves nothing as to race degenman history. Viewed in the large sense. eracy. Any man of any race degenerates

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