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The 'Buffalo Route




Interstate School of Correspondence,

378-388 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.


I have made a late discovery that enables all to induce the hypnotic sleep in themselves instanıly, awaken at any desired time and thereby cure all known diseases and bad habits. Any one can induce this sleep in themselves instantly at first trial, control their dreams, read the minds of friends and enemies, visit any part of the earth, solve hard que-tions and problems in this sleep and remember all when awake. This so-called Mental-Vision Lesson will be sent to any one for 100 silver, actually enabling him to do the above without further charge.

PROF. R. E. DUTTON, Department 10.



Book Store by Mail.

Wholesale Prices. Write for our catalogue; 416 pages, 6x9 incbes; postage 6 cents. Advertises 15.000 Books, Bibles, Perlodicals, etc., etc., at Wholesale Prices. All books carried in stock. Best catalog ever printed and sent free of charge. THE BOOK SUPPLY CO.,266-8 Wabash Ave.,Chicago


July 5 to August 16, 1901. 84 Courses in 19 Departments. Single Tuition Fee of $25.

Inexpensive Living.
For Circular and Book of Views, address
The Registrar, Cornell University,

Ithaca, N.Y.


C. J. ALBERT, Manager.
Central Music Hall, Chicago

Sixteenth year. Large and permanent patronage among the best schools.

We have vacancies for September, some of them choice positions for which we have no candidates. Year Book Free.

Register now if you wish a position in September. We personally recommend. Primary, Intermediate and Grammar grade teachers in

demand, salary $500 to $800. High School Principals and Assistants $600 to $1,200. Send for fifty-page manual for proof of above statement Two ways to become a member. The usual fee not required. Address ANNA M. THURSTON, Mgr., Thurston Teachers' Agency, 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

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to buy because they can
not be had at the price
now offered after July
1, 1901 : : : : :

Yale men know and the New Haven Union says: "The question of what in the world to give a friend is solved by

which is alike suitable for the collegian of
the past, for the student of the present, and
for the boy (or giri) with hopes; also for the
music-loving sister and a fellow's best girl."

*All the NEW songs, all the OLD songs,
and the songs popular at all the colleges,

a welcomie gift in any home any where.

HINDS & NOBLE, Publishers.
4-5-6-12-13-14 Cooper lostitute, NEW YORK

Schoolbooks of all publishers at oue store

Send in your order NOW to

George F. Bass, Commercial

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in the Science and Art of Education, Comprehensive in Courses of Study, Economical from the Student's Standpoint.

Spring Term, opens April 2d, and continues 10 weeks. Summer Term opens June 11. and continues 10 weeks. Unparalleled

Offer will pay Board, Room and Tuition for the 20 weeks (two terms). These rates include our Best Board and Rooms.

Why Pay More?

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Marion Normal College and Business University

MARION, INDIANA. C. W. Boucher, Principal. Mrs. C. W. Boucher, Associate. THE MARION NORMAL COLLEGE is bound by no traditions. It seeks to know the demands in the various lines of education, and strives earnestly to meet the wants of those seeking preparation for life work. Only the most thorough work done.

The school consists of the following distinct departments :

Normal School and School of Science; School of Oratory, Law, Music, and a Complete Business University, including Bookkeeping, Commercial Law, Shorthand, Typewriting and Telegraphy.

The school seeks to accomplish its purpose by adjusting strong and thorough courses to the present educational demands, and placing at the heads of the various departments thoroughly educated and trained practical instructors who are teachers by profession. The successful teacher must not know theory alone, or the subject matter which he teaches

alone; be must know both. He must be able to REMEMBER only $50.00 paid in

do as well as to talk about doing.

THE MARION NORMAL SCHOOL has instructors advance settles Tuition, Board and

from the very best Normal Schools, Colleges and room for 20 Weeks.

Universities in the country. Each head of a de.

partment is a specialist. It has a thorough Training School in connection with the Public Schools of Marion, in which the student may see the theory pushed out into actual practice.

In buildings and equipment it is second to no other school. In the matter of fuel and other accommodations it is superior to all, and at less expense to the student.

Teachers in the Common Schools will find all grades of work in the common branches, including Psychology, Goneral and Special Method, Observation and Practice work in Training School. High School Teachers will find all grades of Algebra, Geometry, Rhetoric Physics, Chemistry, General History. Literature, Latin, German, Greek, or any other branch taught in any other High School. Primary Teachers will find superior advantages in the Method and Training work under experienced teachers from the best training schools. The General Stu• dent will find work adapted to his wants in every particular. Students may continue work throughout the two terms without a break.

The school has no beginners as teachers. The instructors are experienced teachers from the best Colleges, Universities and Normal Schools in the country.

Prof. G. W. DUNLAVY, former President of the Mitchell Normal School, will be one of our instructors during the Spring Term.

BEFORE MAKING THE FINAL DECISION, where C. W. Boucher, Principal. you will attend school the coming spring and summer learn of the superior advantages offered by this institution. SEND FOR CATALOGUE.

or Mrs. C. W. Boucher, Associate.

By Lyman C. Newell, Ph. D. (Johns Hopkins)

Lafayette, Ind., Purdue University, Jan. 5, 1901.
I have examined many text-books designed for Elementary Chemistry classes,
but there are very few that are modern in method, giving measurements as well
as mere preparation work, and Newell's seems to be unquestionably the most
practical of these. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have decided
to adopt it with our class in elementary work during the current term.

PERCY N. EVANS, Teacher of Chemistry.

Hanover, Ind., Hanover College, Jan. 17, 1901. Professor Newell in his “ Experimental Chemistry” has prepared a text of marked excellence. The method of treatment is rather unique and the facts are stated in a clear and scientific manner. It is a book that teacher and student ought to find mutually attractive and replete with information,

A. H. YOUNG, Professor of Chemistry.

Well's Essentials of Algebra .

Champaign, Ill., University of Illinois, June 15, 1899.
I regard the Well's series of mathematical text-books as the best series, both
from a pedagogical and an academic standpoint, that has yet appeared from the
pen of a single author. G. W. MYERS, Ph. D., Professor of Mathematics.

Well's Essentials of Geometry .

The latest edition of Well's Geometry I consider as decidedly the most useful text-book on the subject that has as yet come from the American press.


Professor of Mathematics in Amherst College.
Gottingen, Germany, Oct. 19, 1900.

D. C. HEATH & CO., Boston,

New York, Chicago

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