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That the National Normal University is the oldest independent Normal in the United States, and enjoys a prestige possessed by no other institution of the kind.

That it has sent out more graduates who have attained to distinction in the various avocations of life than any other similar institution.

That in this institution has been originated many of the educational methods which are considered the most practical of to-day. That it is now recognized as the leader of up-to-date, progressive methods of instruction.

That students who receive their training here are given a preference in the world, and experience less difficulty in securing desirable, wellpaying positions.

That no other institution of the kind maintains a more able body of trained and experienced teachers; and there is no other place where a student receives the same kindly, careful, personal attention, as is given him here.

That students are offered a greater variety of studies to choose from for the one rate of tuition, than can be had elsewhere. That the library and apparatus at their command is more extensive.

That a course of study can be completed in this institution, better, in less time, and at less expenditure of money, than in any other similar institution.

That there is not a more pleasant and healthful town, possessing all modern improvements with delightful walks and drives, than Lebanon, Ohio. Its beautiful surroundings; its intelligent and hospitable people, who always manifest a deep interest in the comfort and welfare of the students, make Lebanon a most desirable place to attend school.

The cost to you of superior training, for which this school is noted, is not more than for ordinary training elsewhere. You can not possibly make a mistake in attending the “fountainhead,” where 100,000 successful men and women have received their training. You may have cause to regret if you choose otherwise.

Send in your name, and let us mail you a catalogue and full information. C. K. HAMILTON, Secretary,

Lebanon, Ohio.

Try It a wook. If not suited we buy it back, and offer you $1.10. We are willing to take chances on you wanting to sell, we know pen values, you will when you own one of these.

Finest quality hard rubber holder, 14k. Diamond Point Gold Pen, any desired flexibility in fine, medium or stub, and the only perfect ink feed.

Ono Pon Only to one address on this special offer, by mail, postpaid on receipt of $1.00, (registration 8c. extra.)

Ask your dealer to show you this pen, if he has not or won't get it for you (do not let him substitute an imitation, on which he can make more profit) send his name and your order to us, and receive from of chargo one of our Safety Pocket Pen Holders.

Remember - There is no "Just as good" as the Laughlin, insist on it, take no chances.

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Mailing Price List.


A complete outfit. The box contains cards of red, yellow, orange, green and blue thread, perforating needle, and a pad on which to place the pictures of animals, children, flowers, etc., before picking the holes for sewing. Price, per box, 25 cents. Postage 8 cents. Per package of cards 10 cents. Postage 2 cents.

Wisely's Language for the Grades..

$0 40 Wisely's New English Grammar

60 Wisels's Studies in the Scienco of English Grammar

75 Kemp's Outline of Method in History.

1 00 Noble's Literary Art

1 00 Adams' Music for the Common Schools.

35 Stephenson'. Syllabus of European History.. 1 50 Storms' Story of New Mexico.

35 Dryer's Studies in Indiana Geography

1 25 Same in paper

50 Anderson's Oliver and His Friends

80 Owen's Model Musio Note-Book, No.1.

05 Owen's Model Music Note-Book, No.2.

10 Owen's Model Music Hand-Book.

20 Owen's Model Music Class-Book

15 Harwood's Notes on Method in Arithmetic

25 Rottger's Studies in Advanced Physiology..

2 00 Thornton's Government of the State of Indiana.. 60 Jones's The Science of Arithmetic.

1 00 Lepper and Wiley's Practical Physical Exercises. 80 Curry's Reading Note-Book



Consisting of cubes, spberes, and cylinders, in six colors, each form perforated. 1,000 wooden forms as above, assorted, $2.00. Postage 20 cents. Per dozen, 4 cents. Postage 2 cents.


For teaching fractions, etc. 1,000 sticks, from 1 to 5 inch length, in paper box, six colors, Price 25 cents. Postage 8 cents.


The Inland Publishing Co. Inland Educator Bound

Can gupply you with guch primary helps as you need. We give below a sbort list with prices.


We put up these pegs in strong boxes, and in attractive colors. Price. 15 cents, postage 11 cents. Progressive primary teachers find many uses for these pegs. Much work that needs concrete illustrations can be admirably worked out by the child's own efforts

Single Volumes (6 numbers) Cloth

80 50 Half Leather

75 Double Volumes (12 numbers) Cloth

75 Half Loather ....

1 00 If the numbers you send are in good condition, wo can generally send bound volumes at once. If they are dofaced it may require two or three weeks to get them ready.

Purchasers must pay transportation charges both ways.

The return charge on single volumes is 20 cents, double volumes, 35 cents. We supply your missing numbers at 10 cents per copy. Completo index freo.

Tae INLAND PUBLISHING Co., Terro Haute, Ind.


This outfit contains about 250 tablets upon which are printed capitals and small letters, punctuation marks and numerals. Price per box, 12 cents, postago 3 cents.


To All Who Teach READING.


A fine assortment for school uso. We put 12 sticks in each box and in the following colors: Scarlet, light yellow, dark yellow, light rose, buff, dark blue, and light green. Price, 15 cents, postage 5 cents.

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By PROFESSOR CHARLES M. CURRY of the Indiana State Normal School has proved to be very valuable and practicable in the hands of teachers. This work takes up in a suggestive way tbe selections in the third, fourth and fifth readers in the Indiana series and furnishes all the data in the way of biography, allusions, etc., necessary to teach them successfully. It has the approval of the best teachers of reading. It will be sent to any address, postpaid for


100 squares, 4x4. Contains the six standard colors, one tint and one shade of each, black and brown, Price, 20 cents.


Each box contains twenty different stencils, with stoek of drawing paper. Price. No. 1, 2, 3, or 4, per box, 25 cents. Postage 8 cents.


Put up in boxes having movable trays, one for each denomination. Price, per box, 25 cents. Postage 4 cents.




THOMPSON'S LOBO, RAG AND VIXEN. 12mo, $0.60 net.


History of the United States.

By WILBUR F. GORDY, Principal of North School, Hartford, Conn. Crown 8vo, 226 illus

trations, 37 maps, 478 pages. $1.00, net. THIRD EDITION, revised to date, includ.

ing chapter on Spanish War, will be furnished to all schools in the fall. Psychology for Teachers. By C. LLOYD MORGAN, Principal of University College,

Bristol, England. With an introduction by HENRY W. JAMESON, Associate Super

intendent of Schools, New York. 12mo, $1.00, net. Herbart and the Herbartians. [ The Great Educators.] By CHARLES De. GARMO, Ph. D.,

President of Swarthmore College. 12mo, $1.00, net. Horace Mann and the Common School Revival of the United States. [The Great

Educators.] By B. A. HINSDALE, Professor in the University of Michigan. 12mo,

$1.00, net. Europe in the Middle Age. By OLIVER J. THATCHER and FERDINAND SCHWILL, Pro

fessors of History in the University of Chicago. Witb 10 Maps. 12mo, $2.00, net. A Short History of Medieval Europe. By PROF. OLIVER J. THATCHER. With Maps.

12mo, $1.25, net. A History of Modern Europe. By PROF. FERDINAND SCHWILL. With Maps and

Genealogical Tables. Crown, 8vo, $1.50, net. How to Know the Wild Flowers. A Guide to the Names, Haunts and Habits of our

Common Wild Flowers. By MRS. WILLIAM STARR DANA. New Edition, Revised

and Enlarged. With 152 illustrations by MARION SATTERLEE. 12mo, $1.75, net. How to Know the Ferns. A Guide to the Names, Haunts and Habits of our Common

Ferns. By FRANCES T. PARSONS, author of How to Know the Wild Flowers. With 144 illustrations by Marion SATTERLEE and ALICE J. SMITH. Crown 8vo, $1.50 net.

Scribner Series of School Reading.

In Uniform Binding. Each 12mo, 60 cents not. Fanciful Tales. By FRANK R. STOCKTON. Edited with Notes for use in Schools by

JULIA ELIZABETH LANGWORTHY, with an Introduction by MARY E. Burt. 135

pages. Illustrated, Children's Stories in American Literature. By HENRIETTA CHRISTIAN WRIGHT.

First Book, 1660-1860, 249 pages; Second Book, 1860-1896, 277 pages. The Hoosier School Boy. By EDWARD EGGLESTON. Edition specially arranged by the

Author for use as a Reader in Schools, 126 pages. Illustrated. The Eugene Field Book. Verses, Stories, and Letters for School Reading. Edited by

MARY E. Burt and Mary B. CABLE. Introduction by GEORGE W. CABLE. 134

pages. Illustrated. Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca. By Mary E. Burt. A Translation of the Story of

Odysseus as used in the Schools of Athens and Berlin. 120 pages. Illustrated. Poems of American Patriotism. Chosen by BRANDER MATHEWS. 285 pages. Twelve Naval Captains. By MOLLY ELLIOT SEAWELL. 233 pages. Illustrated. The Cable Story Book. Selections for School Reading. Edited by Mary E. Burt and

Lucy L. CABLE. Illustrated. 12mo, 60 cents, net.

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 153-157 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Western Office, 334 Dearborn Street, Chicago.

" in society, as it exists to-day, the dominant note running through all of our struggles and problems, is economics."

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Part I. Industrial Observation and Interpretation.

Part II. Outlines of the Industrial History of England and the United States.

Part III. Elements of Economic Theory,

The method of the book, as a whole, includes: (a) an observational study of some of the data of economics--facts about the structure and function of different parts of the existing economic system; (b) the consideration of a few facts of industrial history, which will help the student to realize that the present industrial system is a result of evolution ; and (c) an elementary discussion of some of the most fundamental economic principles, in accordance with which the present system now works.



Mead of Department of Social and Economic Science,

Chicago Normal School,

With an introduction by ALBION W. SMALL, Head of Department of Sociology, The University of Chicago.

300 pages. Cloth, gilt sides and back stamp. $1.00.

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Each number 12mo, about 100 pages, with fifteen representative pictures and a portrait of the artist; and with explanatory text, introductions, suggestions to teachers and a pronouncing vocabulary.

Each Number, Paper, 30 cents ; Cloth, 40 cents.

Issued in October, December, February and April. Subscription Price for any Four Consecutive Issues, Paper, $1.00; Cloth, $1.50. 1899-1900.--1. Raphael. 2. Rembrandt. 3. Michaelangelo. 4. Jean Francois Millet. 1900-1901.-5. Sir Joshua Reynolds. 6. Murillo. 7 and 8, in preparation.


HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & COMPANY, 4 Park St., BOSTON; 11 East 17th St., NEW YORK; 378-388 Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO, .$0.65







Hornbrook's Grammar School Arithmetic
Downey's Higher Algebra .
Halleck's History of English Literature
Johnson's English and American Literature.
Johnson's Revision of Brooke's Literature.
Lancaster's Manual of English History.
Brownson-Smith's History of Greece..
Greenidge-Smith's History of Rome ..
Hewes's Physiology (Harvard Medical School)
Macy's Physiology..
Hoadley's General Physics
Gleason's Term of Ovid..
Writing in English (Modern Composition)
Selections from the Idylls of the King. ..








Single copies will be sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt
of the price. Special terms for first introduction.
Correspondence is invited. est



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