Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745: Lord George Murray. James Drummond, duke of Perth. Flora Macdonald. William Boyd, earl of Kilmarnock. Charles Radcliffe


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Seite 365 - I shall stay here with Commodore Smith till Sunday morning. If you can't come, I beg to know if you have any men now in garrison at your house, and how many ? Make my compliments to your lady, and tell her that I am obliged to desire the favour of her for some days to receive a very pretty young rebel.
Seite 318 - I came on had no appearance of difficulty ; but the rebells' successes at Edinburgh and Prestonpans soon changed the scene. All Jacobites, how prudent soever, becaihe mad ; all doubtful people became Jacobites, and all bankrupts became heroes, and talked of nothing but hereditary rights and victory ; and, what was more grievous to men of gallantry, and, if you will believe me, much more mischievous to the public, all the fine...
Seite 372 - the graceful mien and manly looks," which our popular Scotch song has justly attributed to that character. He had his Tartan plaid thrown about him, a large blue bonnet with a knot of black...
Seite 325 - I have sent your daughter from this country, lest she should be any way frightened with the troops lying here. She has got one Betty Burke, an Irish girl, who, as she tells me, is a good spinster. If her spinning pleases you, you may keep her till she spins all your lint ; or, if you have any wool to spin, you may employ her.
Seite 378 - 81. He was then recovering his health, but had been very tender for some time before. My son, Charles, is captain in the British Legion, and James a lieutenant in the same. They are both in New York. Ranald is captain of Marines, and was with Rodney at the taking of St. Eustati. As for my son Sandy who was amissing I had accounts of his being carried to Lisbon, but nothing certain, which I look upon...
Seite 517 - After we had eat and drank very heartily, the Princess told us we must go and see her son, which could not be refused. He is really a fine, promising child, and is attended by English women, mostly Protestants, which the Princess observed to us, saying that, as she believed he was to live and die among Protestants, she thought fit to have him bred up by their hands, and that in the country where she was born, there was no other distinction but that of honest and dishonest.
Seite 470 - ... bad influence of those he is among may not induce him to accept of foreign service, and lose him both to his country and his family. If money can be found to support him, I wish you would...
Seite 379 - As for my son Sandy who was amissing I had accounts of his being carried to Lisbon, but nothing certain, which I look upon, on the whole, as a hearsay ; but the kindness of Providence is still to be looked upon, as I have no reason to complain, as God has been pleased to spare his father and the rest. I am now in my brother's house, on my way to Skye, to attend my daughter, who is to ly-in in August.
Seite 267 - Prince could not bear to hear anybody differ in sentiment from him, and took a dislike to everybody that did...
Seite 517 - Sometime after, the Pretender begun a health to the prosperity of all friends in England, which he addressed to me. I took the freedom to reply, that as I presumed he meant his own friends, he would not take it ill that I meant mine. "I assure you, Sir," said he, "that the friends you mean can have no great share of prosperity till they become mine, therefore, here's prosperity to yours and mine.

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