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Church; made dean of the Cha- sions, ib.; establishes the Ecclesias.
Royal, ib. ; attends on the Duke tical Commission, 15; the notori-
of York in his last illness, 377; ous Jeffries appointed president;
translated to the see of Canter- James's attack on the universities,
bury, 378 ; his politics, ib.; his re- ib.; his endeavour to convert them
ply to the Duke of Wellington's into jesuitical seminaries, 16; he
speech on Catholic Emancipation, publishes his second declaration
379 ; liberality of his religious opi. for liberty of conscience ; peti-
nions ; his character as a speaker tion against it; the clergy erfuse
and a preacher, ib.

to read the declaration; the se-
Hurd, Bishop, memoir of, 361; ven bishops who first signed

his commentary on Horace's “ Ars the petition committed to the
Poetica,” ib.; appointed arch- Tower, ib. ; reverence paid to them
deacon of Gloucester, 362 ; raised by the populace, 17; their trial,
to the see of Lichfield and Coventry, and acquittal; close of James's
appointed preceptor to the two reign, 19.
eldest sons of George III. ; trans. James, Bishop, of Calcutta, 146 ;
lated to the see of Worcester, ib. ; his character, ib.

his character and writings, 363. Jarret, Thomas, M. A., 109.
Independents and Anabaptists, per- Jenkyns, Richard, D.D., 80.

mission to, to meet for religious Jesus College, Cambridge, founda-
worship, 11.

tion of, 117.
India, Missionaries sent out to, 143.

„Oxford, foundation of,
their preaching heard with indif- 87.
ference; conduct of the Euro. Jewell, John, memoir of, 241 ; early
pean population prejudicial to the imbibed protestant principles ;
interest of religion ; necessity of enters into a close friendship with
eradicating the infidelity and cor- Peter Martyr ; his zeal to dis-
recting the morals of, 144; it en- seminate protestantism, ib.; ex-
gages the serious attention of go- pelled Corpus Christi College on
vernment ; formation of an eccle- the accession of Queen Mary, 242;
siastical establishment, ib.

is obliged to fly to Germany ;
Ingram, James, D.D., 86.

returns to England; rewarded
Ireland, the Rev. John, 29.

by Elizabeth for his learning and

sufferings, ib. ; anecdote of his ex-

traordinary memory, 243.
James I. is met on his way to Lon. Johnson, George

Henry Sacke.
don by the Millenary Petition, 6; verel, M.A., 77.
he proves himself a ready contro- Jortin, John, memoir of; coadju-
versialist, 7, his biblical knowledge; tor of Pope, 352 ; his “Mis.
his attachment to the English cellaneous Observations

ecclesiastical constitution, ib.

Authors, ancient and modern,'
James II., reign of, 13; declares his 353; presented to the rectory of

attachment to the established reli- St. Dunstan in the East; bis
gion; insincerity of his profes- “ Remarks on Ecclesiastical His-


tory;" bis “Life of Erasmus ; to the Tower, 254 ; his trial ; his
made Archdeacon of London ; his reply to the charges against him,
death ; Parr's character of him, 255 ; his execution, 257.

Law, ecclesiastical, denies christian
Juxon, Archbishop, memoir of, 320 ; burial to those excommunicated, 19.

becomes a student of Gray's Inn ; Law, George Henry, D.D., Bishop
abandons the profession of the of Bath and Wells, memoir of ;
law; made chaplain in ordinary his academical career highly distin-
to his majesty, and dean of Worces. guished, 389; his writings, 390.
ter, 321 ; becomes lord treasurer ; Lee, Samuel, D.D., F.R.S.L., 109.
translated to the see of Can- Lichfield, see of, prelates who have
terbury; his death, character, and filled the, 185.
writings, 322.

-, present bishop of, see


Lincoln, see of, prelates who have
Kaye, John, D.D., Bishop of Lin-

filled the, 175.
coln, some account of, 390; ap-

present bishop of, see

pointed tutor to the Marquis of
Bute ; his pupil's munificent pre-

College, Oxford, present
sent to him, ib. ; his “ Eccle.

foundation of, 83.
siastical History of the Second and

Liturgy, adjustment of differences re-
Third Centuries ;” its design and

lating to the, 12.
character, 391.

Llandaff, present bishop of, see
Keble, John, M. A., 77.

Kennedy, Benjamin H., D.D., 52.

see of, prelates who have
Kennett, Bishop, memoir of, 331 ;

filled the, 216.
forms the acquaintance of Anthony London, see of, prelates who have
à Wood, ib. ; promoted to the

filled the, 164.
deanery of Peterborough, 332 ;

present bishop of, see
advanced to the bishop's chair ;

his death, character, and writings, Long Parliament, assembling of the ;

its measures for the overthrow of
Kidd, John, M.D., 76.

the established church, 8
King, Joshua, LL. D., 116.

Longley, Charles, D.D., Bishop of
Kings, Rights of, Defence of the, Ripon, memoir of, 402; his en.

deavours to put down socialism ;
King's College, Cambridge, founda.

his character as a preacher, 403.
tion of; magnificent chapel of,

Lonsdale, the Rev. John, B.D.,

memoir of; his high rank as a
Kynaston, the Rev. H., M. A., 37. preacher, 415 ; his writings, 416.

Lowth, Bishop, memoir of, 291 ; in-

debted to Warburton for various
Lamb, John, D.D., 115.

ecclesiastical preferments ; his gra-
Laud, Archbishop, memoir of ; his titude ; his death, 2.2; character

first preferment, 253; impeached of his life and writings, 293.
of high treason, 254 ; committed Lyon, John, 41.


tion of, 38 ; limitation of scholars

at, 39 ; age of admission ; ex-

penses of education at, ib. ; emi.
Macbride, John David, D.C. L., 89.

nent divines educated at, 40.
agdalen College, Cambridge, foun- Merivale, Herman, M.A., 78.
dation of, 118.

Merton, Walter de, 79.
Oxford, founda-

Merton College, Oxford, 79 ; man-
tion of, 84.

ner of electing fellows at, 80.
Magdalen Hall, 89.

Middleton, Conyers, memoir of,
Maltby, Edward, D. D., Bishop of

345 ; his proceedings against
Durham, 387; his classical ac-

Bentley, 346; information against
quirements ; his character as a

him, 347 ; principal librarian to
preacher; his translation to the

the University of Cambridge ;
see of Durbam, ib. ; his writings,

travels through France and Italy ;

appointed Woodwardian professor
Manchester School; foundation of; of mineralogy ; his death, ib. ; his

exhibitions at, 56 ; distinguished character and writings, 348.
divines educated at, 57.

Middleton, Dr. Thomas Fanshaw,
Markham, Archbishop, memoir of, first bishop of Calcutta, some

360; becomes head master of account of, 144, ; his character,
Westminster School, ib.; dean of 145 ; his measures to promote the
Christ Church, 361; Bishop of Christian religion in India ; their
Chester ; preceptor to the Prince success,

of Wales ; Archbishop of York ; Mill, W. H., D.D., 109.
his death ; his private and general Millenary Petition, the, its objects, 6;
character, ib.

is disclaimed by the universities ;
Marsham, Robert, D. D., 80.

its success, ib.
Mary, Queen, sanguinary proceed Miller, W. H., M.A., 110.

ings in her reign, 3, 4 ; violates the Mission, Danish, to Tranquebar, 135.
laws, 4; causes high-mass to be Committee, East Indian, 135.
celebrated at her coronation ; re- M‘Leod, Dr. Norman, his transla-
establishes Roman Catholicism ; tion of the Psalms of David into
her religious persecutions and Irish metre, 131.
their favourable operation for the M'Neile, the Rev. Hugh, memoir of,
Protestants, ib.

420 ; characteristics as a preacher,
Mason, William, memoir of, 356 ;

his writings, ib.
one of the king's chaplains ; bis Moberley, G., D.C.L., 24.
death, writings, and character, Monk, James Henry, D.D., Bishop

of Gloucester and Bristol, memoir
Masses, private, forbidden, 3.

of, 398.
Melville, the Rev. Henry, B. D., Moore, Dr. Henry, biographical ac-

memoir of, 410; popularity as a count of ; his death and charac-
preacher, 412 ; his style, 413 ; his
writings, ib.

Murray, George, D. D., Bishop of
Merchant Taylors' School, founda- Rochester, memoir of, 393.

423 ;

ter, 323.

Musgrave, Thomas, D. D., Bishop of

Hereford, some account of, 404 ;
his character, 405.

versity education, ib.; decrease
in the number of students,
64; proficiency necessary for a
degree, 68; annual prizes given
for composition ; requisites for
a candidate for bachelor of arts,
ib. ; degrees in higher facul-
ties, 69; each college an inde-
pendent corporation, 70 ; expenses
attendant on education at, 71 ;
habits of the students expensive,
72; chief officers of the univer-
sity, 74 ; business of congregation,
73; business of convocation, ib. ;
annual 'prizes at, 78; income of
the university, 79 ; its libraries, 90,

New College, Oxford, present foun-

dation, of 82.
New Inn Hall, 90.
Nicholson, Bishop, memoir of, 330;

his study of antiquities, 331 ; his
“ English Historical Library ;
Bishop of Carlisle ; Lord High
Almoner ; nominated to the bi.
shopric of Derry; translated to
the see of Cashel ; his writings,

Noel, the Hon. and Rev. Baptist,

M. A., account of, 430.
Northburgh, Michael de, 30.
Norwich, bishops of, 187

-, present bishop of,

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Ogle, James Adey, M.D., 78.
Oldham, Hugb, 56.
Oriel College, Oxford, present foun-

dation of, 81.
Oxford, present bishop of,

see of, prelates, who have
filled the, 221.
Oxford, University of, 59; founda-

tion of, ib.; jealousy of the stu-
dents of the two faculties of arts
and theology, 60 ; introduction
of the study of scholastic the.
ology, ib. ; its earliest charter,
61; its privileges confirmed and
enlarged, ib.; the crown
sidered as its true head, 62 ; its
collegiate establishments, ib.; num-
ber of halls or inns, 63; object
for which they were establish-
ed; decrease in their number ;
colleges increase ; system of uni-

Paley, William, memoir of, 293;
early part of his academical life,
ib. ; his death, 296 ; leading cha-
racteristics of his style, ib.; his
general character, 297 ; his love for

theatricals, ib.
Parliament, Long, 8.
Parr, Dr. Samuel, biographical ac-

count of, 364 ; his singular gravity
of manners as a boy ; his ap-
plication to study, ib. ; appointed
to the head mastership of Colches-
ter School, 366; becomes head
master of Norwich School ; his
death, general character, and
his peculiarities, 367 ;
dote of; his arrogant and over-
bearing manner; his critical skill

and judgment, ib.
Paul, Mary de St., 114.
Paul's, St., School, 34; foundation

of, ib.; period of admission of
scholars, 37; average income of
the school ; limitation of scholars ;
distinguished divines educated at,

Pearson, Bishop, memoir of, 267 ;




Exposition of the Creed," Proctor, Joseph, D. D., 111.
268 ; his character as a divine ; his Pryme, George, M. A., 111,
death and writings, ib.; his abi- Pulieu, Robert, a Parisian theologian,
lities as a preacher, 269.

Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, founda- Puritans, undue severity against. in
tion of, 114.

Elizabeth's reign, 6; progress of
College, Oxford, founda- the, 7 ; their success, ib.; their brief
tion of, 88.

triumph, 10; their unpopularity, ib.
Pepys, Henry, D.D., Bishop of Wor. Pusey, Edward Bouverie, D.D., 76.

cester, account of, 410; his general
character, ib.

Percy, Hugh, D. D., Bishop of Car-
lisle, some account of; his cha-

Queen's College, Cambridge, founda-

tion of, 116.
racter, 393.
Peterborough, bishops of, 229.

Oxford, foundation

of, 82,
, present bishop of, see

Peter House, Cambridge, foundation
of, 113.

Radcliffe, John, M.D., memoir of,
Philimore, Joseph, D.C.L., 76.

Philpotts, Henry, D. D., Bishop of Radford, Thomas, D. D., 83.

Exeter, memoir of, 400 ; his birth Reay, Stephen, M. A., 77.
and education, ib.; his reply to Mr.

Reformation, the, 2, et alibi; its
Charles Butler's “ Book of the great progress, ib.
Roman Catholic Church,” 401;

Richards, the Rev. J. W., M.A., 57.
character of his eloquence, ib.

Richards, Joseph Loscombe, D. D.,
Plumtree, Charles, D. D., 79.

Pope, the, Henry VIII.'s conflict Ridley, Bishop, memoir of, 238; his
with, see HENRY VIII.

reputation as a preacher, 239; ap-
Porteus, Beilby, memoir of, 363 ; ob- pointed chaplain to the king ;
tains the prize for a poem on death ;

committed to the Tower ; his
appointed domestic chaplain to

execution, ib.
Archbishop Secker, ib.; his pro-

Right, Petition of, 251.
motion to the see of Chester, 364 ; Ripon, present bishop of, see
his character,

Powel, Baden, M. A., 77.

Robinson, T., M. A., 109.
Presbyterians, interview of, with the Rochester, bishops of, 198.
king, 11 ; its object, ib. ; charges

-, present bishop of, see
brought against, 13; become ob- MURRAY.
noxious to the government; re-

Rome, church of, at the opening of
strictions to which they were

the sixteenth century, 1; its
subjected, ib.

clergy; their privileges and in-
Price, the Rev. Edward, D. D., 55. terests; its decline, ib. ; doctrine
Priests, act passed, allowing them to and government of, put an end


niarry, 3.

to, 2,

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