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Our Church.

to choose their own books, which will be publicly given at

OUTHEND.-Trinity Church.)–Our Sunday School the next monthly service. 3. The re-arrangement of the

year closed as usual on the last Sunday in Novem- school (for the purpose of greater efficiency) so as to have

ber. The Examinations took place on the ist and 3rd ult. throughout a senior and a junior class alternately. There

The numbers who presented themselves were greater, and are now 50 classes, and 8 in our branch school at Prittle-

the answering better than on any previous occasion. 383 well. The numbers in the classes vary from 6 to 60; and

scholars have been awarded prizes (277 for attendance, and the ages of the scholars from 3 to over 70 years. The

106 for examination). A Sunday School Teacher's “Social” Winter Treat will D.V. be on Tuesday, the 20th inst.

was held in our large vestry room on the 2nd ult.

Tea at

The monthly meeting of ihe Unpledged Abstainers' Union

5-30 p.m. About 50 teachers were present. After tea the

was held on the 9th ult., and at the close the members at-

chair was taken at 7 p.m. by Bishop Gregg, D.D., who stated

tended a musical evening kindly furnished by Mr. J. C.

that the Sunday School was perhaps never in so flourishing a

Ingram, with our choir and other friends.

condition as at present. He expressed his thanks most cor-

dially to the Secretaries, Teachers, and Scholars for the great

The Christian Medical Mission was organised here on the

8th ult.

success which God had granted to their united labours. They
would begin the new year on December 7 with a staff of A Y.M.C. A. has recently been formed here, secretaries Mr.
over 70 teachers, including 6 secretaries and the superinten- Kemp and Mr. F. Webb ; also a Y. Women's C.A., Sec.
dent. The principal changes, agreed upon unanimously, for

Miss H. Baker. The rooms of both are a few doors from
the year 1885, were : 1. A Monthly Prize to be given in each, each other in Alexandra Street.
section for the best Notes of a Children's Sermon to be SUSTENTATION FUND.-Mrs. Allen, 19. 1d.; Mr. and Mrs Belcham, Senr.,
preached in Trinity Church on the first Sunday morning in 2s. 2d ; Miss Belcham, 1s ld ; Mrs. and Mr. W. C. Belcham, 2s. 20.; Mrs.
each month. Scholars may be aided by books, but not by

Bentill, 1s. ld.; The Misses Baker, 2s. 2d. ; Mrs. Bullock (half year), 29. 2d ;

Mrs. Cooper, 23. 24. ; Mrs. and Miss Cotgrose, 2s. 20 ; Mr. A. Cotgrove,
persons. No scholar can obtain the prize a second time

1s. 1d. ; Miss Coxworthy, ls. 1d. ; The Misses Crowhurst, 28. 2d ; Mrs Crick,
during the year ; but there will be a special prize (in addition 1s. 1d.; Mr. and Mrs. Currie, 23. 21.; Mrs Clover, 1s. Id.; Miss Dowsett,
to the monthly prize) in each section for the scholar who 1s. Id ; Miss De King, Is. Id ; Mr. Eve, ls. 1d. ; Miss Emson, 1s. 1d.; Miss

Goodchild, 1s. Id. ; Mr. Harrison, 1s. 1d. ; Mr. Horton, ls. ld ; Mr. and
sends in the best notes during the entire year. The Notes-

Mrs Hawtree, 2s 2d.; The Misses A. and C. Hawtree, 2s 2d. ; Mr. Ingram,
Committee appointed for the year, by the Teachers, to de- 1s. Id ; Dr. and Mrs. Jones, 2s. 2d ; Miss Jeffries, 1s 1d.; Miss Lofft,
cide the winners, are Miss Baker, Miss Taylor, Mrs. A. 23. 24. ; Miss Livermore, ls. Id. ; Mrs. Lambert, 1s ld ; Mr. and Mrs. Lod.
Young, Mr. Hawtree and Mr. Tully. All Notes are to be

der, 2s 6d ; Miss Minton · Is. 1d ; Mr and Mrs. Pigram, 2s. d.; Mr. and

Mrs Prosser, 23. 24. ; Miss Potter, 1s 1d. ; Miss Pearson, 1s. 1d. ; Mr. Part.
sent in to this Committee on or before the second Sunday

ner, 1s ld. ; Miss Rayner, 18 Od. ; Mr. and Mrs. Story, 2s 6d. ; Mrs. Scud.
in the month. 2. At the Children's Service on the afternoon der (two quarters), 2s 20 ; Mrs. Twycross, ls ld.; Miss Turney, 1s. id ;
of the 3rd Sunday in the month, instead of an Address Mr. and Mrs. C. Webb, 23. 20.; Miss Webb, 1s. 1d.; Mrs. H. and Miss Webb,
there will be Bible-searching, and at the close of the service

2s 2d. ; Messrs. F. and A. Webb, 28. 2d. ; Mrs. Wood, ls. 1d. ; Miss Wade,

(Y), 4s. 4d. ; Mr. and Mrs. T. Whur, 28. 6d. ; Mr. and Mrs. W. Whur, 2s, 22.;
the names of the winners of the monthly prizes will be pub-

Mrs. J. Young, 1s. Id.; Mr. Going, ls. 1d.; Mr. Hills, ls. 1d.; Mrs. Os.
licly announced; the winners will be allowed conditionally borne, ls, ld.—Total, £4 6s. 6d.

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