Listen Up, America!: A Teacher's Guide To A More Perfect Union

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 244 Seiten

Will Psydececk (pronounced "sigh-da-check") isn't just a private detective he's a law school dropout with a fondness for loud Hawaiian shirts and a penchant for head trauma his own head. His office is Shakespeare's Tempers, a bar below the apartment where he lives with his partner, Helen, a lawyer turned artist and their three cats. "I'm not an action detective," he says, "I'm much too happy with myself." The only problem is he can't stay out of trouble.

In Psydececk's first adventure, Shakespeare's Tempers, the hapless detective chases drug smugglers, slave traders, and the super rich yes, all the things that make America great across southern California and Mexico attempting to find a brutal murderer. His second adventure, Vivaldi's Tractor, takes Will head to head with a neo-nazi Christian fundamentalist sect in northern Idaho. In this story, Psydececk not only encounters neo-nazis but a body that's fallen from the sky, a punk teenage kidnapper, an industrialist named King Davis, the CIA, the ATF, and a talking dog.

If you want hard hitting adventure, hard-boiled prose and some tongue in cheek laughs you have to read these two novels by W.W. Monigold.

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