Compendium of Ecclesiastical History, Band 5


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Seite 348 - Christ has delivered and redeemed us all, without exception by the shedding of his precious blood, the lowly as well as the great. Accordingly, it is consistent with Scripture that we should be free and wish to be so.
Seite 348 - ... the water. Accordingly it is our desire if a man holds possession of waters that he should prove from satisfactory documents that his right has been unwittingly acquired by purchase. We do not wish to take it from him by force, but his rights should be exercised in a Christian and brotherly fashion. But whosoever cannot produce such evidence should surrender his claim with good grace.
Seite 348 - ... selfish and not agreeable to the word of God. In some places the authorities preserve the game to our great annoyance and loss, recklessly permitting the unreasoning animals to destroy to no purpose our crops which God suffers to grow for the use of man and yet we must remain quiet.
Seite 380 - I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes; yea, Father, for such was thy gracious will.
Seite 349 - Conclusion. — In the twelfth place it is our conclusion and final resolution, that if any one or more of the articles here set forth should not be in agreement with the word of God...
Seite 362 - The indulgence was so highly prized, that when the commissary entered a city, the Bull was borne on a satin or goldembroidered cushion, and all the priests and monks, the town council, schoolmaster, scholars, men, women, maidens, and children, went out to meet it with banners and tapers, with songs and procession.
Seite 206 - Item si vere poenitentes in Dei charitate decesserint, antequam dignis poenitentiae fructibus de commissis satisfecerint et omissis, eorum animas poenis purgatorii post mortem purgari: et ut a poenis hujusmodi releventur, prodesse eis Fidelium vivorum suffragia, Missarum scilicet sacrificia, orationes, et eleemosynas.
Seite 347 - God plainly provides that in giving according to right to God and distributing to his people the services of a pastor are required. We will that for the future our church provost, whomsoever the community may appoint, shall gather and receive this tithe. From this he shall give to the pastor, elected by the whole community, a decent and sufficient maintenance for him and his (im und den seynen), as shall seem right to the whole community [or, with the knowledge of the community].
Seite 88 - Quattro) aveva sparso per tutto il mondo senza distinzione di tempi e di luoghi, indulgenze amplissime, non solo per poter giovare con esse a quegli, che ancora sono nella vita presente, ma con faculià di potere, oltre a questo, liberare le anime dei defunti dalle pene del Purgatorio.
Seite 122 - Cum tamen dictus Johannes Huss fidem orthodoxam pertinaciter impugnans, se ab omni conductu et privilegio reddiderit alienum, nee aliqua sibi fides aut promissio de jure naturali divino et humano fuerit in praejudicium catholicae fidei observanda.

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