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Howard, another of its oldest members, and Miss M. Roalfe Cox, to whom it is indebted for the collection of Cinderella variants published in 1892; while three members -Lieut. Elliott H. Crooke, Captain T. I. W. Wilson, a master at Repton, and Captain H. C. Gouldsbury, who was stationed in Northern Rhodesia-have fallen in action.

Meetings of the Society have been held as follows, viz. 19th January. “Mabinogion I.” Professor Josef Baudîs. 16th February. (Annual Meeting.) Presidential Address : " Primitive

Values.” Dr. R. R. Marelt. 15th March. “Some Characteristics of Irish Folklore.” Miss Moutray Read. 12th April. “Masks and Origin of the Greek Drama.' Dr. F. B. Jevons. 17th May. “Magical Uses of Fire.” Miss Blackman. 21st June. “The Folklore of Shakespeare.” Dr. Wheatley.

Examples of Folk-Memory from Staffordshire.” Mr. S. A. H.

Burne. 15th November. “Bull Baiting and Bull Racing." Mr. W. Crooke. 20th December. “Notes on the Folklore of London” and “A Toy Museum

for Children " (illustrated by lantern slides). Mr. E. Lovett. Dr. Jevons' paper on the origin of the Greek drama was followed by a very interesting discussion, in which among others, Dr. Seligman, Sir J. G. Frazer, and Dr. Cook took part; and at the meeting in June an animated discussion on the credibility of traditional legends, suggested by Mr. Burne's paper, was opened by Mr. E. S. Hartland.

It is a matter for regret that no objects of folklore interest were shown at any of the meetings. It is hoped that members or friends possessing any such objects will exhibit them, even if only informally.

Most of the meetings were well attended, those in April, May and June being particularly so. Owing to the stringency of the lighting regulations, the meetings were held as in 1915 at 5 p.m., instead of 8 p.m.

Several additions have been made to the Society's Library during the year, particulars of which have been duly noted in Folk-Lore.

The President (who presided over Section H), Dr. Haddon, Dr. Rivers, Dr. Seligman, Mrs. Scoresby Routledge, Miss

Freire-Marreco and others represented the Society at the meeting of the British Association in September.

The twenty-seventh volume of Folk-Lore has been issued during the year. Owing to the increased cost of paper and labour, the Council have found it necessary to limit the size of the volume and to dispense with illustrations as far as possible. Nevertheless, they believe that it will be found to maintain its usual high standard of excellence. A deep debt of gratitude is due to Mr. Crooke for the work he has bestowed upon it, notwithstanding his recent bereavements. The Council are glad to have his assurance that he will continue to act as Editor during the coming year.

In the uncertain state of affairs due to the continuance of the war, the Council have been unable to come to any decision as to the issue of an additional volume for either of the years 1915 or 1916. They have recently had offered to them for publication a collection of folk-tales of Formosa made by Mr. S. Ishii, who has spent fifteen years in the island since its acquisition by Japan. This offer they have accepted provisionally. They have not yet decided for which year the folk-tales should be issued as an additional volume.

The work of the Brand Committee is making progress, though not such rapid progress as could be wished, owing to the increasing scarcity of voluntary workers. Additional paid labour will, therefore, be necessary if the work is to be completed within a reasonable period. The Council are fully alive to the importance of the work, which they feel ought to have a very prominent place in the activities of the Society. Miss Burne's services as Secretary to the Committee have been invaluable. The Council, on behalf of the Society, tender her and her co-workers their heartiest thanks.

The sales of the Society's publications have unfortunately fallen off during the year, but that was inevitable in view of the war.

The relations of the Council with Messrs.

Sidgwick & Jackson, the Society's publishers, continue to be most satisfactory.

The Council desire once again to call attention to the fact that a considerable part of the salvage stock remains unsold. The volumes have been rebound and are in very fair condition. The price is 4s. per volume, carriage paid, with all faults. Mr. C. J. Tabor, The White House, Knotts Green, Leyton, will be very glad to hear from prospective purchasers.

The Cash Account and Balance Sheet for the year are submitted herewith.




I 8

To Folk-Lore :-
Printing 3 parts, 1915, and Index,

£136 9
3 parts, 1916,

138 12
Expenses of Distribution of Publications,
Publishers' Commission,
Expenses of Meetings :-
Hire of Rooms,


7 Advertising,


6275 19

2 2 II 31 16 5

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6 6


16 13 2
8 6


Balance in Bank on current account,

on deposit account, " Petty Cash in hands of Secretary,

£44 16

200 o 0

2 15 5

247 II 7

£286 311

By Balance brought down,
Subscriptions for 1916 (315),

£330 4 6
., 1915 and earlier years (31), 32 11

, 1917, in advance (9), 9 9
Interest on Investments,

£27 II 3
Money on deposit,

7 9 9



372 4 6


35 І о
39 10

o 7 6
10 10 0
5 5 o

Sales of Stock,
Affiliation Fees,
Composition Fee,
Income Tax returned,

£19 13

17 16

Binding of Stock,
Expenses of Management :-

Postages, Stationery, and Printing,
Rent of Telephone,
Warehousing Stock,
Brand Committee,
Secretary's Salary and Poundage,

2 12 6
1o 1o

60 o


145 100


4749 2 3


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