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J. Brown, J. Yair, and L. Hunter.

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.P R O SE,

Page. K I SHE history and character of David I.

-*- King of Scotland. From Buchanan I The character of this most excellent Prince,

by another hand 12

History of a bloody combat fought by two Highland Clans in the month of September 1396, ;* the reign of Robert III. King of Scotland, on the North Inch of Perth, in presence of the King and court, and a 'vast crowd of spectators 13

Description of Babel 17

History of the siege of Tyre, by Alexander

the Great 19

A description of the city of Jerusalem, its

antient and modern state 26

The history of Joseph, his being fold into Egypt, his imprisonment there, and of his brethren, &c. . 35.

Of the siege of Babylon, by Cyrus 48

The history of the siege of Troy 52

The character of the Lacedemonians 61

The history of Lycurgus 62

The laws of Solon the Athenian lawgiver 64

,Of profane history 74

An Page..


O F ■ V R O S E and VERSE.

For the Use os SCHOOLS.

The History and Char a Si er of D A V I B I. King
of Scotland. From the Sc'ottijh history.

DAVID .succeeded his brother Alexan-
. der in the kingdom, in the year of
Christ 1124. As his brothers reigned
successively, one after another, in
Scotland, he staid with his sister Maud in Eng-
land. There he married his cousin Maud, a
woman of great beauty, wealth, and nobility;
for Voldiosus Earl of Northumberland was
her father; and her mother was Judith, niece
to "William the Norman. He had a son by
her, named Henry, in whom both his father's
and mother's disposition did presently appear.
Upon this marriage, his revenues were much
increased, by the accession of Northumberland
and Hutttingtonshire to the lands-he enjoyed
A before-

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