CNCA 00C-003-2013 China Compulsory Certification (CCC) Regulations CNCA-00C-003-2013 (CNCA-00C-0032013; CNCA 00C-0032013) Translated English: China Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules - Manufacturing Enterprise Classification Management, Certification Mode Selection and Determination

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In accordance with the requirements of Administrative Measures for China Compulsory Certification, the certification body shall implement classification management and effective follow-up inspection of certified products and their manufacturing enterprises, control and verify the consistency of the certified products and the type test samples, and that the quality assurance capability of manufacturing enterprises continues to meet certification requirements. To avoid large deviations in the manufacturing enterprise classification management and certification mode selection when implementing compulsory certification by different certification bodies, this Implementation Rules is formulated to clarify relevant requirements, and to ensure that certification bodies, when preparing certification implementation detailed-rules and implementing compulsory certification and after-certification supervision, accurately grasp the basic working principles and requirements for manufacturing enterprise classification management and certification mode selection and determination.

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