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John i. 1-18.

We may know Something of God everywhere. - Wonders shown

by the Telescope and Microscope. — God made known most of all by his Son. - Jesus called the Word of God. – A Word is a Picture of a Thought. - God hates Idle Words. — Words the Best Signs of what we are. — Story of a Visit to a Gentleman's House. — God's Word is the Best Picture of God's Thoughts. — The Bible is his Word, but most of all Jesus Christ. — God declared by Christ. — The Thoughts of God that Christ has made known to us. — Remembrance. — Pity. – Forgiveness. — Atonement.

SOME of you, dear readers, remember that

answer in a little child's Catechism, which says, “ I must learn to know God first, and then I must do everything to please Him.” Yes, that is the first thing — to know God; and I will try to explain to you how you may know Him best.

Persons who think, and who really wish to

know about God, may learn something of Him everywhere, —

“ The spacious earth, the spreading flood,

Proclaim the wise and powerful God;
And his rich glories from afar

Sparkle in every rolling star.” As I sit down to write this lecture, there are on the table by me a telescope and a microscope ; and I have just been looking through them both. Through the telescope I have been gazing on the new year's new moon, hanging like a silver bow in the dark evening sky, with the bright planet Venus by her side. My readers all know that by the telescope we can see wonders in the heavenly bodies which our eyesight alone. can never make out — the tops of mountains in the moon, with the light of the sun, that has set to our earth, resting upon them - deep hollows, covered with an awful shade, and many marvelous things besides, which make us feel how great and wonderful is God.

Then I take the microscope and examine a leaf that fell from the sycamore-tree in the garden at the beginning of the autumn. The substance of the leaf has withered away, and only the fine net-work remains, finer than the finest lace; but by the microscope the hair-like

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