Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Band 7

Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Seite 26 - Statistics of the Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the United States. .... Communicated by the Secretary of the Treasury, in Answer to a Resolution of the Senate of the United States, March 12, 1863.
Seite 130 - The Vegetable Kingdom; or, the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants, Illustrated upon the Natural System.
Seite 482 - Condition and Doings of the Boston Society of Natural History, as exhibited by the Annual Reports of the Custodian, Treasurer, Librarian, and Curators. May, 1865.
Seite 16 - Report of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, read at the Annual Visitation of the Royal Observatory, 1860, June 2; and Address of the Astronomer Royal to the Board of Visitors, 1860, May 12.
Seite 500 - Plates illustrating in part the new species of fossils from the Palaeozoic rocks of the Western United States, and two species noticed March 1860, published 1865, pis.
Seite 13 - Report to the Legislature of Massachusetts relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Commonwealth for the year ending December 31, 1880.
Seite 14 - Annual Report of the Trustees of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College, in Cambridge, together with the Report of the Director, 1864.
Seite 472 - That this institution was designed to work out a reformation with respect to the intermarriage of brothers and sisters may be fairly inferred from the conspicuous manner in which it accomplishes this result. The state of society revealed by the Malayan system demonstrates its necessity. The origin of this most ancient and remarkable organization seems from the stand-point of this discussion to find a full and satisfactory explanation. It is not supposable that it came into existence all at once,...
Seite 499 - On the Strength of Cast-Iron Pillars, with Tables for the use of Engineers, Architects, and Builders.
Seite 47 - ... cylinders, welded together endwise. Each ring was made of bars wound upon an arbor spirally, like winding a ribbon upon a block, and, being welded and shaped in dies, were joined endwise, when in the furnace and at a welding heat, and afterwards pressed together in a mould, by a hydrostatic press of 1,000 tons force.

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