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iv. 249.

Popmonet family. iii. 8.
Pokanacket indians.

v. 32.

or po- Popos neck in carver. iv. 275.
kanoket. 59.

Popponessett bay. iji. I.
Pokanauket. vii. 139

Popponessett island. iii. 1.
Pole, capt. iv. 216.

Poquan. iii. 44. 58.
Pole star, its name among indians. ix. Porey, -secretary in virginia.

v. 75. ix, 114.
Pollard, his mill. X. 65. Portroyal, island of. iii. 241.
Polly, william. viii. 46.

Portroyal, jamaica. iii. 286.
Polson, capt. viii. 157.

Portroy al, nova scotia.

v. 15.
Polypody cove in carver. iv. 275. scotch plantation, sold to the
Pomeramus. vi. 553.

french, who send papists thither, to
Pomham. See pumham.

the trouble of massachusetts. vii.
Pomfret's poems, quoted. iv. 93.

P. 84. surrendered by treaty of
Pomponoho, or peter, chief of titicut charles i. to france. P. 78. at-
indians. vii. 143. 144.

tacked by indians. viii. 248. the
Pomroye, edward. viii. 148.

french dislodged from by sir s. ar-
Poncas, or poncars, indians, their re gall. ix. 5.

sidence and numbers. ii. 34. Porter, john. vii. 93. viii. 63. 64. ix.
Ponds, village of. iii. 176.

Ponnakin. iii. 179.

Porter, john, jun. his protection from
Pontiac, an indian chief, killed. ii. 8. king's commissioners. viii. 96.
Pool, samuel. vij. P. 4.


viii. 243.
Pool, capt. lot. ii. 180.

Porter, rev. john, of bridgewater. vii.
Pool, vii. 123.

166. 168.
Poonseag, its meaning. x. 171. Porter, jacob, his account of plainfield,
Poor meadow brook. vii. J15.

massachusetts. viii. 167. 173. of
Pope, seth. iv. 293.

cummington. X. 41.
viii. 196.

Porter, adam x. 44.
Pope's point furnace in carver. iv. Porter, john. vii. 166. 170.

Porter, rev. huntington, of rye, new
Popes, felix and gregory, order conse hampshire. vii. 166. 170.

cration of churches. vii. P. 77. Porter, jonathan. vii. 166. 170.
Popham, sir john, chief justice of Porter, rev. dr. eliphalet, of roxbury.

england, sends a plantation to ken i. 248. ii. 152. vii. 166. 170.
nebeck river. v. 13. 15. 36. 37. Porter, rev. nathaniel, of conway,
sends out a ship, under captains new hampshire. iii. 104.
t. haman and m. prinne on discov- Porter, rev. experience, of winchester,
ery to new england. ix. 3. dies. new hampshire. ix. 367.


vii. 123.
Popham, sir francis, sends ships to Portsmouth, new hampshire, earth-

new england. v. 37. a patentee quakes at. iv. 70. parsonage
of new england. 217. with oth house and chapel built at.

v. 220.
ers, sends a ship to the settlement declared to belong to massachu-
begun in new england; sends ships setts. vi. 372. longevity in. x
to trade on the coast of new eng 181.
land. ix. 4.

Portsmouth, rhode island, general
Popham, capt. george, comes to new assembly of providence plantations

england as president of a colony. v. held at. vii. 82. 103. settled by w.
36. dies at sagadahock. 37. and coddington and others. ix. 181. ori-
capt. rawley gilbert, sent with men gin of name. 181.
and ordnance to begin a settlement Post, hannah. iii. 224.
in new england. ix. 3. 4. dies in Post, mary. iii. 225.
new england. 4.

Post angel, paper by j. dunton. ii.
Popish priests released from prison by 97.

king charles, but no puritan. vii. P Pot and pearl ash works at haverhill,
64, corrections."

iv. 153.

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Potenumacut. iij. 13. 14.

Prentice, rev. thomas, of charlestown.
i. 108.

ii. 171.
Potter, robert. ix. 182.

Prentiss, rev. caleb of reading. iv.
Potter, rev. nathaniel, of brookline. ii. 197.
149. 153.

Presbyterian ordination, validity of,
Potter, lieut. iv. 219.

doubted. ' ii. 130. iv. 302. minis-
Potter, elizabeth. x. 177.

ters prevented from preaching in
Poultry early carried to virginia. viii. virginia. ii. 208. general assem-

bly incorporated. iv. 66. ordina.
Powah, a sort of indian juggler, his tion in massachusetts excites jea-
occupation. ix. 92. 93.

lousies. 8. 189.
Powder, gun, early preparations for Presbyterianism. v. 182.

manufacturing in massachusetts. Presbyterians, oppressed by lord corn-
vii. 44. people must provide them bury. i. 145. 146. scotch. 150.
selves with. P. 26.

Prescott, abel, jun. viii. 46.
Powder hill. vii. P. 73.

Prescott, judge oliver. x. 79.
Powell, vi. 511. not allowed Prescott, william. x. 179.

to be settled in boston as minister, Prescott, james. x. 79.
but is chosen elder. 551.

Prescott, samuel.j. ii. 178.
Powers, rev. peter, of haverhill, new President and council appointed by
hampshire. iii. 112. iv. 78.

james ii. to govern massachusetts,
Powhatan, sachem of virginia. viii. new hampshire, maine and narra.

ganset. viii. 180.
Pownal, gov. thomas. i. (xxvii.) visits Presidents of massachusetts medical
plymouth. iii. 194.

society. i. 112. of harvard college,
Pownal, town. iv. 176.

where resident; to expound divini..
Powwowes, indian. iii. 127. v. 34,

ty. iv. 64.
Praire de françois. ii. 40.

Preston, dr. vii. P. 15.
Prairie des chien. ji. 41.

Preston, lieut. viii. 156.
Pratt, john, a surgeon, notice of; his Preston, printer. ii. 252.


misrepresentations Prevost, general. iii. 239. 240.
against new england. vii. 126. and Price, richard. viii. 105.
wife, drowned on the coast of spain. Price, capt. iv. 130.
vi. 525.

Price, rev. ebenezer, of belfast, maine,
Pratt, phineas. iii. 184.. vii. 122. and boscawen, new hampshire. X.

75. 76.
Pratt, benjamin. X. 28.

Prieses, a sort of indian jugglers,
Pratt, seth. vii, 170.

method of training them. ix. 94.
Pratt, allen. vii. 170.

95. 96.
Pratt, william ii, 181.

Priestley, dr. i. 138. quoted.
vii. 155.

Prayer, for whom is it lawful ? x. 182. Prilete, dr. x. 44.

Primer for mohawk children, quoted.
Prayers on training days at boston. x. 101. 102.
ii. 107.

Prin, martin. See pring, martin.
Preble, abraham. iv. 241. 247. Prince, gov. thomas. i. 170. iii.
Prefatory notice of hubbard's history. 173. 178. 184. 220. iy. 80. 86. 93.
V. (ii.)

100. 220.

v. 72.

sent to massa-
Prelacy, condemned by first planters chusetts as agent for plymouth
of new england. ii. 58.

colony. 162. vi. 556.

letter to,
Premium for medical dissertations. i. from ihode island. vii. 109. X. 62.

63. 65.
Prence, thomas, governour, &c. See Prince, samuel, esq. of rochester and
prince, thomas, governour.

middleborough. iii. 169. iv. 302.
Prentice, capt. viii. 96.

Prince, rev. ihomas, of boston. i.
Prentice, rev, nathaniel, of dunstable, 107. chronology quoted. 169.
new hampshire, x. 55.

(xxix.) notice of rey. william

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hubbard. ii. 282. 200. quoted. v. 140. meaning of, among dissen-
iii. 86. account of english minis ters. vii. P. 25. an exercise of
ters, &c. quoted. 68, et post. 199. publick worship. P. 70.
iv. 200. notice of hubbard's histo- Proposition about magistrates' power
ry: v. (iv. vi.) 662. 664. notice jn matters of religion in massachu-
of, and of his works; collections ; setts; debates about this proposition.
chronological annals of new eng. vi. 536.
land. vii. 179. bequest of books. Prospect hill. ii. 168. iii. 267.
and manuscripts to old south Prospectus of hubbard's history. ii.
church; catalogue of books. 180. 281.
annals of new england, volume 2, Protestants, french, settle at new york.
number 1, republished. 189. P. 1, i. 140. 144. 149.
et post. notes and introduction to Proud's history of pennsylvania refer-
Mason's history of the pequot war. red to. viii. 276.
viii. 120. 153. x. 39.

Prout, tirnothy. viii. 180. x. 25. 26.
Prince, rev. joseph, of barrington, Prout, timothy, jun. ship-master, his
new hampshire. iv. 78.

sufferings at sea. vi. 613. 644.
Prince james. ii. 175.

Prout, timothy. x. 28.
Prince, a black. viii. 46.

Prout's gore. iv. 176.
Prince maurice fort at hudson's river. Prouty, richard. iv. 229.
ix. 113.

Providence, rhode island, planted by
Prince William's sound. ii. 43.

roger williams. vi. 335. ' ecclesias.
Pring, martin, after visiting martha's tical affairs. 335. strange delu-

vineyard, returns to england with sions at. 338. 339 anabaptists at,
sassafras. iii. 80. his voyage. divided in opinion. 343. request
11. sent on discovery to new eng massachusetts to give them aid or
land. ix. 3.

council; four of its men taken un-
Prinne. See pring.

der the jurisdiction of massachu-
Printing of laws first ordered in mas setts. 344. and other lands, ob-
sachusetts, vi. 544.

tained of canonicus by governour
Prior, daniel. x. 57.

winthrop and roger williams. vii.
Prior, thomas. iv. 210. 242.

76. planted. 14. plantation, pa-
Prior, j. x. 69.

tent to; commission to john clarke,
Prison, massachusetts state,

as , agent there. 90. 103. form of
charlestown. i. 127. description deeds. ix. 198. historical account
of. ij. 175.

of. 166. nained and settled by
Prison brook, now little brook. iii. roger williams and twelve others.

170. original association of govern-
vii. 54.

ment. 183. roger williams's letter
Privateering, called by king james

to, about

freedom. 191. first
splendidum furtum. vi. 527.

church, formed by roger williams,
Privy council, (england,) summons was congregational, but soon chang-

massachusetts to appear, and an ed to baptist. 196. plantations,
swer to charges against them by including providence and rhode
morion and others. v. 151. 153. island, incorporation by parliament.
discharges the accused ; lords of, 188. 189. code of laws agreed on.
stop ships coming to massachusetts. 189. liberty of conscience. 190.-
152. 154. appoint lords for govern-

resolves about toleration of qua-
ing plantations. 264. its order, dis kers; address to richard cromwell
charging massachusetts from the on that subject. 192. letter to sir

of sir f. gorges and others. h. vane, jun.; charter from charles
vii. P. 90. 91

ii. allowing liberty of consciencé.
Proclamation of lord dunmore men 195. See rhode island.
tioned. ii. 224.

Providence island, settlement at, cap-
Professional men in hillsborough coun tured by spaniards. vi. 377. peti-
ty, new hampshire. viji 71.

tions new england for aid. 378,-
Prophesying, meaning of, at plymouth. (one of the summer islands) settle.


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'ment of, by massachusetts people, | Puttequomscut: vii. 75.
abandoned. vii. 34. 35.

Pylarinus, of venice. i. 106.
Province bills note on. iv. 99.


i (xxviii.)
Provincial congress at salem, concord Pynchon, or pinchon, william, assist-
and cambridge. vii. 160.

ant. v. 124. arrives. 133. set-
Provincials, a list of those killed and tles roxbury. 135. Springfield. vi.

wounded at the battles of concord 303. magistrate. vii. 129. assist-
and lexington. viii. 45. ·

ant. P. I. 3. 5. 6. 14. notice of;
Provisions scarce in massachusetts in an associate with the original paten-
1640. v. 238, 246.

purchase of, tees; principal founder of roxbury;
regulated. vii. P. 30. not to be first member of its church. P. 14.
bought on board the ships that ar 21. 23. 25. 27. 30. 31. 32. 34. 35.
rive, without permission. P. 30. 58. 60. boat cast away.

P. 36.
Prudden, rev. peter, of milford, con assistant. P. 61. 63. 65. 66. 68. 72.

necticut. vi. 319. character. 328. 91. 92. treasurer and assistant P.
Psalms, and gospel of st. john, version 85. 86. 93. viii. 97

papers relative
of, by experience mayhew. ii. 68. to. 227. 249.
Puant, or winebago indians. ii. 9. fe- Pynchon, col. john. viii. 44. 181.
rocitv and number. 10.


letter from commissioners
“ Publick friend," against slavery, by of united colonies about sending
langhorne. viii. 185. 186.

troops against the indians. 238.
Publick worship, support of, in new letter from thomas wells about the
york. i. 152. 153.

strength of the french in canada,
Puckanokick. See packanokick. the new england prisoners there,
Puff fish, described. ii. 55. 56.

etc. 239. vi. 629.
Puffer, rev. dr. reuben, of berlin. iv. Pynchon, joseph. i. 111.

Pynchon, john, esq. viii. 227.
Pulaski, count. iii. 242. mortally
wounded. 242.

Pullen point. vii. P. 73. 62.
Pumham, sachem. iv. 169. difficulty Quackery punished. vii. P. 21.

with gorton. vi. 404. sachem of Quadaquina. v. 61.
showamock, puts himself under ju. Quahaug, fish. iii. 58. iv. 289.
risdiction of massachusetts. 406. Quakers in new york. į 150, 155.
459. vii. 48. ix. 182.

in rhode island, vi 336. not tax-
Pumpkins. iii. 132. in massachusetts. ed in massachusetts colony for sup.
vii. P. 88.

port of other denominations. ii.
Punkapog indians. v. 32.

201. opposed by roger williams. V.
Purchas, his pilgrimage, referred to. 209. vi. 350. most numerous party
V. 40.

in rhode island. 350.
Puritans, history of, by neal, referred capitally in massachusetts ; laws
to. i. 165. rise of. (xiv.)

against in massachusetts defended.
Purysburg. iii. 239.

572. arrival of, at boston and rhode
Putawatamies indians. ii. 5. 12. their island.. vii. 82.

measures taken
numbers. 5. receive an annuity against, by united colonies. - 82. 85.
from united states. 5. 6.

86. compelled to train, watch, &c.
Putnam, nathaniel. viji. 105.

in rhode island. 83. answers about,
Putnam, john. viji. 106.

from the general assembly of rhode
Putnam, henry. viii. 46.

island to the commissioners of the
Putnam, perley. viii. 47.

united colonies. 83. 84. trouble.
Putnam, gen. israel. iv. 210.

some in rhode island. 85. laws
Putnam col. rufus. iv: 52.

against in england ; charles ii.'s let-
Putnam, nathan. viii. 46.

ter against indulging them in mas-
Putnam, aaron. ii. 176. 180.

sachusetts. viii. 54. alteration of
Putnam, aaron-h. ii. 178.

the laws of massachusetts against
Putnam, judge samuel, his notice of them proposed. 86. forbidden by
judge thomas. x. 5.

plymouth" colony to disseminate



their opinions.

X. 61.

a person Quincy, josiah. i. 249.
fined for attending a meeting: 69. Quincy, hon. josiah. viii. 298.
disturb plymouth; their opinions. Quinnepiack, or quinnypiag, now new
70. 71.

haven. viii. 146.
Quanset bay. iv. 289.

Quinnibaug river. ix. 201.
Quantisset. ii. 178.


viii. 243.
Quarrantine at rainsford island. i. Quittaquas pond in rochester. iv.

Quarrel between new haven people Quitticus pond. x. 34.

and the dutch at manhatoes. vi. Quittiquash lills. iv. 254. 265.

Quittiquash brook. iv. 254.
Quarrellers, indians. ij. 43.

Quittiquash island. iv. 266.
Quarry hill. ii. 168.

Quo warranto, issued against new eng-
Quartier, james, a florentine, employ.

land patent.

v. 268. against mas-
ed by francis i., his voyage of dis sachusetts. 272. copy of the first
v. 9.

issued against massachusetts. viii.
Quashuet river. ii. 2.

96. 97. sent by sir. e. andros to
Quatchet, its meaning. ix. 9).

governour of connecticut. 237.
Quayz. iij. 25. 26.

Quorum of assistants altered. vii. P.
Quebec, summoned by col. arnold to 22.

surrender. ii. 237. attacked by Quuennet, or quuinnet, meaning of.
montgomery: 243. its general hos iii. 169.
pital chapel. 242. iii. 259. vi.
639. taken by capt. kirk from the

french in 1629. vij. P. 52.
rendered by treaty of charles i. to R, not articulated by indians. iii.
the french. P. 78. sometimes

spelled kebec. P. 78.

Rache-jaune river. ii. 36.
Quelqueshoe river. ii, 27.

Ragged mountain. viii. 174.
Queries respecting indians. ii. I. Rainsford, edward, elder. iv. 199.
Quesada indian language. ii. 18. vii. P. 69.
Questions, proposed by massachusetts Rainsfordis island, hospital at. i. 108.

general court, about baptism. i. Rainy lake. ii. 12.
197. in massachusetts, relating to Rale. See ralle.
church members and baptism of Raleign, north carolina, persons from,
their children, with answers. vi. settle east tennessee. vii. 58.
563. 570. 587. concerning the con- Raile, rev. sebastian, a french jesuit,
sociation of churchcs. i. 1998. pro killed at norridgewock. ii. 231.
posed by rector of yale college and letter to his reverend father, written
others, respecting episcopal ordina on the day he was slain. viii. 245.
tion. iv. 298. of conscience. 249. biographical notice of. 250.
182. 183.

257. master of several indian lan-
Quetequas. See quitraquas and quit guages. 250. writes indian poetry.

250. 251. his dictionary of the ab-
Quichichchich. iv. 126.

nakis language is seized, and placed
Quick's hole. iii. 77.

in harvard college library. 253.
Quicure. ij. 41.

letter to capt moody. 258. papers

relating to his inciting indians
piag, now new haven, settled. vi. against massachusetts. 264. 267.
317. 319. See new haven.

an intercepted letter from, detailing
Quincy, edmund. iii. 285.

the war of norridgewock indians
Quincy, hon, edmund. ii. 188. vii. against the english. 266. 267. dic-

tionary of the abnaki language re-
Quincy, john. vii. 165.

ferred to.

x. 123. 141.
Quincy, samuel, his letter to edmund Ralley. See ralle.
quincy. ii. 188.

Ralph, rev.

john. ii. 13.
Quincy, col. josiah. iii. 234. Ram island. jii. 75.


x. 23.

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