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v. 262.

X. 79.


Lewis, rev. of pembroke. iv. tacks savannah, and is repulsed.

241. 242. is captured at charles-

the traveller. ii. 23. ton, south carolina. 244. at the
x. 131.

siege of yorktown; secretary at
i. 108.

245. returns to his farm at
Lexington, battle of. ii. 226. loss of hingham. 246. quells shay's re-
british at. 226. 227. iii. 235. iv. bellion. 247.

lieutenant gover-
215. 217.

nour of massachusetts. 249. ap-
Lexington, kentucky,

settlement pointed collector of the port of bos-
there. vii. 65.

ton. 249. writings. 250. death.
Ley, lord, comes to new england and 250. character. 251. 255. mills.

vii. 117.
Liberty, religious, in new york. i. Lincoln,

vii. 123.

Lindell, james. vii. 138.
Liberty of conscience allowed in west Line, thomas, opinion of massachu-

indies and somer islands; debates setts court to malden church, about
about at boston. 534.

to censure him for evidence given
Lick creek. ii. 15.

in the case of rev. marmaduke
Lidgett, charles. viii. 44.

mathews. viii. 325. 326.
Ligonia, or plough patent, purchased Lines, justice. ii. 103.

by mr. righy. vi. 368. contro- Linnett, robert. iv. 222. 239. 240.
versy about. 369. patent of, con- Lypothymy. vi. 644.
firmed to rigby. 510.


hampshire, its
Lincoln, earl of. i. (xxiv.) makes churches and ministers. X. 56.

t. dudley his steward, &c. vii. P. Litchfield, experience. iv. 241.
13. 15. makes s. bradstreet his Literary works produced in germany,
steward. P. 15.

in 1792, with the authors living.
Lincoln, countess of. v. 47. depu viii. 274.

ty ernour dudley's letter to, Little, thomas. iii. 184.
about massachusetts colony, and Little, isaac. iv. 293.
the persons proper to come to it. Little, rev. ephraim, of plymouth. iii.
vii. P. 24.

Lincoln, general benjamin, remarks Little, thomas. iv. 87.

on the cultivation of the oak. i. 187. Little, dr. charles. iv. 87.
(xxxi.) colonel of militia, inem- Little, isaac. vii. 165.
ber of provincial congress, secreta- Little, charles. iii. 209.
ry of provincial congress. iii. 234. Little,

jii. 180.
one of the committee of corres- Little boar's head. iv. 190.
pondence. 234. brigadier, major Little brook iii. 181.
general, commander of all troops in Little cambridge, now brighton. iv.
and near boston and of forces 143.
destined for new york; arrives at Little comfort, abington, so called.
washington's camp; known and re vii. 114.
spected by washington; created a Little compton.
major general by congress. 2:35. Little harbour, landing there of mr.
his aid, baggage and papers fall into thompson and the histons.
the enemy's hands at bound brook; Little herring pond, remarkably cold.
loses 60 men, killed and wounded ; iii. 181.
joins the northern army. 236. Little long pond. iv. 253.
wounded. 237. rendered impor- Little meadow. vii. 154.
tant services towards the capture Little osage indians. ii. 31.
of burgoyne.


arrives at Little puckaway. ii. 10.
charleston, south carolina. 238. Little river, in haverhill. iv. 121.
attacks the enemy and is repulsed. Little river, in northampton, new
239. 240. returns to the north on hampshire. iv. 190.
account of ill health. 240. at- Little shakalin. ii. 10.

X. 66.

v. 214.

v. 18.


Little wading. iii. 163.

its produce, fish, and animals. 671.
Littlefield, lieut. john, of wells. vi. 672. planted. vii. 22.

Long island channel.
Littlefield, ensign francis, of wells. Long island, boston harbour. vii. P.
vi. 600.

Litller, lieut. viii. 156.

Long point. X. 35.
Littleton, account of detection of Long pond. x. 35. 72.
witchcraft at. x. 7.

Long, joshua. ii. 177.
Livermore, naibaniel. iii. 279. Long's travels, quoted.

x. 144.
Livermore, samuel. iii. 269.

Longevity. iii. 71. in new hamp-
Livermore, isaac. iii. 269.

shire, instances of. x. 176.
Livermore, william. iii. 269.

Long pond. iii. 181.
Liverinore, rev jonathan, of wilton, Look,

iii. 66.
hampshire. iv. 78. viii. Lord, robert. iv. 170. viii. 107.

Lord, robert, jun. viii. 107.
Livermore, hon arthur. iii. 116. Lord, samuel. viii. 107.
Livingston, williamn, his letter to dr. a. Lord, rev. joseph. ii. 178.
eliot. ii. 190.

Lord, rev. nathan, of amherst, new
Livingston, col. ii. 241. fails in his hampshire. viji. 176.
attack on quebec. 243.

Lord's supper, a learned quarto pub.
Livingston, thomas. X. 180.

lished in england against kneeling
Lizard frigate. ii. 237.

at. vii. P. 51. 52.
Lloyd, dr. james. i. 110.

Loring, thomas, an early planter at
Lobdell, issac, an early planter at plympton. iv. 285.
plympton. iv. 285.

Loring, rev. israel, of sudbury. iv.
Lock, lieut. viii. 156.

58. 59.
Lockwood, capt. vi. 648.

Loring, john. iv. 60.

vii. P. 60.

Loring, jonathan. iv. 60.
Locists at plymouth, how often they Loring, his inn. iv. 270.
appear. iji. 1.96.

very numerous Loskiel, cited. ü. 2. 13.
v. 194.

and destructive Loskiel's history of the missions of
there and in massachusetts; said to the united brethren.

x. 128.
precede sickness. vij. P. 92. Lothropp, rev. john, of scituate and
Logan, james, founds a library at phil: barnstable, notice of; different ways
adelphia. ii. 269.

of spelling the name ; meaning of
Logan, william. ii. 269.

the name.
i. 163. 178.

Loganian library at philadelphia, ac from to governour prince. 170.
count of. ii. 269.

ditto. 173. arrives. iii. 143. iv.
Lombard, bernard. iv. 239.

221. 222. 232. 233. 239. 303. vi.
iv. 260.

663. See lathrop.
London, bishop of. i. 154. v. 151. Lothropp, thomas.' i. 176. 177.
pestilence at. 95.

Lothropp, samuel. i. 176. 177.
Londonderry, new hampshire, longe - Lothropp, joseph. i. 176. 178. iv.
vity in. x. 181.

Lone rock. iii. 77.

Lothropp, benjamin. i. 176. 177.
Long island. i. 141. settled by Lothropp, barnabas. i. 176. 177. iv.

presbyterians and calvinists. 141. 259. his cloak. 303. 304.
or mattanwake, assigned to the Lothropp, john. i. 176. 177.
earl of stirling v. 89. 171. 245. Lothropp, john, jun. iv. 304.
visited by massachusetts people. Lothrop, dr. nathaniel. iv. 63. 90. 95.
171. peopled from connecticut. Lothrop, col. ii. 180. iv. 272.
171. vi. 668. and by the dutch. Lothrop, isaac, notice of. i. 258. 259.
668. within the duke of york's iii. 177. iv. 63.
patent of new york. v. 171. lynn Lothrope, lieut. vii. 55.
people remove to, and have difficul- Loups indians. ii. 33.
ties with the dutch. 245. its in- Louisbourg, expedition against. iii.
dians hostile to english. vi. 449. / 192.

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v. 91.

X. 191.

Louisiana. ii. 27.

vii. P. 14. of plymouth, england.
Loveijat, father. viii. 247. letter P. 41. complained of by sir

to the governour of massachusetts. r. saltonstall. viii. 42. his letter

to w. pincheon, principally about
Lovejoy, hannah. x. 177.

danger from indians. viii. 235.
Lovell, thomas. viii. 107.

Lovell, james, of weymouth. vii. 122. Ludlow, george. vii. P. 4.

Ludowick, dr. i. 107.
Lovell, john, master of boston latin Ludwell,

i. 73.
school. i. 230. viii. 286.


iii. 66.
Lovell, james. i. 230.

Lumbert's cove. iii. 45. 47. 49. 53. 56.
Lovelace, francis, governour of new 57. 74.

york, incorporates edgartown and Lunenburg, its garrison attacked by

tisbury. iii. 34. 85. vi. 611. 667. indians. i. 184. topographical and
Lovett, christopher, comes to new historical description of. i. 181. iii.

england with robert gorges. v. 86. 104.
Love well, the oldest person Lurvey, or larvey, corporal james, an-

who has died in new hampshire. x. ecdote of. iv. 51.52

Lusher, eleazer. iv. 24. captain. vii.
Lovewell, col. zaccheus. x. 181. 54. major. viii. 88.
Low, john, captain of the ambrose. v. Lutherans in new york. i. 149.

Luz, a pequot indian. viii. 146.
Low, thomas. viii. 107.

Lyford, rev.

Lowell, robert. viii. 229.

his character. 92. 94. dismissed
Lowell, john. i. 249.

plymouth colony. 92. settles at
Lowell, john. x. 192.

nantasket. 93. settled at cape ann;
Lowell, rev. charles, of boston. ii. 273. goes to virginia. 107. 116.

Lyman, goodman. viii. 232.
Lower ferry at scituate. iv. 224. Lyman, theodore, esq. iii. 266. bis
Lowis, -, agent of d'aulney to farm, 272.
boston. vi. 495.

Lyman, george-w. iji. 269.
Lowle, richard. viii. 106.

Lyman, theodore. jii. 269.
Lowle, percival. viii. 106.

Lynde, simon. viii. 44. 105.
Low plain island. viii. 174.

Lynde, nicholas. jj. 178.
Lowry, capt. iv. 216.

Lynde, joseph. ii. 178.
Loyard, father. viii. 248.

Lyndeborough, new hampshire, min-
Loyola, ignatius, pun upon his name. isters and churches. viii. 177.
iv. 103.

Lynn. i. (ix.) church, being the 6th.
Lucas, james. iii. 119.

gathered ; description of. ii. 93.
Lucas, samuel. iii. 189.

94. iv. l. iii. 124. 203. settled,
iv. 277.

v. 158. vii. P. 68. indians at.
Lucas's brook. iv. 280.

32. difficulties in church. 191.
iii. 66.

193. some of its people remove
Luce, elijah. ii. 17.

to long island, and have difficulties
iv. 261.

with the dutch.. 244. 245. iron
Ludham, his ferry at great,

or factory early at, where, instead of
norih river, in pembroke. vii. P. 71. iron bars, are hammered out law
Ludlow, roger, deputy governour of suits. vi. 374.

massachusetts. iii. 139. v. 156. Lyon, the ship. v. 130. providen-
vi. 308. 446. vii. P. 1. 3. 6. tial arrival with provisions. 139.
sistant. v. 131. vii. P. 5. 14. 20. w. pierce, captain. vii. P. 18.
21. 23. 25. 27. 30. 31. 34. 35. 58. arrives at salem, P. 10. capt.
60. 61. 63. 65. 66. 68. 72. 85. 86. pierce arrives with j. winthrop, jun.
91-93. arrives. v. 133.

settles rev. j. eliot, and others; bringing
at dorchester. 135. a founder of a store of hogs, kids, venison, poul-
that town. vii. P. 14 left out of try, geese, and partridges. P.
the assistants. v. 165. notice of 37. goes to virginia and england.

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shire ;

P. 38. arrives with passengers. P. Magna charta, quoted very early, as
67. sails. P. 71.

containing the rights of new eng-
Lyon, william, his note on ezekiel land people. vi. 513.
cheever. vii. 129.

Magnalia americana, by dr. cotton
Lyon, and lamb


mather. i. (xxx.) 205. quoted. vi.
settlers of new london, new hamp 541. vii. 132.
shire. viji. 175.

Magnanimity, female, instances of. i.
Lyon brook, viii. 173.

(xxiv )
Lytherland, william. iv. 203.

Magoon, john. iv. 241.-
Magus, john, indian. i. 180.
Magus hill. i. 180.

Mahas indians, residence, language,

warriours, account of their king,

who is worshipped since his decease.
ii, 103.

ii. 33. villages. ii. 41.
Maccarty, rev. thaddeus, of kingston, Mahiccon, or inohegan indians. ii. 6.

massachusetts. iii. 209. troubles Mahtopanats indians, their residence
during his ministry. 209. 210. his and numbers. ii. 42.
farewell sermon; settled at worces. Maine, province of, first planted. v.
ter. 210 211.

213. confirmed to sir f. gorges.
Macclure, rev. dr. david, of north 232. attempts to plant by ply-
ampton, new hampshire. iv. 191.

mouth men. 224. sometimes call.
Machapaugoneck. iv. 267.

ed new somersetshire; government
Machias, a trading place of plymouth of, transferred by sir f. gorges to
people. v. 163.

massachusetts. 261. called york-
Machin, thomas, his estimate of the

two pretended rights to the
cost of cape cod canal. viii. 193. government of, one under sir f.

gorges, and one under massachu.
Macintire, first settler of plain setts. vi. 584. returns to the go-
field. viii. 172.

vernment of massachusetts; the
Mackerel hill, in waltham. ji. 268. cause and manner of their return.
Mackerel fishery, at scituate. iv. 230. 593. 600.
at plymouth. iv. 232.

Maitland, col. iji. 239. 241. enters
Macklin, robert. x. 176.

savannah. 241.
Mac-sparran, rev. dr. episcopal mis. Major's purchase, in pembroke. vii.
sionary at narraganset. ii. 200.

141. 142 173.
Macy, thomas, first english settler at Malaga. vi. 526.
nantucket. iii. 36.

Malden bridge. ii. 167. 171.
Maddox, rev. dr. ii. 212.

Malden chuich, fined for settling a
Madeira wine very early imported in minister, without the advice of
to massachusetts. viii. 12.

neighbouring churches, and advice
Madoc, story of; adventures under ; of magistrates, acknowledges its

sails from wales with a colony ; de errour. vi. 550. 29th church
scendants of his colony. ii. 36. planted at. viii. 15. about to

censure mr t. line, for giving evi-
Magee, capt. james, shipwrecked in dence in the case of marmaduke
plymouth harbour, his narrow es mathews, the opinion of massachu-

setts court sent to it. 325.
Magistrate, can he be an elder ? vii. Malinson, a fencing master,

64. a heavy fine imposed on him, and stiff independent. ii. 105.
who should refuse the office in ply- Maloon, nathaniel. x. 76.
mouth coliny. P. 75.

Malthus, s. printer. ii. 97.
Magistrates, first choice of, by free- Malthus, thomas. ii. 98.

men of massachusetts. ji. 128. Manamooskeagin, now abington. vii.
vii. P. 75. debates about their 122.
power in ecclesiastical matters. vi. Manatos, or manhadoes, now
532. 536.

york. v. 15. See manhattoes.

cape. iii. 195.



*Manawet, an american indian, sent | Marble manufactory at middlebury,

with capt. hobson and others on vermont. ix. 129.
discovery to new england. ix. 5. Marble, fine and in abundance at mid-
Manchester, vermont. iii. 236.

dlebury, vermont. ix. 135. kirby,
Manchester, earl of. v. 153. ix. 185. or pitsford, as fine as parian. ix.
Mandane villages.. ii. 23. 41.

Mandans indians, residence, number Marble harbour. vii. P. 34. its tax.
and warriours. ii. 35.

P. 57. 60. first called marblehead.
Maneday, an american indian, sent P. 93.

with capt. h. challons on discovery Marblehead, or marble harbour. vii.
to new england. ix. 3.

P. 93. indians at.

V. 32.
Maneikshan. iii. 175.

March, the first month. vii. 136.
Manhatan's island. vi. 669.

March, hugh. viii. 106.
Manhattoes, troops raised by massa- Mares, intended for massachusetts,

chusetts for its capture, but it sur mostly die at sea. vii. P. 9. brought
renderson terms. viii. 94.

to massachusetts. P. 61.
manatos, or manhadoes.

v. 15.

Marie, monsieur, comes to boston as
Manitoo, manitoowock, indian words agent of d'aulney. 486. concludes
expressive of deity. ii. 112.

an agreement of peace with massa-
Manitoo asseinah. iii. 201.

chusetts. 488.

sent agent to bos-
Manitopa indians, their residence, ton by d'aulney. 495. 497.

number and warriours. ii. 42. Marine hospital at charlestown. i.
Mann, dr. h. iii. 195.

125. ii. 174.
Mann, dr.
iv. 303.

Marine, a dutch captain, kills
iv. 179.

indians. vi. 441.
Manning, thomas. i. 122.

Mariners on board the first vessel to
Manning, dr. joseph. viii. 165.

new england become religious. ii.
Manning, sarah. viii. 165.

Manomet. iii. 168.

Maritime law, question relating to.
Manomet point. iii. 164. 196.

iv. 102.
Manomet ponds. iii. 200. iv. 89. 92. Mark, its value ; used as a denomina-

tion of money in mass. vii. P. 34.
Manomet bay. iv. 289. 291.

Mark, a negro servant of john codinan
Manomet river. iv. 291.

of charlestown, executed for poi-
Manor of fordham. i. 144.

soning his master; hung in chains.
See manawet.

ü. 166.
Mansell, sir robert, a patentee of new Marlborough, one half of, destroyed
england. v. 217. viii. 208.

by indians. vi. 592.
Mansfield, sir john. vii. P. 42. Marrett, rev. john, of burlington. iv.
Mansker, gasper. vii. 63.

jj. 66.

Marriages, laws relating to, in new
Manufactures early in massachusetts. york. i. 152

Marriat, rev. obadiah ii. 116.
Manure, indians use fish for, and ply- Marrion, joseph. i. 106.

mouth people learn of them. ix. Mars, ship. iv. 285.

Marsh, paul. iii. 119.
Manuscript copy of hubbard's history, Marsh,

iii. 111.
state of v. (vi.) preserved in Marsh, rev. dr. john, tutor. i. 231.
library of massachusetts historical iv. 169.
society. (vii.).

Marshall, thomas. iv. 110. X. 24.
Maple sugar early made in new eng. Marshall, capt. ii. 116.
land. viii. 252.

Marshall, capt. william. X. 180.
Maquas, or mawhawks. ix. 236. Marshfield. iv. 71. in plymouth
And see mohawks.

colony, its settlement begun. vii.
Maques, or mohawk indians. viii. P. 75.
238. 239. See mohawks.

Marston, mrs. her confessions. iii.
Maramoick. ix. 53.


v. 39.

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v. 374.

X. 60.

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